[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 2/14/2013
Tiresias wrote:
Stephenls wrote:
Is pimping slave girls into early syphillitic graves really not as bad as eating the hearts of bandit leaders just because society tolerates the former and finds the latter distasteful?

The wealth of the Realm is sustained by rape, murder, slavery and brutality. The problem is that the books don't really connect the rape, murder, slavery and brutality to all the perks Dynasts get. It's all off-screen and unless they're directly involved in it, the average player will never make the connection between Dynastic privileges and the people who die daily in order to maintain those privileges.

The problem with Lunar cannibalism isn't the killing, it's that people can't ignore the killing.

Have we said anything about the portrayal of the Realm in 3e that suggests we're going to keep the murder, slavery, and brutality of the satrapial system offscreen?

(Rape, as always, remains a sensitive topic and we will tend to deal with it subtextually.)