[#][F] Plague of Hats - 3/10/2013

Crumplepunch wrote:
As a player that uses a lot of thaumaturgy and has a lot of enlightened mortal followers using it, this change is inconvenient, but I can see why it was done. I think common sense always needed to be applied on just what resources Essence can dispose of. The case of creating Orichalcum out of thin air was one of those.

While the simulated impact on a fantasy economy was a nice side effect that strengthened its case, that really wasn't the reason I proposed the erratum, and Holden's approval didn't come in the form of "Thank god, our verisimilitude is saved!" I wrote a ritual where rich people are encouraged to eat diamond-encrusted steaks to avoid supernatural mind control. I think that's fucking awesome. Ooooooooorrr, you can be an Essence user and fart out a couple of motes. Fucking lame. A perfect example of the "I've got motes, suck it bitches!" philosophy making the game blander. It's also an aspect of the broader problem of "Essence users rule, mortals drool", which was kind of a thing Masters of Jade was deliberately refuting.