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So we Kickstarter backers funded "Heirs of the Shogunate." But are ALL DBs "heirs" of the Shogunate? Since now even in the First Age, at the height of Solar power, there were independent groups of DBs, it would stand to reason that the less-puissant Shogunate would have had (smaller) rivals, satellites, and such. How did that work?
I imagine there were warring states within the Shogunate itself, in addition to any Dragon-Blooded factions that might have stood outside of it altogether.

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When Safety Among Enemies is employed against an attack made against multiple targets, does it calculate the attacker's Initiative based on their total, or based on the divided number that would have been rolled to damage the Charm user?
Total. 10char

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Robert, has this changed? Will Lunars not get favored XP cost for Sorcery by favoring Intelligence, just as they never have favored Martial Arts by favoring Dexterity?

As an unrelated question, when a Lunar in human or hybrid form grows gigantic, do any of their mundane or artifact tools grow along with them?
Moonsilver and other shapeshifting artifacts do.

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Can you use Dragon's Scorching Breath and Boughs of Burning Autumn in the same instance to generate (potentially free) ammo and reload in combination with a multi-attack charm?
You can, although you'd only need to use Dragon's Scorching Breath if you don't have the firedust to reload with.

When cribbing BoBA for Solar's, is the initiative cost an overall balancing cost, or a Dragon Blooded level balancing cost?
A Solar equivalent would give you a much better rate. I don't think it'd have an Initiative cost, and it'd probably cover all attacks you make in a tick.

Edit: sorry to pile on, but how does the initiative cost of BoBA work with Swallows Defend the Nest? Do you recalculate the initiative for damage after each attack?
It'd be easiest to just have the Initiative cost for each activation come out of the Initiative allotted to the attack it's enhancing.

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A question regarding Arms of the Chosen, pages 99 and 135.

An Essence 3 resonant Exalt equips Midnight Thorn set with the Gem of the Shield-Sister Tree. She's attacked, and responds by reflexively activating the repurchased Razor Bloom Barrier, which allows her to reflexively roll to take cover with bonus dice. Supposing she succeeds, the hearthstone upgrades the cover provided from heavy to full, correct? If I understand correctly, that's effectively a perfect defense for 3 motes, unless the character cannot make the Take Cover roll.

I'm strongly considering taking this artifact on my next character. Is my reading of the artifact and hearthstone's combined effects correct? How would you suggest balancing this?
I'd advise not letting the Gem of the Shield-Sister Tree apply here.

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Things like this may have been answered but i’m not entirely up for sifting through everything. Charms of evocations that call on intimacies like Faith Maintains in Faith’s Pillar, when you add soak or whatever from the principle, what rating do you use? 2, 3, 4 for minor, major, defining or 1, 2, 3?
2, 3, 4. 5, 6, 7, 8.

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What about if you're going on the highway to the danger zone? And by that, I of course mean what Ability would you use for aircraft and aerospace operation?
Sail is already used for airships and the like, so I figure you could just rename it Pilot in a modern setting and be done with it.

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More seriously, can Salamander Swallows Flame swallow… a Death Ray?
Not the entire Death Ray, but enough of it so that it's not gonna hit you.

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Actual God-Heeling Gesture question: does the thing you’re reversing have to actually have (directly) been a god’s fault? What if that well dried up for completely natural reasons?
It's gotta be something a spirit did with one of their Charms that doesn't count as a greater miracle.

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What sorts of Charms do you imagine the Bleak Warden, Chosen of the Seals, having? Of course protective barriers and such, or unsealing 'good' and 'evil' forces, but what are some peripheral talents they might have access to?
Drawing on or unleashing various enemies of the gods and forbidden powers that have been imprisoned by Heaven.