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[#][F] The Demented One - 1 Day Ago
Originally posted by Nicolas Milioni View Post
Will there be mechanics for communing with the Yozis? I'd love o rp through that
I'm not sure if it's an experience that would be enhanced by mechanics.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
Eric has said before that Heirs has been proving difficult to develop. Is Many Faced Strangers likely to run into similar problems?
The great thing about challenges is that they teach you things.

and, if I may ask, how is Heirs going? Has it been back burnered to deal with Exigents and other bigger books or is it still being worked on?
Without getting too much into behind the scenes stuff, we prioritized redlining on Exigents, as that's something the writers are depending on us to do so that they can meet their deadlines, but our current focus is on Heirs.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by Flare View Post

so then, when someone cancels their onslaught penalty against an attack, does that mean Ferocious Jab gets no bonus damage?
My interpretation is that Ferocious Jab still adds damage - the onslaught may not be applying to their Defense against that one attack, but it still exists. If a Storyteller feels like running it the other way, though, I think that'd be a reasonable interpretation as well.

[#][F] The Demented One - 2 Days ago
Originally posted by Crop Weaver View Post
How does Mists of Eventide interact with / works on a Battle Group ?
There's not any special mechanical interaction - the battle group just rolls against the poison like any other character would, and any Initiative damage the poison would inflict is converted to Magnitude damage. Since the battle group can't be crashed, the magic sleep effect won't come into play, although the Storyteller can certainly represent the Magnitude loss as soldiers falling asleep.

Does Mists of Eventide affect the caster if she centers it on herself or at close/short range of herself ?

Does it affect allies automatically ? What about between DB with a blood pact or similar supernatural alliances ?
Yes on all points.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
If one of the Lunar characters learns Radiant Basilisc Jewel, they'll grow a Greater Hearthstone, but it can't be removed from their body. Can it be used to power a Warstrider?
I'd probably allow a lower-level project to modify the warstrider in a way that allows a Lunar pilot's embedded hearthstone to power it.

One of the other party members has his Hearthstone. Do they have to attune to it? Attune to the Manse? I can't find anything anywhere about needing to attune to Manses, so can you just pick up a Hearthstone and use it? There's precisely one Hearthstone that says you have to attune to it, the others don't.
You don't need to attune to a manse to benefit from its hearthstone.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
Searing Edge Attack does Essence extra Initiative damage (which you don't gain) if you roll any successes on your Withering damage. It doesn't say you actually have to do damage, just roll successes.

The essence 3 version of Spirit Strengthens the Skin lets you remove successful dice of Withering damage after they're rolled.

If you use Spirit Strengthens the Skin to ignore all Withering damage you take from a Fire Dragon monk's punch, does Searing Edge Attack work or not?
If all your successes get taken away, it doesn't proc.

[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
Originally posted by prototype00 View Post
If a Lunar uses Last Warrior’s Unity to merge with a pair of Moonsilver Razor Claws (to use while shifted for example) is she really not able to take any action involving her hands?

I mean, Razor Claws are basically just fingerless gloves.
Yes, but why are you using Last Warrior's Unity on a weapon that already can't be disarmed?

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by shkspr1048 View Post
When writing Exigents, did any ideas for comical/absurd characters come to mind, and if so, which did you find the most amusing?
Not really - for the book's purposes, it was more useful to take a serious approach to concepts even if they could be taken in a humorous angle.

On a somewhat related note, how theoretically feasible would it be for Regent Fokuf to be an Exigent Exalted of Underestimated Politicians?
While the Storyteller is free to do as they please, my personal preference is for Fokuf as just the mortal who's in way over his head that he appears to be.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
So a Night Caste who took Stealth Supernal can start a fight by giving all his opponents a -7 to their Join Battle rolls, so long as he maintains an 8m commitment and is willing to put on a brief light show?
I'm not sure if using it to penalize Join Battle rolls was ever contemplated in the design of the Charm. If that ends up overpowering, you can of course exclude Join Battle rolls from the penalty.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
Originally posted by Flare View Post
Are 'Negating' and 'Ignoring' Onslaught penalties meaningfully different?

For instance; Dipping Swallow Defense 'ignores' penalties, while White Reaper's Revolving Crescent Defense 'cancels' all penalties.

I had generally been reading these as 'canceling' or 'negating' actually removes the Onslaught from you, while 'ignoring' it means it still is there, just isn't penalizing you.

For charms like Ferocious Jab, this could matter a good deal. Can you confirm if this is correct, how to read Cancel versus Negate, etc?
No, those differences in wording aren't meaningful.