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( Asking again: )

How many dots would you say the Blessing of Ahlat merit should cost for a PC Bride of Ahlat?
It's not really suitable for Exalted PC use—too powerful in conjunction with Charms.

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Hi, new to the OPP forums - and working backward slowly through this massive thread so I apologize in advance as I suspect I'm treading into territory that has been covered elsewhere in these 600 plus pages.

Exalted is kind of my first real love of gaming, as it was the game that reignited my passion for tabletop games as an adult. That said, I've noticed the ongoing references to a potential Storyteller's Guide - and while I love the idea - is there any possibility that we might be able to create a smaller "Players Guide" of the 3rd edition core? The current iteration is such a massive volume that it makes it impractical to use as a book to pass around the table - and the price point makes it somewhat less feasible to have multiple copies for all players.

I would gladly pay for a PoD softback that houses essential player materials, and I know I'm not alone in that. Is there any likelihood of such a thing?
The Jumpstart, Tomb of Dreams, contains a lightweight rundown of most of the core systems, and makes a good in-play reference. Is that the kind of thing you're looking for?

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You won’t be abusing defunct letters in its title, will you? :P
Þat's a good question.

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Is the KS going to offer a Backer Charm book similar to Miracles?
It's going to have a Companion pdf that includes all material added through stretch goals and individual backer rewards (which will include custom Charms).

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Hey guys, is it too soon to reveal the subtitle for the Lunars book?
I'd rather leave that for the official announcement.

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Are you considering requests for the ST Guide's list of topics?
While we aren't going to ignore folks, we already have a clear list of what we want to do with the book.

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Would they have a better name?
So, fun fact: according to Lea, "Dragons of a Different Color" was only ever supposed to be a section header, not the actual name for them.

We'll probably use it as the name for the Merit, but not have any specific term for Dragon-Blooded necromancers.

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I am wondering if we are going to seen new Gambits in the next books being released?
Not any mundane, non-magical ones. Might show up in the Storyteller's Guide.

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Maybe this is a known thing, but, do you have an estimate of the release date?
Not for the completed book. The full text will be made available over the course of the Kickstarter.

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also lol at the swipes at how the Ex3 kickstarter was handled when Wraith 20 is 2.5 years passed estimated delivery date (longer than it took exalted), Changeling isn't much better, and Scarred Lands is vapor. The only difference is in Exalted's success and the noise the fans made over because of their emotional attachment to the game.
If you are talking about getting the backers out their Backer PDFs, then yes, based on the original Estimated Delivery Dates on Kickstarter, Wraith took 2 years and 7 months longer than estimated compared to 2 years for EX3's Backer PDF. Wraith's physical Deluxe book will need to take more than a year to get to backers to equal the time from estimated to delivery for Deluxe Exalted. C20, which I assume you are talking about, was indeed late, at 6 months later than estimated for the Backer PDF, and is currently 8 months later than estimated for the Deluxe and I'm talking to the fulfillment shippers now about when shipping will start.

None of those three KSs mentioned above used most of the improvements I mentioned on my blog post, although C20 did have BackerKit.

As for Scarred Lands, the pallets of physical books, dice, and other add-ons in the fulfillment warehouse negates any sort of "vaporware" label. My info on that KS and it's dates suggest that the PDFs took 4 months longer than estimated to get to backers, and the physical books are 1 year and seven months past the original estimate that Stewart Wieck made. Onyx Path did not run that KS, so I've been trying to pick up the strands of the plans Stewart made for it before his untimely death, as well as to stay informed of the status of the KS shipping as other folks finish up fulfillment of the KSs Stewart ran.