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[keep in mind Raksi isn’t the only Lunar in Mahalanka, so no all Beastfolk need descend from her specifically]

Directing this to the Devs - would a Lunar Charm that allows drawing on one’s greater form library for more diverse Beastfolk creation be fair building off the Charms that let you use your full form library for granting mutations and creating shapeshifters?
It's not something I'd put into an official book, because I like that Raksi's Thousand Fangs Army is specifically made up of chimpanzeefolk, and that Ma-Ha-Suchi's beastfolk elite are goatfolk and wolf-folk, and that the esteemed descendants of Aum-Ashatra are specifically spiderfolk. It makes those parts of the setting feel like like they are tied to the legend and personality of the Lunar who created them, in the same way that Lunar's spirit shape is. If a Storyteller wants to change that in their own game, they should feel free.

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In the Cathak, Sesus and Tepet house legions (not the newly seized ones, the original ones) were there official or unofficial barriers to how high non-House Dragonblood (ie husbands who'd married in) could reach?

For example, if a Mnemon officer married into House Tepet, could he rise to Winglord in a legion? Dragonlord? Strategos? (I'm guessing not Strategos)

To put it another way, would you expect the 10 Dragonlords of a House Cathak Legion to all be Cathaks, or might one or two (or three or four) be husbands from other Houses, or Outcastes?
It's unlikely that any out-of-house spouses were ever promoted to the rank of general, but the occasional out-of-house dragonlord would have been plausible. But the specifics of whether barriers to promotion were were official or unofficial, and where those barriers stood, is something to resolve at your table based on the needs of relevant PC and NPC backstories.

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To make my last question actually a question: can Raksi's trials produce non-chimp apes?

​And for PC relevance: if my spirit shape is a wolf, can I produce non-wolf beastman trials based on my heart's blood library, or am I stuck with just my spirit shape?
A spirit shape, like any other shape, is specific. Your wolf spirit shape is a specific wolf; you can't turn into a different wolf as your "spirit shape," let alone turn into a dog and say it's your spirit shape because they're both canines. This is the same as any other shape; you can't perform a sacred hunt on some random dude and then use that shape to turn into the Empress because they're both human shapes, and you can't perform a sacred hunt on a chimpanzee and use that shape to turn into a gorilla or orangutan.

(And I don't think "stuck with" is fair phrasing; you don't need the ability to make every conceivable type of beastfolk for it to be impressive that you can make beastfolk.)

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A follow-up on this: I'm assuming the books mentioned are Towers of the Mighty (Manses/Ruins) and Paths of Brigid (Sorcery/Thaumaturgy). I heard you and Eric had re-pitched them, but have they been approved? I know you can't mention when they may come out, but knowing they're definitely coming would be great!
Nope, still waiting on pitch approvals. (These things take a while.)

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I'm on something of a Yozi kick atm, so I was curious--do you have a favorite of the lot?
It's hard to play favorites; a lot of them have a special place in my heart.

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Just to clear something up for my players, but the lunar charm Silver Curtain Parted still requires something like a Yu-Shan gate or a shadowland to pass into heaven or the underworld, right? The "cross a boundary between realms of existence" part caused some confusion.

Yes, there's gotta be something to work with.

Also, the Origins of Beastfolk sidebar mentions that
Lunar children sired or conceived while using Hybrid Body Transformation will inherit their parent’s animalistic mutations. If the lunar has a Chimera spirit shape/hybrid body, would their children also receive the full set of mutations or only one of the two animals' mutations?
One or the other.

Oh, and can Blood-and-Tear Elixir Cultivation be used to create recreational drugs, or is it strictly medical?
Sure, why not.

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A few questions about Lunars and mutations.

If a Lunar wanted an unnatural mutation, like prehensile hair or metal skin, are there any Lunar charms that would let them induce this mutation in themselves, or do they need to resort to non-charm means, like Sorcerous Workings?
Lunars don't have Charms that can grant mutations unrelated to animal forms. This is deliberate; it keeps them from becoming generic, turn-into-anything shapeshifters.

Would hunting a Wyld Mutant with an unnatural mutation allow the Lunar to gain the mutation with Perfected Hybrid Interaction?
Sounds fair to me.

If a Lunar does gain an unnatural mutation for themselves, can they use Sharing Luna's Gifts to give it to others?
No, Sharing Luna's Gifts draws on your heart's blood library.

Would an upgrade to Sharing Luna's Gifts that would let you grant animal related gifts that were NOT in your library be too powerful?
I think my strongest objection to that would be thematic rather than balance-related.

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Now on to my questions: Apart from background material (i.e. information on various locations), what I truly miss the most so far in Exalted 3ed releases, apart from the obvious main splats, is more information on Thaumaturgy (for game masters, creating new rituals is nice enough, but it would be much easier if we had more examples to choose from, or at least that is my opinion). I truly miss that.
Secondly, I truly miss information on Manses and how they work (i.e. various manse powers and etc.). Will that be part of any future release that will come out "soonish" (i.e. within 12 months or so) ?
Both of those will be featured in upcoming books, although I can't speak to the timetable with certainty.

Also, I read somewhere, maybe a year ago, that Vance or Mint (apologies if I remember incorrectly) stated that there would be more examples of how one creates Evocations etc. in the coming Exigents book. So far, this is probably what I struggle the most with in the system if I am honest, meaning that I have yet to create my own and that I am uncomfortable with it, leading me to choose artifacts with existing evocations. Could you possibly confirm or deny that there will be more information on evocations in Exigents ?
Exigents' chapter on designing Charms will be very much applicable to Evocation design.

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-If a Withering and a Decisive Clash, does that mean the combatant doing the Withering benefits from their weapon's accuracy while the combatant doing the Decisive does not?

-Can Withering Clash Charms clash with decisive attacks and vice versa?

-Can Door-Evading Technique let you go through a magical gateway or portal such as a Yu-Shan gate?
If the nature of the obstacle in question is that:

A) It's a door, window, or feature, and

B) Physically crossing from one side to the other will let you get to where you want to go

Then Door-Evading Technique will do what you want it to do. Some portals may not play nice with the second part of that.

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Would it count as a human shape or animal shape?
It'd be an animal.