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If this was changed or I'm misreading this, I would be happy to be corrected, but I'm somewhat confused right now.
Whoops; that's what I get for answering without looking at the book x_x

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Was single point intended to be used with Stormcaller since it's a reaper daiklave? Or was the reaper daiklave-ness just an aesthetic choice primarily?
It wasn't made a reaper daiklave for the purpose of making it compatible with Single Point, although I was aware of the compatibility.

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For Mantis Style, is there a specific reason why Hook Swords don't function for the style, despite the thematic similarities?
Mantis style was inspired by a combination of real-world Northern Praying Mantis and Silat, neither of which use hook swords.

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The merit Eidetic Memory grants an automatic success to an unspecified roll on "all attempts to remember details from previous scenes and events". What kind of roll is a memory roll for this purpose?
It's not that there's a specific "Remember Things" action. It's just, if the Storyteller has you make a roll to remember stuff, you get that bonus.

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I have a player that's using familiars with Survival for the first time. They want an Eagle and are unclear how Death Dive, Eagle Wing Rush, and Swooping Descent all deal with range. There's an impression that an Eagle can somehow cross Long Range to Close in an instant but it doesn't mechanically say that. But if it can't, Swooping Descent is strange since it specifies gaining stealth from Long Range and somehow maintaining that for an ambush (despite taking 3 rounds to close the distance to an enemy). Can you help clarify any of this interaction for us or at least help us with a good ruling?
Death Dive requires you to start at long range above your target. Then, once you've come into close range with them, using normal movement actions over multiple rounds or any other method, it kicks in.

Swooping Descent just uses the normal rules for movement and Stealth, including the need to make a new Stealth roll each time you take a movement action. The "ensuring an ambush" language is kind of overselling it; it still assumes they don't spot you during your descent and you beat their Join Battle, like usual.

Eagle Wing Rush just lets you make a normal rush, following the normal rules, despite being at long range from someone.

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The text for Reversal of Fortune says that "the Lawgiver becomes aware of every object on his person that may be stolen (as per the rules of pickpocketing on page 224), but the rules for pickpocketing don't state that. Is this hyper awareness a unique power of Skillful Reappropriation, or does a regular pickpocket attempt work this way as well, so you don't end up wasting time blindly picking pockets with the hope that something valuable might be there?
Ordinary pickpocketing doesn't grant you supernatural awareness of what your mark's carrying.

The Hand-Spear Convocation ability of Null Anima Gloves supplies motes when you steal an artefact. Is this any artefact as the text implies, or is it an extension of Iron Wolves Grasp in that it only allows you to steal weapons. If the former, can I combine this with other artefact charms to flawlessly steal objects when outside combat?
I don't see any reason it'd be limited to weapons.

Edit: What happens if I activate Null Anima Gloves in response to an attack from a crook or a Creature of Darkness? Does the restriction on them rolling to attack me not occur then considering that they've already rolled? Or does it protect me if I declare it before they roll?
If they've already attacked you, it won't help. You'd want to use it before then.

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Silly question.

The Ebon Dragon is the shadow of every creature that has ever lived. Is he also the shadow of the Liminal exalted?
Who knows?

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Does the bonus dice from the difference between appearance and a targets resolve calculate from base resolve? Or from resolve after extra bonuses from charms or wp?
EDIT: Got this one wrong the first time around; it's base Resolve.

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Will the depiction of the Lintha still be roughly what it was in Blood and Salt?
Our primary resources for the Lintha remain Blood and Salt and Scavenger Sons, within the framework of their presentation in the 3e core book. (We'll also dial back on specific discussion of their First Age history.)

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Will we get write-ups for the Lunar Castes-That-Were (if not in Fangs at the Gate, then at least eventually), for historical games?
We don't currently have any plans to publish resources for playing games set during the First Age.