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[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Hours ago
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Fluffy-wise, how quickly are Solars supposed to advance. For example, take the Bull of the North's Circle. Assuming they stay active and engaged in combat/intrigue, how long would it take them to get to Essence 3? Essence 5? Would it normally take years, decades, centuries?
There's a sidebar on page 179 addressing that.

In 2E, long-term exp awards was 10 exp/year until age 99, 5 exp/year from 100-249, etc. Is there any plan on having something like that in 3E?
No. Building elder NPCs with XP is, in my experience, just plain miserable.

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Flame-Borne Interception says "Each time she blocks an attack, she gains +1 Parry until her next turn."

Does this apply after successfully parrying?
Yes. 10char

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Trying to understand how N/A artifacts works. If Ascendant Nova Phoenix is N/A because of its flight capabilities, whats the reason for Karvara?
Raw power.

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Do you think it would make sense for a Dynast to be ever raised as though their mother is their sister?
Sure, if the timing is right. This might be problematic if the grandmother / adoptive mother has had or is planning to have a child of her own within a few years of this one, and the family wishes to pretend that the adoptive mother is the biological mother.

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Not that I think any actual subterfuge would be involved.
Subterfuge is certainly possible. The family would prefer to conceal the fact that the actual mother had a child out of wedlock while in secondary school; that lack of judgment would reflect poorly on her, and might interfere with her future prospects. (If the father and his family become aware of these circumstances, they would likewise wish to conceal his involvement for much the same reasons.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 21 Hours ago
Hey folks,

I figure that y'all might want to hear my podcast interview with Dixie Cochran and Eddy Webb on the Onyx Pathcast.

Link here:


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I mean, would anything break if Mnemon, Ragara and Cevis Ghandarva were also E6? They are, as you've said yourself, truly mighty figures.
You don't need an Essence higher than five to be a truly mighty figure.

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He doesn't appear to be saying that Lunars will have nine new "face" characters in the next book, just that his group will be testing nine characters. Not all of whom will necessarily be in the same...

Circle? Pack? Are they still calling Lunars in groups "Packs"?
Circle. 10char

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So while it's more abstracted raising essence to 6+ requires at least 700 years if not at least a thousand in most cases?
There's no set-in-stone minimum; it's a Storyteller call.

The reason that Mnemon hasn't attained Essence 6 isn't necessarily 100% a lack of sufficient age, although it's certainly an influential factor.

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Would you consider it unreasonable for a Dragon Blooded to achieve essence 6 within their natural ~300ish year lifespan?
When it comes to things that are solely in the realm of Storyteller judgment, I'm not sure the reasonable person standard is of much use. Want to have an Essence 6 Dragon-Blood in your game? Have one. Just recognize that such a character is going to tremendously powerful, one who's cultivated their Essence and supernatural might beyond that of truly mighty figures such as Mnemon, Ragara, and Cevis Ghandarva, someone who could genuinely lay claim to the title of the most powerful Dragon-Blood alive.

(Or at least, contest it, if it turns out the Scarlet Empress is still around)

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As i understand, if a lunar transforms into an animal with a higher strength score he treats the difference as charms bonus dice, but what happens if it transforms into a weaker animal? Can he use his normal strength?
Yes, with the exception of feats of strength.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 2 Days ago
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So, this is weird question but one I thought would be an issue because it mirrors real life, what happens if a teenage dragon-blooded gets pregnant during secondary school? Is it a juno situation or a shotgun wedding?
I don't think we elaborated on this in Dragon-Blooded? A shotgun wedding seems highly unlikely. The father has no claim on the child, his poor judgment makes him an unsuitable husband, and neither parent is in any position yet to properly raise offspring. Most likely, the child will be adopted by another household within the mother's house.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 2 Days ago
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But this is a lead in to the question I wanted to come to this thread to ask anyway: How much of Yu Shan are we likely to see detailed in the eventual Sids book? Or will there be a book like how DB are getting The Realm put out as a companion setting book?
While nothing's set in stone, my current inclination would be to include a sizable write-up of Yu-Shan in the Sidereals book, with a companion book covering Getimians.

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I get why Mnemon would be rolled back to Essence 5, and I am all for it, but do you think we're ever liable to see a more powerful Terrestrial?
I don't think we're ever going to stat up the Scarlet Empress, no.

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Have you guys decided on who the Lunar signature characters are yet? If so, is there anything you can tell us about them?
We have, and the first drafts of the chapter fiction starring them are awesome. There's one Manipulation Charm I wrote based entirely on what the signature Changing Moon does in one of them.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 2 Days ago
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Any intention of revisiting Surandaman the spider-lord and his demonic kingdom in the new edition?
A book on the Demon City is so far in the future that it wouldn't be productive to make any statements one way or the other.