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Are Soverigns related know. 2es sovereigns? From Shards?
No. "Sovereigns" isn't their full name.

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Will the signature Exigents be the 4 examples used in the book?
Yep! 10char

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For those sorcerers who have Bargained with Mara, and does the Dementor Kiss on the "willing" mortal, are the souls of those mortals able to seen if you can see dematerialized creatures? Do dematerialized spirits, elementals and demons see chained souls following/floating around the sorcerer?
Just being able to see dematerialized characters isn't enough—you'd want magic like All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight.

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So effectively wonders of the first age or power of the elders are all moot now if essence 6 is all pure customised effects now. Rather than raw power of enlightened.
The two have nothing to do with each other. The fall of the First Age came with the disappearance of the Solars.

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I think it has been clear a quite a few times that only Gods can use the Exigence to create Exigents. Still I want to ask this to clear it up. What about the lesser elemental dragons and elementals who have claimed positions and domains as gods. Are they unable to use the Exigence because of their origin despite being worshipped as gods?
Only gods can use the Exigence. Holding a position in the Celestial Bureaucracy won't make you a god if you aren't one already.

Like most of the Bureau of Seasons is filled with lesser elemental dragons, Thunderbirds, and storm serpents and are worshipped as the gods of the seasons and weather. Then wouldn't it be impossible to create an Exigent of the God of Blizzards because the God holding the position isnt really a God? That's just something I'm wondering about. Is there a possible way around from that?
It's not like there's only room for one guy who deals with blizzards ever in the Celestial Bureaucracy. So-and-So in the Bureau of Seasons might be an elemental dragon of air, but you could be an Exigent of Such-and-Such, a blizzard god who's So-and-So's superior/subordinate in the Celestial Bureaucracy, or who's part of a spirit court that congregates around Green Devil Glacier.

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A few questions about signature characters.

How have you gone about designing them?
Most of it is Eric and me brainstorming, and then bouncing ideas off of other members of the writing team

What specific notes were you trying to hit in designing the signature Dragon-Blooded, or the Lunar circle in Kulinth?
With the Dragon-Blooded, we knew that we wanted to portray a wide range of the roles that Dragon-Blooded can hold—Eshuvar is a privileged Dynastic noble, River is an Immaculate monk (for a while), Kingfisher Swift is a lost egg, Mathar is part of Lookshy's Seventh Legion, and Chalima is an outcaste getting up to Conan-style adventure in the Threshold. We also knew that we'd want them to join together in a Sworn Kinship, and that they'd be part of a running narrative throughout the chapter fiction. The rest grew from there.

For the Lunars, we wanted a range of perspectives on the Silver Pact and how (or if) it should pursue its agenda, as well as a variety of geographic origins. I think we also spent a fair bit of time thinking through what animals to use as spirit shapes.

Finally, are there extant Sidereal/Abyssal/Liminal sigs, or will work on those wait until the appropriate books?
Not yet, that's something we do when we're outlining a book. We've got some ideas for the Sidereal sigs, but not fully realized characters.

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How does Essence 6 charms being about as powerful as Essence 5 charms interact with situations where number of charms doing a certain thing is important?
In particular, I'm thinking of craft charms, where someone with all the lunar success-adding charms and 1 more would probably have a good shot at making artifact NA, which seems like a large jump in power even if the additional charm is by itself similar to the earlier charms.
An Essence 6 craft Charm shouldn't be something that's adding raw power or making it mathematically feasible for you to successfully craft an artifact that you couldn't with your Essence 5 Charms alone.

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is it possible for an exalt or other being to go above 10 Essence?
10 is the maximum.

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Is the Evasion bonus from Furiously Stalling Destiny only against 1 foe? It has a duration of 'until next turn' and nothing about it says the Evasion isn't just generally +1. However...

Her first attack against that enemy on or before her next turn
adds one die of post-soak damage if withering, or one die of damage if decisive. If she makes a
gambit, she adds an automatic success on the attack and Initiative rolls instead. The bonuses
from multiple uses of this Charm against the same enemy stack; they’re lost if the stylist attacks
a different enemy.

​This bit seems to suggest that it is meant to be used only against a single foe. Also, does the Evasion boost stack, or just the damage bonus against...well, whatever enemy this applies to?
Furiously Stalling Destiny is getting cleaned up in editing; its Duration should be Instant. The +1 Evasion bonus applies only against the attack you declare it against; the part that stacks is the damage bonus.

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Can spirits use Martial Arts Charms that require payment of anima levels?

​e: and, y'know, other possible supernatural martial artists that don't have anima banners.
No. Can't pay what you don't have.

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Wait so Getimians don't have their own "self-loom" in their spines?
Damn... gotta admit I found that idea amazing and crazy
But based off your comment they *do* still have loom spoders crawling in their spine aswell yeah?
It's an apt metaphor, but they don't have a literal Loom in there. If you cut one in half, threads aren't going to spill out.

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Have there been some drastic changes in what was revealed about Getimians or that we can assume that most of what we know (each containing a Loom of Fate, pattern spiders in their spine, yin/yang Essence based charmset, Getimian Alchemy, etc) is mostly still valid?
Largely, yes.

I'm not sure it was ever said they actually contain a Loom of Fate - that's not a literal thing, but a metaphor for the kind of things you can do with internal alchemy when you're a reality-warping demigod with pattern spiders nesting in your viscera.

Getimian Alchemy may be folded into Charms, or it may be distinct subsystem. At this point, it just depends on what the cleanest and most playable execution of the idea is.

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Hello devs. Is Compass Autocthonia compatible with Ex3?
Alchemicals is far enough off that we haven't begun talking about Autochthonia in any level of detail, but I like it.

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Hey Vance, in the highly unlikely, but possible, event that a second circle demon is given the task of taking an infernal exaltation to the candidate (assuming the coajutor is still a thing, I hope it is). what would happen to the Yozi in question? Would it count as the demon dying effectively? Still count as existing?
Sounds like a good question for the Storyteller who decides to have that happen in their game!

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Were members of the Niobraran Alliance allies of the Exalted Host during the Divine Revolution, or was there an element of revanchism in their cause?
Some may have been allies, some may have been enemies, some may have been uninvolved.