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So, bonus dice from Appearance on social influence rolls are determined before any bonuses to Resolve are factored in (per corebook p. 218).

Are they also determined before penalties to Resolve are factored in?

For example, when a sorcerer trances his victim with Peacock Shadow Eyes for -2 Resolve, is he getting an additional two dice from his Appearance? (Assuming, of course, that his Appearance is at least equal to the victim's base Resolve.)

I had been assuming that the intended rule was "just use the base Resolve without modifiers," but the text does say "bonuses" specifically.
I think "before any modifiers" was the intent.

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Originally posted by Elkovash View Post
Something that came up in a recent game;

Should a character using a savaging action from a grapple be able to activate a simple charm for use in that attack?
I'd say yeah.

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So after taking the defend other action "The defending character may apply his Parry against any attacks directed at his ward until his next turn.", I've read this 'may' as permissive but not compulory; for any attack against the ward he might apply his parry but he might also choose not to. So if say 2 solars used War Lion Stance on eachother for any attack against either they might choose who of them defends to prevent enemies from focusing either one of them.

Is this correct or do you have to defend against any attack against your ward?
You're correct; it's not compulsory.

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Originally posted by Lanic View Post
Increasing Strength Exercise explicitly allows the character to increase their "Strength score". It has been clarified somewhere that this does not affect caps for dice pools. What does it affect? Specifically:

1. Does the increased Strength increase withering damage?

2. Does it affect how many dice of withering damage can be added by Fire and Stones Strike (it explicitly mentions "Strength score", literally the same words are used as in ISE).
3. Does it affect the maximal number of attacks in Iron Whirlwind Attack or Invincible Fury of the Dawn?
4. Does it affect effects from martials arts, e.g. Tiger style, which add (Strength) withering damage?
No. When an effect refers to your trait rating for purposes of a calculation, it means your base, unmodified rating.

In general which Strength-based calculations take into account the modified Strength?
Basically: a bonus dot in an Attribute is just a bonus die added on rolls will that Attribute, with three exceptions that are all "inherent effects" of an Attribute—Strength letting you satisfy feat of strength minimums, Appearance calculations to determine bonus dice added on influence rolls, and (hypothetically, I guess) Stamina being used to determine soak.

How are the calculations affected when strength is modified by piloting a warstrider?
They still calculate off your base traits.

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Not sure if this has been answered before, attempts to search this thread and the previous thread hasn't turned up any relevant results. Apologies if I missed something.

Does the reflexive movement you gain from a Disengage nullify the Aim action?

Anathema Anne has caught Shikari Sam and Immaculate Ivory at a bad time, and engages them in combat. Anathema Anne is at Close range to both targets, and does some action. Immaculate Ivory Disengages, retreats to Short range. Shikari Sam makes a Withering Attack, dropping Anathema Anne's Initiative below all other targets.

Shikari Sam takes his turn, and then Immaculate Ivory takes the Aim action at Anathema Anne, with a ranged weapon. Anathema Anne's turn now comes up. Using any form of valid movement, Anathema Anne attempts to move to Close with Immaculate Ivory. This triggers the reflexive movement from Immaculate Ivory's prior Disengage.
The reflexive move of a disengage or a rush isn't something you're compelled to take—if you'd rather stay still so you can retain some positioning-based bonus, you can (but...why did you disengage/rush in the first place?)

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In the Lunar playtest: does the duration extension offered by Endless Masquerade Affliction apply to all uses of Insidious Lunar Transformation, or only of those that transform that target into a human shape?
It only applies to human transformations.

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Can a staff sling be used as a staff? I can’t think of a reason why not but the description and tags are conspicuously devoid of saying so.
I'd guess that the staff of a staff sling isn't identical to a quarterstaff intended to be used as a hand-to-hand weapon. I'd probably say that you can use the staff-sling as a staff, but it counts as an improvised weapon—but keep in mind that's just me riffing for how I'd handle it if a player in one of my games wanted to do it, not a lofty developer pronouncement.

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1. Is the text in Surprise Anticipation Method that the motes you get can be used to lower the commited cost of charms of scene or longer duration supposed to be a thing for all charms that return motes for a certain ability or attribute (f.ex. Preeminent Gala Knife or Devil-Queen Rapture) or is that a SAM only thing?
It's specific to Surprise Anticipation Method. If we intend for another effect to do that, it'll specify.

2. Myriad Graces Appeal says it lets you add "that Attribute to her base Appearance to determine how many non-Charm bonus dice her Appearance adds", do any extra appearance dice added by this count for Devil-Queen Rapture? F.ex. if you had App 5 Str 5 and stunted App + Str on a roll to intimidate someone with base Resolve 5, would you get 5m back from Devil-Queen Rapture?

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I have a question about the setting: are the tya still a thing? And if so is it still because women can't sail the ocean for mostly mystical reasons or is there something else?
The Tya still exist, but the reason behind that is more nuanced and historic than the 2E portrayal of Storm Mothers.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/6/2020
Originally posted by Sith_Happens View Post
Does Harmonious Presence Meditation enhance Jubilant Battle Proposition?

Can an improvised weapon sufficiently similar to a Martial Arts form weapon be used as one?
If the Storyteller thinks so.

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Originally posted by DrLoveMonkey View Post
Can you activate a simple charm before combat if you have enough warning? Like if somebody is breaking through your fortress gate with a ram, or you have lookouts telling you about an arriving monster, can you activate Snake style just before the battle and have it count?
Yeah, as long as it's all part of one scene.

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Originally posted by wern212 View Post
This may have already been answered, if so, please don't hesitate to link to a previous dev answer.

For the charm Calm and Ready Focus (Exalted, p.349), that grants the Solar 1 initiative when she "successfully parries an attack while using the defend other action", does using the charm War Lion Stance suffice for this, or does she have to actually spend her turn taking the defend other action?

Also, happy holidays!
Yes, War Lion Stance counts as a defend other.

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Originally posted by HamSandLich View Post
Is "Deathknight Exalted by the Neverborn during a brief flash of lucidity" going to be an option for Abyssals? Or is it purely Deathlords?
If you want to have it happen in your game, sure.

The Monstrances of Celestial Portion allow the Deathlords to usurp the will of the Unconquered Sun—to an extent—in determining who will be Exalted as an Abyssal. While we haven't discussed what exactly happens if a Monstrance is destroyed, it's probably not going to snap back to just the Unconquered Sun making choices directly, so there's room for some weirdness.

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Originally posted by Teal Tara View Post
Does the proposed Sorcery book have any Necromancy info and if not I'd it possible for necromancy to get a future supplement too? or is the Abyssal book going to be the entirety of necromancy?
The current plan is to introduce the mechanics for necromancy in Abyssals. That won't necessarily be the only book it gets coverage in.

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Originally posted by Jefepato View Post
What is the Immaculate view of the Unconquered Sun, generally speaking?

On one hand, he doesn't do the things that gods normally do to offend the Immaculate Order. He stays in Heaven and makes the sun cross the sky every day, and isn't out there trying to force or cajole mortals into worshiping him directly.

On the other hand, advanced Immaculates know that those damn Solar Anathema are his Chosen, right? Surely they can't be happy about that.

So what's the deal there? Do they see the Unconquered Sun as a largely noble god who mostly does his job well -- but he once made the terrible mistake of trying to turn men into heroes, only to discover that too much celestial power drove mortals mad?
The Unconquered Sun is seen as a prominent and significant god—one who stands perhaps just below the Elemental Dragons themselves among gods—though not one who merits or asks for worship. His connection to the Solar Exalted is known, but the circumstances that led to the creation of the Solar Exalted are not precisely defined in Immaculate orthodoxy, leaving room for what I'd imagine are some interesting theology debates.