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[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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So I have already asked this question to people of the forum but not here, and their response satisfied me until one day I realised I feel it was not consistent with other Charms effects or magical effects in the game.

What should be the effect of a threatening action in a standard situation, ie the threatening character did something cool (anima burning, maybe broke 1 level of size of a battle group but they reformed, etc ...) without any Charm power and the battle group threatened by the character doesn't have "special" anti fear power or Defining intimacies of "I shall die in battle"? Because I swear every campaign someone tries to do that and I have no clue how to deal with as a ST.
I'm assuming that by "threatening action" you mean "doing something that's scary" rather than "making the type of social influence roll that is called specifically called 'threaten.'"

If a player wants to spend their whole turn Doing Something Scary to demoralize a battle group, you should probably just call for a social-influence-roll-specifically-called-threaten for them, and treat whatever scary stuff they did as a stunt. Otherwise, there's no inherent effect for it, although at the Storyteller's discretion it may raise the difficulty of the battle group's rout checks.

[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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Can battlegroups be Crashed (if you have an effect which lowers their Initative instead of dealing Magnitute damage)?
There's one reference to battle groups being able to spend Initiative, in the engage gambit, so if the Storyteller thinks it makes more sense for an Initiative-lowering effect to reduce their Initiative rather than applying Magnitude damage that's not an unprecedented thing, but it is kind of a headache.

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Robert Vance If three people target you with a Read Intentions at the exact same time, and you wanted to hit all of them with Easily-Discarded Presence Method at the same time, would you need to activate it once, or three times?
You'd have to use it once per person reading your intentions.

[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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I apologize in advance for the fiddly math question.

A martial artist using Motion of Myriad Legs divides Initiative evenly between his attacks, rounding up, and must be able to assign 3+ Initiative to each attack. Do you check the "3+ Initiative for each attack" requirement before or after rounding up?

To rephrase more clearly (I hope): if a martial artist wishes to use MoML to make three attacks, can he do so when his current Initiative is 7 or 8 (because he'll have 3 per attack after rounding up)? Or would he need at least 9 Initiative to start with?
After rounding.

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Can you effectively clash an opponent's attack with Mirror-on-Water Focus by delaying your action until the tick in which the enemy attacks, and then invoking the Simple-type Charm?
You can delay your action and activate Mirror-on-Water Focus, although it would remain a counterattack with special rules rather than a clash.

[#][F] The Demented One - 9/4/2019
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If PC Alice tells PC Bob about the existence of NPC Carol and describes her, is that sufficient to go on for Bob to send Carol an Infallible Messenger? If not, would a portrait suffice?
The specifics are up to the Storyteller. I think a detailed, factual, and accurate description should be enough.

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Is it possible for a martial artist who is a creature of darkness (such as an Abyssal or Infernal Exalt) to learn Golden Janissary Style?

If such a martial artist uses Lone Spark Lights the Conflagration to hit a nontrivial creature of darkness, does he set himself on fire (along with any other CoDs in medium range)?

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If I'm playing a character with a deep enough investment in Socialize Charms as to have different Charms for my personas, can I maintain a commitment to a long-duration Charm after switching personas, or must I suppress it while switching?

​Example: Carter has Bureaucracy Charms including Indolent Official Charm. He suspects someone's going to take a bureaucratic action he's opposed to, so he activates Indolent Official Charm to bog down the efforts. Can he assume his identity as the Knight Raiton afterward without ending his bureaucratic curse?
As long as both personas have access to the Charm in question.

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If this is the case, I'm assuming that means the perception of Resonance as a punishment of the Neverborn for "sins of life" and the like is basically completely out?
"Resonance" is being conceptually replaced by the Great Curse, which the Abyssals still suffer from in Ex3. The ways in which it manifests will still be similar to 1E's Resonance, but it's not direct and conscious punishment from the Neverborn.

I'd assumed the mechanic would be significantly overhauled, but I'm curious if 3E Abyssals really have any direct concern by default with the Neverborn, or if that's more the realm of the Daybreaks and Midnights while a Dusk might deal more directly with their Deathlord.
Any Abyssal could choose to make the Neverborn their concern, but it's not something all of them do by default.

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When you use Changing Plumage Mastery, can you use its effects without any of the effects from Many Faced Moon Transformation? For example, changing your clothes or scent without any of the changes from MFMT? Of course, still paying the full cost of the basic charm
Yes. Changing Plumage Mastery is a self-contained, independent Charm, not an upgrade to Many-Faced Moon Transformation.

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Maybe that point has already been cleared but :

I am in need of clarification about Dragon-Blooded excellencies applied to static values, more precisely the limit of bonus dice.

P162 of What Fire Has Wrought the text says that the limit is Ability+Specialty /2 rounded down. Which is coherent with 2 dice for 1 success or 2 dice for 1 parry. And it's the same rules for solar (the rounded down part).
But I also got a booklet with the screen where the text says rounded up. Also the exemple is with Melee 4 and says you can go up to +2 parry, or +3 with a specialty. Meaning it's rounded up ?

So which is it ?

It's rounded down. Anything to the contrary is incorrect.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 9/3/2019
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Are Panoply Charms still a thing, or are they Replaced by Gods instead knowing Evocations? Or can Spirits not learn Evocations because of Panoply Charms?
If I recall correctly, Panoply Charms were largely a workaround for designing powerful, unique Spirit Charms without allowing Eclipse Caste Solars to purchase them. In 3e, I think that the Eclipse Keyword and the nonuniversality of Spirit Charms have largely rendered Panoply Charms obsolete.

Spirits can learn Evocations. "Gods, demons, fae, and other un-Exalted beings capable of attuning to artifacts normally don’t harmonize with any of the magical materials. Weaker entities are dissonant, while stronger beings — such as Second Circle Demons, nephwracks, or raksha nobles — have a neutral affinity. Many exceptions to this general rule are found in Creation, and the Storyteller always has final say on what level of power an un-Exalted character can evoke." — Arms of the Chosen, p. 17.

Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
If I were to design NPCs without the QC rules would it be out of line to have Attributes for beings like spirits go past 5 but keep Skills hardcapped at 5 as a universal rule?
I don't see Abilities as being more important to cap than Attributes? Mostly, I'd watch to make sure that overly high dice pools (especially attack pools) don't result in unexpectedly dangerous opponents. Specifically, in Adversaries of the Righteous development, Vance has advised making sure that Dexterity and combat Ability ratings don't go above 5.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 9/3/2019
Originally posted by HamSandLich View Post
So, are the Neverborn explicitly straight up inert nonactors incapable of anything or is it going to be somewhat ambiguous whether or not they're constrained 100% of the time by their condition. Like, is all the weird stuff in the Labyrinth just the metaphysical equivalent of the smell of meat going bad or is it more alien and incomprehensible?
The Neverborn are not lucid, but I don't think that "inert" is necessarily the right term. They are dead and dreaming, and occasionally lash out in their unending death throes. They may have flashes of awareness, but they aren't alien schemers actively plotting the death of reality.

Whether or not there is still a Labyrinth, and other specifics of how the Underworld works, are things that we're waiting to hammer out when we start development on Abyssals.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/30/2019
Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post

On that general subject: are you planning to make many tweaks to the stuff in Hundred Devils and Adversaries? While the stuff released is good, there seems to me to be a few powers that are a bit broken (I don't mean Makarios, I mean generally), which I don't find in the actual books you've released.
That's ultimately Meghan's call as the dev on that book, but I've definitely got input on some of the entries I wrote.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/30/2019
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Why is that?
Marking Exalted with an efficacious sigil may be something the Storyteller deems within Makarios' capabilities, but it's going to take more than just "some random occultist branded you with one, tough luck."