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[#][F] The Demented One - 1 Day Ago
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I question I asked that got lost in the shuffle of the last thread: does Heart's Drinking Kiss require the target of your hunt to be under the impression that you're the person they have the Tie to, or can they knowingly employ you as a surrogate?

Kind of the same question goes for any Charms with a Protean effect of similar providence.
I'm not sure exactly what you mean.

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Originally posted by Illaden View Post
WIth Enhanced Sense I get 2 dice to any perception roll with the chosen Sense
Can I use those to roll JB if I have taken Unwavering Predator's Eye or does it need to be a specific sense.
Join Battle isn't really a sense-dependent roll, so it doesn't make much sense for Enhanced Sense to enhance it. Sense sense sense.

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Originally posted by ReshyShira View Post

Well, as you can use your human form's soak, does this let you use that human form soak when shapeshifted into an animal with less soak?
If your human form's soak is higher than your animal form's, you use it instead, regardless of what mutations or Tell stuff might be in play.

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Originally posted by limaxophobiac View Post
When the claws/fangs/horns merit at 4 dots says it allows them "to be treated as a medium weapon for withering attacks", is it supposed to literally just mean for withering attacks, or do they also get the +1 parry for being a medium weapon?
You get the +1 Parry.

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Originally posted by Epee102 View Post

Mortal sorcerers not allowed though?
It'd be frowned on.

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Originally posted by Siegward of Catarina View Post
I've got a lore question regarding the Immaculate Faith/Philosophy and the Realm's position on Demons. From what I understand, the Immaculate Faith is definitely opposed to demon worship and demon cults, and actively works to eradicate them. But how do practitioners of the Immaculate Faith feel about demons in general? Or more accurately the use and study of demons? Is demon summoning considered normal in the realm? I've got a PC who wants to be an outcast scholar of Demonology, and I'm trying to work out if the study of demons alone would have gotten him blacklisted by Realm society, or if he would have had to do something more taboo.

I was also thinking about this in the context of Mnemon, and her deep ties to the Immaculate Faith/Order. While being devout to the philosophy, she's described as a powerful sorcerer with a horde of invisible demons protecting her and a strong will to gain knowledge, specifically about a demon binding artifact. Is this unique to her character? Or would most Immaculate Sorcerers be totally on board with summoning demons and studying them?

Thanks in advance!!
Demons are baleful creatures, but Dragon-Blooded are sufficiently holy and enlightened to bind and command them. It might still get them some side-eye from their peers, but that's because demons are weird and freaky, not because they're violating Immaculate strictures.

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Can you combine mutations? Like can I combine spinnerets and envenomed to have venomed webs mimicing spitting spiders?
If the mechanics of the mutations aren't explicitly compatible, you could certainly ask your Storyteller.

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Originally posted by limaxophobiac View Post
So Ferocious Cub Guardian says "When the bear is protecting its young with a Defend Other action, it adds +1 to its Parry rating", now is this +1 Parry only supposed to apply when parrying for the beneficiary of the defend other action, or does it apply to all the bears/lunars parries as long as it took a defend other action its last turn?
Only against attacks that target the cub.

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Originally posted by ReshyShira View Post
When a Lunar Shapeshifts, they use their human form's natural soak if it's higher.

If the Lunar has Unusual Hide to augment that value (as it specifically increases natural soak), does that value pass into the animal's soak or does it get dropped (I know you cannot add unusual hide to the animal's base soak by default)? For example, let's say I have stamina 2, and unusual hide 3, I turn into an animal with a soak value of 1, is my soak then 2 or is it then 5?

Also makes me think of an interesting edge case, if you do have it as a tell (so that animal forms get it too), and you shapeshift with unusual hide 5, and you have a stamina of 3 and you turn into an animal with a base soak of 1, is your soak 8 or 6?
Your Unusual Hide would add to your human form's soak, not that of animal forms you shift into, unless you take it as your Tell.

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Originally posted by GenericMaleNPC01 View Post
I've been hearing talk of great terrors.

Any chance you could describe them a bit?
Also is there a possibility they might show up in hundred devils or some other book?
They go back to First Edition - huge Northern predators, kind of canine, that prey on cattle and mammoths. They might show up.

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I don't know if this is the correct place to flag it up (or if it's something you're already aware of) but Eska of the Seven Blades currently has Melee 4 and Martial Arts (Thousand Blades) 0; I'm assuming her M.A. (Thousand Blades) should be treated as 4, but what is her base Melee like outside of thousand blade style?
Eska does not use Thousand Blades style.

I've seen it raised before, but I couldn't find an answer. What stats should a fox use? Some of our group favour dog, some favour cat and some favour something inbetween.
While it's gonna vary with the exact fox species, starting with either a dog or cat and tweaking appropriately seems like a good way to get there.

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Originally posted by Flare View Post
Lunars can't obtain Magical Abilities but can obtain Latent abilities with BP at Chargen.

They can't take Magical Abilities that are also Latent, correct?
Correct. 10char

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Originally posted by Monghani View Post
Are the 4 dots of mutations bought from multiple purchases of Perfected Hybrid Interaction capable of being used all at once or only 4 at a time? So an essence 5 Lunar with 5 purchases of it for 20 dots of mutations is only capable of accessing 4 of those dots at any one time. Or could they commit to all 20 if they wished?
You can access as many as you have the motes for.

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Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
Does Rugged Beast Endurance function like Hardship-Surviving Mendicant Spirit in that it allows the Lunar to ignore the "deleterious effects of exposure to extreme climates" as long as said climates aren't extreme enough to count as environmental hazards? Like, could a Lunar use RBE to hang out in the North in a bikini?
Yeah. I'll make that explicit.

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Originally posted by MoonlitSeer View Post
Are you able to grapple using a martial art that is only based in weaponry? MAs like Single Point or Righteous Devil for example.
Not if that weapon lacks the Grappling tag.