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[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
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So I have a question about Exigence, as in the Exigence itself. What is an Exigence, if I am the god of paperweights and The Unconquered Sun gave me one what does he give me? It has been stated it is can be stolen or sold so is it a object (or stored in a object)? Are they all unique or are the all similar?
Simply put, the Unconquered Sun bestows upon the petitioning god a portion of the Exigence, which a lesser god can use to create an Exaltation. We have spoken of these portions of the Exigence as divine fire. This is to some extent a metaphor, but it's a useful visual. They are not physical objects. A god can obtain one from another god through trade or theft, but it's not something that just anyone could pick up.

Could the other Incarnae make their own versions (and choose not to) of Exigence or is this something only Sol can do?
Go ask them!

Also what role does the Sidereals play in the lives of Exigents? Considering they have some sort of prison for ‘illegal’ ones in Pneuma under the Nail.
Monitoring illicit trade in Exigence and punishing gods involved is part of the Sidereals' remit, as if they didn't have enough to do already. The operation in Pneuma is much more an Immaculate Order thing than a Bureau of Destiny thing.

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1. The core book mentions that those studying the Deathlords estimate there are 5-12, so given that there are many other gods and spirits who are both very powerful and connected intimately with death and the Underworld, how do they identify potential Deathlords?
"Some ghosts call this entity a 'Deathlord,' whatever that is."

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Do they have a means of testing or probing an entity for a metaphysical quality common between Deathlords but not other denizens of the Underworld?
They have no obvious evidence that there is such a quality, and anyone who theorizes the existence of such a quality is unlikely to be in any position to test it.

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Or is this based on actually infiltrating the Underworld and observing behaviours?
That sounds like something player characters might do.

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2. Other than the Deathlords, who is actually aware of the existance or nature of the Neverborn?
A few particularly old spirits, Lunars, and Sidereals will have heard of them (and presumably a few other scholars), but it's a relatively esoteric bit of trivia with little bearing on one's activities in Creation.

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3. How did the Neverborn end up trapped in the Labyrinth beneath the Underworld?
Insofar as it's ever going to be relevant in play, we'll reassess this when we start development on Abyssals.

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4. In terms of metaphysics, what prevents their leaving the Labyrinth? Could some part of a Neverborn escape, like the remnants of a fetich soul or some other fragment?
See #3. Note that the game-design reasons why the Neverborn remain in the Labyrinth are similar to Vance's explanation in post #1779 above as to why the Yozis can't break out of Hell. If you have a cool story about the Neverborn breaking into Creation that will be entertaining and engaging for your players, feel free to tell it at your table.

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So, "The Yozi's Cannot Be Freed" is basically a metaphysical law of Creation now. Does the average demon worshipper (if such a thing exists) know this? And just how many cities have been destroyed by cultists who think they "found a loophole"?
The average demon cultist worships demons, not the Yozis. Direct veneration of one or more Yozis is going to be vanishingly rare, and of that small subset, even fewer are going to be concerned with freeing them.

Also, if the Yozis can't be freed, can they...

...drag Creation (or portions thereof) into Hell with them?

...reach out through the bars?

...throw things out at Creation? That is, non-Infernal Exalted things?

...stop being Yozis?
Rather than dancing through the semantics, I'd emphasize the design-level reasons why the Yozis can't escape.

As Grabowski noted back when Games of Divinity first came out, "the Yozis are escaping!" is the most obvious plot you can run with a bunch of apocalyptic god-monsters sealed away in a prison-hell. Explicitly stating that, no, that's not happening, is the best way to get people to consider using the Yozis for other narrative purposes in their games.

The other main reason is that focusing on big apocalyptic scenarios like "the Yozis are escaping!" means that anything that isn't a big apocalyptic scenario - stuff like local geopolitics, warring city-states, the ambitions of princes, stuff that's classic Exalted fare - becomes a footnote. We saw that with late Second Edition, and we don't want that to happen again.

If you want to test the limits of the restriction on the Yozis escaping, or just ignore it altogether, in your own game, that's absolutely fine, but it helps to understand the reason why that restriction is there.

[#][F] The Demented One - 6 Days ago
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Can wyld pockets inside Creation proper lead to Pure Chaos ? I mean, I have been reading that under Creation is the Wyld and that Creation is thin and so on, so I was therefore wondering if such a Wyld pocket could lead to pure chaos even if said pocket is surrounded by Creation on all sides.

In advance, thank you very much if you take the time to answer this !
Pure Chaos is no longer a category of Wyld, but you could have an islet of the Wyld within Creation that's deep Wyld at its heart.

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How mechanically would being legendary size in a human form and throwing a boulder as a weapon work?
Is it a safe bet one should use siege weapon stats maybe? Or something else?
I'd call them improvised heavy Thrown weapons. They don't really work the same way as siege weapons.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 6 Days ago
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Are the Sovereigns the black market or "dirty bomb" exigents?
The latter. (Although we're not planning to use either of those terms in the book; we have provisional terminology in place, but it's subject to change during development.)

[#][F] Eric Minton - 6 Days ago
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I notice that Mahalanka has been moved north. What was the reason behind that?
That was a decision made by the previous developers. I don't know the reason behind it.

[#][F] The Demented One - 7 Days ago
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Are Dreamsouled able to do things only possible in dreams?
When you say Umbrals gain power by giving into their darker selves,does that mean the more morally abhorrent they are the stronger they get?
What makes Hearteaters horrific?
Patience is a virtue. Well, Temperance, I guess.

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Elemental Bolt Attack can be used with Thrown or Archery, and specifies that it can be enhanced with charms of those abilities.

However, I'm a bit uncertain which of the Thrown charms really make sense to be used with Elemental Bolt Attack. Can you highlight which ones you think should be?

For instance, Armor-Rupturing Fang doesn't seem like it would work since it's not a real weapon, while Venomous Thorn Attack seems strange to poison a bolt of pure Essence. Banishing a weapon with Invisibly Hidden Chakram Method doesn't seem likely, and if you can't do that then you can't use Mela's Twin Fangs. Would Persistent Hornet Attack make an heat seeking Elemental Bolt? What about impaling someone with Stone Needle Strike or making a massive wave of force with Thousand Razor Wind?

Several of these charms seem like they should in theory work even if they may not be working the exact way they're probably supposed to (Mela's Twin Fang, Thousand Razor Wind), but others I'm not clear if the magical Elemental Bolt makes it work out even though it's not technically viable.

Can you offer a little enlightenment on this?
If it's compatible with a Simple-type Charm and it doesn't mention needing a material projectile (I don't think any do), it's friends with Elemental Bolt Attack. Stunts can help fill any anything that feels like a logical gap.

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oh that sounds new, these aren't the Architects then?
No, they're something else.

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Can you use Blinding Battle Feint when something lets you roll Join Battle not while joining battle (initiative shift, battle path ascendant)?
The Charm's text definitely suggests that's the case.

If so, what determines who you hide from?
I'd probably just call for all enemies to make a normal Perception + Awareness roll opposing it.

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any fun gods that will show up or be mentioned in Exigents that you wouldn't mind sharing? Whether brand new or returning?
I've always been a fan of Wun Ja, in part because of her 2E illustration—shoulder pagodas!

Which of the four example Exigents do you think has a pretty cool anima banner?
Right now, the Sovereigns have my favorite visual.

Will they all come with Anima effects?

Will any of the Noncanon Exalts have anything particular with their animas? Like how anima flux is with DBs, will like the animas of Dream-Souled be particular because of their liminal nature?
Not like anima flux.

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are there any gods or spirits of death who don't have anything to do with the Neverborn,Deathlords and the Underworld?
Sure. The spirit court on Mount Namas is the first that comes to mind, but there's still, like, Taru-Han and Saturn.

[#][F] The Demented One - 6/11/2019
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Well's that's really interesting! Thanks for the clarification on the subject. Do you have plans on presenting a canon version of those pre-modern Lunars, or does it exist only as a concept for now?
We've made a decision not to go into any greater detail on them than we already have.

[#][F] The Demented One - 6/11/2019
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Sorry if you didn't have time to look at it yet, I don't want to rush you, but would it be possible to shed some light on the timing of Solar Counterattack, specifically when the charm is declared?
I asked this question early, but it doesn't seem to have been answered yet. Thanks in advance.
You declare before the attack is rolled.