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[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
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Huh, I am surprised that the empress kept discretion on them. Is this a general policy for powerful artifacts or just big First Age Artifice (Warstriders, airships, warships, etc)?
The super-rare First Age artifice that the Realm didn't have a lot of.

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changing gears a bit. In the threshold are dragon blooded who aren't realm based considered a valuable commodity in terms of "that persons a dragon blood, do what it takes to get them on our payroll before someone from the realm snaps them up!" Like would it be pretty reasonable for a Terrestrial in the middle of a community that doesn't have really any exalts or god bloods to be sort of living it up (like Gaston) ? Or will the age of sorrows have made people more jaded about the prospect?
It could go a variety of ways. The outcastes chapter of What Fire Has Wrought touches on them.

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Are they something a single dynast can own? Or are they the sort of thing that will have the House be saying 'ya no, that goes in the house arsenal and we award it under certain conditions'?
Because of the fact that an artifact's greatest power - its Evocations - can only be drawn out through a wielder's personal bond with the artifact, the Great Houses will tend to let a Dynast who's mastered an artifact's Evocations hold on to it unless there's a very good reason to take it away.

Also, what would it take for a Great House to allow something like a Warstrider to be given to a Wyld Hunt?
Prior to the Empress' disappearance, warstriders would've been allotted at her discretion. In her absence, the Great Houses are trying to secure access to the arsenals housing them; I don't think that situation is stable enough that there are any consistent standards as to when each Great House might be willing to deploy whatever it's managed to get out of the Imperial arsenals.

(The chapter fiction from Arms of the Chosen does have a Mnemon scion using a warstrider to fight against the Solar Circle in Jiara; while it's not necessarily canon, I think that's a decent illustration)

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Can it be assumed that Reflexive Aims provided by charms also allow the user to move that round?

I don't think any of the reflexive aim charms in the core explicitly mention it, and the exact rules text for aim is "Characters cannot move and aim during the same round without some form of magic to permit it. This action cannot be placed in a flurry."
I don't think that's a safe assumption to make. None of the reflexive aim Charms in the core mention allowing you to move; I know that the ones that I wrote, I didn't intend to allow you to move.

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Is everyone's favorite immaculate zealot making a return? Are there going to be new layers to him if he is?
We didn't reference him in Dragon-Blooded or The Realm (at least, not to my recollection), but he's still knocking around the setting and might reappear in later material. Whether or not there are any changes to his presentation won't be decided until we're actually working on him for publication.

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Is there anything wrong with porting the payer system direclty over from 2e? Will such a system be re-appearing in later books?
I'm assuming you mean the prayer system? I don't think there's anything really bad about it, it just doesn't do very much - the outcomes were so variable depending on the nature and power of the god you were praying to that the system just didn't really provide any useful guidance, in my experience with it. I recall an iteration of the Ex3 core rules containing a brief section on prayer rolls that were later cut, for what I assume is the same reason.

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​Would you say things like the cap Evocations of Volcano Cutter and Stormcaller would also make sense? You use your soulsteel and orichalcum armilla that covers a field in a destructive energy that shreds souls, after which the thing becomes entirely inert and you need to do you know not what to make it functional again?
Yeah, sure. The investment needed to make an artifact is steep enough that having them be one-use just feels really bad.

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Would playing a person who Exalts as a terrestrial in game where people exalt as various things (like say a street kid who becomes an outcaste) , be horribly detrimental to that player? Or will the gap between E1 and E2 terrestrial not be so bad that the concept would make the player really struggle? (e.g. will there be plenty of good E1 terrestrial charms that the character is still going to be rad among peers)
Depends on the composition of the mixed circle. If other players are Exalting as Solars and Lunars, I might let the outcaste just go ahead and use the E2 chargen anyway, because he's still going to lag behind in power level.

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Seventh. You said Adamant was still a thing before.
Adamant doesn't get to sit with the five magical materials. :P

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If after 15 years of wait, papa DB and mama DB have a child that doesnt exalt, was that because the essence wasnt passed down to the child and you can have another before the recommended 12 years, or was it a lost opportunity?
Lost opportunity. Expending one's progenitive Essence does not guarantee the child's Exaltation; it merely improves the odds.

(Also, in your scenario, it's already been 15 years, and thus more than enough time to have another child. Progenitive Essence is spent and starts replenishing after one's child is conceived, not after one's child Exalts.)

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Are infernals going to taint their weapons like in 2e, or are they getting a mm they resonate with?
Haven't fully settled on how they work. Almost definitely not adding a "sixth" magical material.

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Some questions about Everyday wonders.

Warding and weatherworking are listed in the crafts used to make these wonders. So this means these craft skills exist in such a way that would allow someone to without charms keep away spirits or bring rain to a region? Warding is easy enough to imagine but I have a hard time imagining what a weatherworking craft project looks like. Do they make towers that please weather gods or are they literally reworking regions shunting the winds with buildings redirecting rivers and elements to change the weather?
That's not a listing of crafts, but of things that thaumaturgists can do. Talismans specify that they're created by thaumaturgists or naturally-occurring; for things like Age-Staving Cordial or Maiden Tea, I think Craft (Alchemy) or (Chemistry) or (Herbalism) or whatever you want to call it makes sense.

Can a someone skilled at geomancy feng shui up a place in a way that would provide it with a dice bonus? Like can I rearrange the furniture in my gambling establishment so the house would receive a bonus on their rolls? Would this be considered an exceptional equipment bonus or a bonus like from a talisman?
Eh. I like the idea of geomantic feng shui, but not of it giving dice bonuses.

Are bonuses granted by Talismans charm or non charm?
If it basically works like exceptional equipment, adding one die, I'd call it a non-Charm bonus. Anything more than that, Charm bonus.

Are artifact versions of these wonders something that can exist / is covered in Arms?
Not artifact versions (I'm not sure how those would work?), but there are some non-artifact wonders.

Are one shot artifacts covered in Arms? Are they a thing still or are they just wonders produced by artifacts like a healing fountain that you can commit essence to provide a healing potion effect like later on?
I think the latter would work much better.

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Ah, that's interesting. Thanks.

Is this also intended to be a bit of a balancing factor in mixed games?

I mean, if one person plays a Dragonblood with 100xp, and another plays a Solar with 100xp, is the DB going to have Essence 3 (since they started with 2) while the Solar only has Essence 2, meaning the DB isn't so far behind the Solar in terms of power? (Though with supernals and better charms, the Solar's probably still going to be more powerful)
It's not exactly a balancing factor, but giving Dragon-Blooded players in mixed circles a slight nudge was one of the considerations.

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Why was it dropped? Could you share some insight on how it would've worked with a pseudo-Loom, since now it's been scrapped anyway? Your recent comments about the Caul had me digging up old information on it and the pseudo-Loom seemed like it would've been really interesting.
I don't know; all those decisions were made by the prior dev team. All the outline material I've seen on the Caul seems to have been written on the assumption that there was no Loom-equivalent.

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How long has Parsaad been a part of the Realm?
The Burano and Ophris legions conquered Prasad a little over six hundred years ago.