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I don't disagree, especially that the advantage would be tactical, rather than directly mechanical.

So outside of stunt, would you have a better way to handle this? It feels universal enough that it shouldn't be relegated to Smashing Attacks or Charms, and Grapple gambit and drag or throw seems a little overwrought (and similarly limiting as the Smashing Attack).

edit for example to explain my intended difference between Tactical V Mechanical: The Solar Swordsman knocking the wayward god through the wall didn't give him any additional dice, or cause any damage, or levy an additional penalty on the god's pools, but now they were out in the open where all the people of Great Forks could see what they were doing.
Custom gambits.

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This mostly makes sense to me, although I'm curious about scenarios that are a little less cooperative.

For example, In the One Shot Podcast when they had a go at Ex3, when confronting an unruly god, the swordsman of the group lunges into the god with his sword drawn, barreling through the wall behind them out into the street. The attacker moved with the target, so they weren't pushed a rangeband back, nor was the target knocked prone, so Smashing wasn't involved.

Basically Dead or Alive/Latter Mortal Kombat style scenery change. Knock an opponent and follow without gaining a direct mechanical advantage.
That strikes me as being best handled by stunts, although I think it's rare that forcing an enemy into different terrain isn't going to confer some kind of tactical advantage.

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If I may rephrase the question, as it's one I've also been pondering and I think it's in line with Sunder's intent:

if three people in the running fight are running towards one far-away combatant that is standing still, which of these is correct?
1) the person that's standing still just happen to be one range band closer every turn (even if still at extreme range), without movement occuring
2) someone needs to take movement actions
3) the movement structure of the fight changes at some ST-decided point (once the other person is close enough, they roll join battle and the fight shifts)
4) other

e.g.: the Dawn player is on horseback, herding enemies into an ambush set by the Night waiting in the trees.
If you're advancing towards a distant enemy, then just use the combat movement system normally. The "running fight" scenario I describe is only appropriate for when everyone involved is just dashing through the scenery as they fight because it looks cool, rather than for tactical purposes.

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One more question can the decisive attacks of BSAS be enhanced normally through other brawl charms(for example if you have Adamantine Fists of Battle active)?
Yes, subject to common sense limitations - e.g., you can't use damage-enhancing effects on the first attack, because it doesn't have a damage roll.

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But could this movement take you one range band closer to another combatant or a tactically important feature of the environment?

That is, does being Embattled mean that your opponents can always reflexively Move with you outside of their turn to keep you in close range, such that you can tactically reposition yourself across the battlefield, close ranks with an ally, or pursue an in-Embattled opponent?

Because that is very different from the interpretation where Embattled characters cannot move around *at all* in a mechanically or tactically significant sense.
Embattled characters can still take reflexive move actions, just as long as they're staying in close range to everyone they're already at close range with.

In a cinematic "running fight" where all parties involved are just assumed to be moving through the marketplace/town/rooftops/whatever, you aren't having the characters take movement actions to do the running, just to maneuver in relation to each other. You could think of it as the terrain being the one that's moving underneath them, for stylistic effect.

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Can you go through a Burning Apocalypse Strike resolution? The wording it has is confusing in more than one place. For example, you plummet at an angle, but fall half the range bands you ascended. Does this mean that if you jump straight up, it will take you another round to reach the ground? Then it says it is a normal decisive attack when you hit the ground but it targets everyone in close range. Do you also have a primary target for this attack?
Step 1: Yell, at the top of your lungs, BURNING SKY APOCALYPSE STRIKE

Step 2: Make a single decisive attack roll against everyone within short range of you, but don't roll damage normally.

Step 3: Everyone hit by the attack rises up one range band for every 10 Initiative you have, and takes three dice of bashing damage for each range band of ascent. You also rise, but don't take damage.

Step 4: Everyone hit by the attack falls back to earth and suffers falling damage normally.

Step 5: You descend back to the ground, without taking falling damage. Unlike your victims, you don't have to go straight down - you can choose to move at an angle, ending your fall at a point that's up to (half the range bands you rose up) away from where you were when you started the attack.

Step 6: Roll another decisive attack against everyone in close range of where you land.

Step 7: Each enemy hit by the second attack takes damage equal to half your Initiative.

Step 8: Reset to base Initiative if you hit at least one enemy, or lose Initiative if you whiffed, as usual.

Step 9: Your turn is over.

Edit - Extra Question: Also can Solar Brawl have a charm that emulates Solar Saber, allowing the solar to use her hands as Artifact weapons, or is this outside of Brawl's power? Maybe as repurchase of Orichalcum Fists so that the charms do not overlap?
I don't see that really making as much sense conceptually as an extension of Brawl, but I don't think anything will break if you do it, as long as it's limited to Brawl attacks only, and not Martial Arts.

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After using wake the sleeper, can you unlock further evocations the normal way?
Yes, as the Charm's text suggests.

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In the former case, would you get Lunar beastfolk who end up as normal humans in their human form, as opposed to beastfolk in their human form? Or would it more typically give rise to beastfolk who turn into warforms that are even larger, scarier versions of their relatively slightly-mutated human form?
Why would beastfolk Exalting as Lunars make them look less like animals?

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1. Lets say I use a ambition 3 celestial working to make a spirit. Lets say I want to make that spirit a god of a area whose god is corrupted. Does that spirit become a god when I make him or does the celestial bureaucracy have to become involved?
A god is a god, but you might need to liaise with Heaven to get him a job in the celestial bureaucracy.

2. Lets say I want a elemental dragon to fly around on. Is this celestial ambition 3 to make one?
I think lesser elemental dragons are generally a bit buffer than Second Circle Demons. I'd probably call it some kind of Solar Circle working.

3. When summoning a ambition 3 solar level working "Being of singular nature and considerable power" Are they on the scale of 3rd circle demons or of less power? Can these beings just make manses at will or create roads from one end of creation to the next with but a word or are they stronger then 2nd level demons but weaker then third?
Work it out with your Storyteller.

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Solar Exalted generally only get one sorcery shaping ritual per Sorcery Circle Occult Charm, right?

Since the Dragon-Blooded can only learn one such Charm, will Dragon-Blooded Occult offer alternative Charms for accessing an archetype's two other shaping rituals, or perhaps off tricks "exclusive" to Dragon-Blooded sorcerors?
Maaaaybe. ^_^

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Is Golden Janissary compatible with shields? IIRC it's compatible with spears and staves.
Shields aren't one of its weapons, but nothing stops you from carrying a shield in your off-hand and combining Golden Janissary with the hypothetical spear-and-shield style.

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How do you feel, at this time, about mortal beastfolk who are Exalted by Luna?

That is, how do their birth forms interact with their Deadly Beastman Transformation? Would a wolfwoman with an eagle totem become a three-way mash-up for her War Form?
I wouldn't want to lock them in to taking the spirit shape that matches their animal lineage, even though I'd personally always pick that way. Lunars will already have chimerism Charms that let them mash up animals for their spirit shape and warform, so I guess there's nothing wrong with beastfolk getting there.

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What are the survival familiar charms that are only applicable to animals?
Does it has to be point out that its just for beast?
Just Beast-Mastering Behavior and Bestial Traits Technique, the ones that enhance the roll to train animals.

Im guessing that god-blooded beasts also wouldnt count for those charms.
If it's just got a few supernatural mutations, I'd let it count. If it's got full-on Charms, then nah.

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Sorry if this has been covered before, I always have trouble navigating this forum.

Anyways How does the dragon blooded charm-set compare to the solar one in the corebook regarding size, complexity, design process etc?

Some of my players kind of bounced off the solar one based on its sheer size and complexity and I am wondering if the upcoming dragon-blooded one might be any different.
It's somewhat smaller, and a lot of writing/redlining/playtesting effort is going into making it as clear and concise as possible.

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One for Vance: curses are mentioned in the sorcerous workings. If I do a ritual, spend my XP, and send off my curse at someone, do they get a defence roll (or perhaps I have to make an attack roll vs their Resolve or something)? If they defend succesfully, do I get the XP back?
I assume if there is a defence roll, it's just whatever the ST feels is appropriate, but do you have any guidance?
Curses shouldn't be irresistible. The precise mechanics of how that's handled are worked out by player and Storyteller together, depending on the working's Finesse rating.

If a working is just comes down to a one-and-done single roll for resisting, and all the targets succeed, and the curse has no meaningful narrative impact, then yeah, the XP would get refunded. I recommend not making sorcerous curses come down to a one-and-done single roll.