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[#][F] The Demented One - 10/31/2018
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I was rereading the core and i found that the Loreleis can inflict an obsession for herself as a major or defining Derangement, and that Derangement can count as an intimacy.
Whats the difference between an Derangement as intimacy and a true intimacy?
To answer literally, a Derangement represents a mental disorder or some similar aberration, rather than a person's genuine feelings and attachments, and is generally harder to remove, albeit vulnerable to some curative magic that genuine Intimacies aren't.

To answer the question I think you're actually going for, the Lorelei's Heart-Drinking Kiss requires voluntary physical intimacy with it, which is typically going to involve the lorelei seducing you with social influence, so it doesn't "bypass" the system in the way that an aura of "you have a Defining Tie towards me, no resisting" does. It's more in the vein of Celestial Bliss Trick.

[#][F] The Demented One - 10/31/2018
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Thanks. I also guess, based on the Ledaal story, that a peasant Outcaste who doesn't know what family they're really from, because they don't know about their grandma's affair with Pelleps Such-and-such, still counts as Pelleps? Because that's the House they should be in, even though they don't know?
(Assuming no adoption is involved)
If it makes sense to that character's player and the Storyteller for them to count as a Peleps, then yes.

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Is the (Dexterity + Charge) bonus damage from a successful Triple Attack Technique in addition to or instead of the (Dexterity + Charge/2) bonus damage from a successful Double Attack Technique?
Instead of.

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Without getting too spoiler-y, what would you say are the most iconic powers of each of the three non-canon Exalted?
Hearteaters: Eating hearts—but not literally.

Umbral Exalted: Giving in to their dark side for power.

Dream-Souled: Being the dreamer who lives inside their dream

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Mrs Cathak Mumina and Mr Mnemon Fathero have a son, Cathak Boyo, who exalts as an Earth Aspect. Obviously, he is a Scion of House Cathak, which is important if he acquires Pyre of the Legions.

However, he becomes a monk. One day, while fighting Babar the Elephant-King, one of the other Shikari, Mnemon Cousim, takes a fatal wound. He gives Cathak Boyo his house's mighty Jade Goremaul, Faith's Pillar, and asks Mors to use it to slay the foul Lunar Babar.

Does Cathak Boyo unlock Faith Maintains for free, because his father was a Mnemon?

Tldr; for the purpose of artefacts, can you be a scion of more than one house? If not, it is always your mother's house you're a scion of (unless she's mortal and your father is a DB)?
Generally speaking, you're a scion of the house you're born into. That's your mother's, in the Realm, but a patrilineal Dragon-Blooded society's heirlooms would track descent from the father. There can be exceptions to this (especially in the adoption context), which the Storyteller can adjudicate with a light hand.

If yes, does it matter if one ancestor is further back than the other? I notice the Ledaal artefact was used in the Usurpation, lost for a thousand years, and found by a Ledaal who was descended from the original user.

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Does it let you roll if you've never seen the tell before? Does noticing the tell reveal anymore information other than just the tell?
It does say that it makes it possible to make Awareness rolls when it otherwise normally wouldn't be, so that seems like a fair application against Lunar shapeshifting.

Oh that's quite expensive then, can you at least expand upon the already listed evocations then?
Hearthstone Evocations are probably something we'll discuss in more depth in a manse-focused book.

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Does the “Ignore (Essence + Intimacy) soak” part of Fists of Iron Technique work with weapons or only bare-handed?
Only bare-handed.

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So, question regarding Fire-Eating Fist. The charm itself says:

"If the Solar dissolves an energy attack or burning elemental bolt, her fist becomes wreathed in her attacker’s Essence, enjoying (opponent’s Essence) bonus attack and damage dice on her next attack."

However, it also lets you stack charges at Essence 4, specifically:

"At Essence 4+, this effect becomes stackable to a limit of (Stamina) stacks. Therefore, clashing four elemental bolts from an Essence 3 opponent, a Stamina 4 Lawgiver’s fists would be wreathed with twelve bonus damage worth of pain."

And then Apocalypse Flare Attack bases it's damage on how many stacks you have of Fire-Eating fist. So, my question is, how long do the stacks on Fire-Eating Fist last? Do they all get expended on the next attack you make? If so, how are you building stacks on multiple clashes when they're expended on the next attack? Definitely think I'm missing something here, would appreciate some clarification.
Yeah, there is some inconsistency. My best guess is that it's intended to discharge on a single attack, and the intent for how you stack it was by clashing ranged attacks, which specifically doesn't deal damage.

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Could a Dragon-Blooded use Elemental Concentration Trance without introducing a fact to get the benefit of Elemental Empowerment Meditation's motes?
Strictly speaking, no, but the world isn't gonna fall apart if your ST lets you.

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How does Burning Eye of the Deliverer interact with Lunar Shapeshifting? Can a Solar using this charm see through the effect, even though normally Lunar Shapeshifting prevents any attempts to see through the effect unless you know the tell? Also, what does "Noticing" and "Seeing Through" mean in this context? Just noticing that they're not who they claim to be on a success, or does it reveal the identity of the Lunar or other shapeshifted person (And if you fail, do you even notice the deception at all)? Lastly, if it's possible to make this check, is the difficulty 7 as a mundane awareness roll would require if you knew their tell?
It'd add automatic successes on the roll to spot the Tell.

Additionally, if the Lunar is in their spirit shape, HBT/DBT, or human form, which do they appear to be if they're revealed as who they truly are? Those are, flavor-wise, implied to be just as much the Lunar's self as their human form is.
Being in your spirit shape is still shapeshifting. Conversely, being in your true human shape definitely isn't, while using Hybrid Body Technique doesn't actually conceal your identity, so there's not much to see through.

Hearthstone bonus dice count as charm dice, correct?

Hearthstones sometimes say grant access to evocations, or may awaken them. Do those always cost experience, only sometimes, and can these evocations be expanded upon?
They cost XP unless they state otherwise.

Do Hearthstones socketed into an artifact reduce the commitment cost of an artifact at all?
No, unless that's a specific power of the hearthstone.

The Essence-Detecting effect of a Hearthstone, can it be used to detect essence use around the owner of the stone?
No, only within the associated manse.

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So to my understanding, a lunar with a spirit shape like, say, a black widow spider, can use the lunars true human form dice pools instead of the spiders right? So a tiny spider could grab a guy by the finger and throw em around?
While you'd use your own dice pools, there are still some intrinsic limitations based on size. A Lunar in flea-shape isn't going to be forcing Chejop Kejak into a submission hold, barring some appropriate magic.

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When I use Killing Shroud Technique to pull an Exalt away from his allies to fight one-on-one, what's stopping them from popping their Anima Banner until Stealth is impossible? Wouldn't that completely nullify KST?
I believe the intent is that the enemy's anima banner can't reveal them (although you'll still reveal the two of you if you flare).

KST keeps my enemies concealed for (control) rounds. The Mastery effect of Joint Locking Technique allows me to exchange any initiative I gain for more rounds of control. Does these extra rounds of control also count towards the amount of rounds I keep my enemy hidden for?
Killing Shroud Technique ends the grapple for mechanical purposes, so you wouldn't be able to use Joint-Locking Technique with it.

If I intercept an attack with Dark Sentinels way, and then use a charm to make a counterattack, does that break Stealth or can I go back into hiding immediately?
It'd still break Stealth.

Any advice for what a Solar Larceny charm that interacts with Conceal Evidence should do? The only charm that acknowledges that action exists is Master Plan Meditation while DBs are all over it.
It's definitely a space they could play in, but Master Plan Meditation is so good at concealing evidence that I think you'd want to avoid straight "do it better" Charms.

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One of the reasons for the martial arts merit and having to buy all MA separately is because of the benefit of being able to combine different styles to create a powerfull effect. So what is the balancing factor when you make one style that is gated behind only weapons? Are those charms more powerful?
It's not strictly "more powerful," but, e.g., the fact that you can't combine it with offensive Charms from every single style is a factor to consider in designing that style's offensive Charms.

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Quick question, debs.
Let's say a sorcerer has a elemental/demon as a companion or familiar.
How would it advance in terms of power? Sorcerous workings to do that? The PC paying xp to upgrade stats or buying charms?
There's no expectation that a character's familiar or bound demons will advance over the course of play, barring that character making investments by buying Charms, sorcerous workings, etc.

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The player and the Storyteller are both given pause, however, upon realizing that Familiar-Honing Instruction doesn't enhance a specific roll for an action - it enhances an "attempt" to carry out the Solar's order, a whole action's worth.

Which interpretation of what happens next is correct?

1) Actual Protagonist gains the bonus die from Familiar-Honing Instruction on the attack roll of the grapple gambit. New activations are needed for each other roll.
2) Actual Protagonist gains the bonus on the attack roll, Initiative roll, and control roll.
3) As 2, but Actual Protagonist also gains the bonus on the attack and damage rolls of a withering savage made during the same round.
4) As 2, but a savage attempted during the same round is a new action. However, a decisive attack would add the bonus die to both attack and damage rolls.
5) Something else is correct.

I have no idea what the intent was here - is it a simple accuracy booster, a high-powered accuracy-and-damage booster, some kind of full-turn murderbuff meant to serve as the essential anchor of Survival familiar builds? Combat is the obvious case, but "infiltrate the shrine and knock over the big statue in the middle" or "sing anyone who enters this grove to sleep" also bring up the question of duration and scope.
Familiar-Honing Instruction only benefits a single roll, and I don't think it's intended to be able to buff damage rolls.