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Do you think any cultures in Creation would have realized the capacity some dogs have to detect seizures in humans before they occur, or is that best discovered in game?
I imagine it could've happened, although those societies may not have a complete understanding of epilepsy — they might believe the dogs are able to detect the activities of malevolent spirits that cause spirits, for example.

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I was thinking of making an artifact of sorts. Specifically a bag that leads into an extradimensional space where it exists a workshop and about a towns size of space within.
Is this balanced in your opinon? If not, what part of it would you say is unbalanced?
We've done a couple similar artifacts, like Asphodel and Perdurant Vault, that you could compare it to for balance purposes.

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If there was ever a dedicated military book ala Scroll of Kings, would the subject of how an army is supplied and financed be considered a sufficient source of narrative drama to have any significant attention given to it?
Seems likely, though there's only so much detail we can provide without turning into a textbook. We at least touch on these things in Chapter 3 of The Realm, but more in the vein of "these are issues relevant to the Imperial legions' and the Imperial Navy's operations," rather than specific numbers.

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Steel Paw Style allows you to use Stamina instead of Dexterity to calculate your parry, but all the charms for boosting and preserving your parry are still in Dexterity with no Totemic(Stamina) keyword. Is this an intentional limitation to still require buying Dexterity up to gain these charms?
You can still use those Dexterity Charms with Steel Paw Style, as specified in the "Restrictions" section at the start of the Charms chapter.

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So, if Lunars can take shapes of altered creatures such as Wyld mutants and the like, how does that square with the prohibition on the shapes of magical animals? Is it a matter of purely physical changes, like, say, a tiger with a mossy coat and wooden claws, versus energetic changes, like an aughdeighe's Icy Hide Merit?
A mutated animal and a magical creature are just two totally different things.

EDIT: On another issue entirely: Lunars can't awaken the magical talents of their animal shapes that have such. Could a new Charm enable such feats, or perhaps learning each new magical talent as if it were an Evocation of the shape?
That would have bad outcomes, balance-wise.

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Hmm... Does that mean you could get the default appearance of a spirit such as Ligier, who appears to look like a normal person, or does it need to explicitly be an alternative one assumed with a dedicated shapeshifting power?

I take it that for a shapeshifter such as Mara, who has no default form and has all shapes carry her characteristic deer legs, it's not really possible to find her in a shape that could be acquired that isn't a cat?
"A human-like shape," such as Ligier's, isn't good enough. It's gotta be a human form they're shapeshifting into, like Fakharu can.

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is it intended that Steel Paw Style and Deadly Claw Blow aren't synchronized? Since Steel Paw Style works on Medium weapons and Deadly Claw Blow doesn't. The charms are otherwise pretty mirrored, so I was curious if that was oversight or a conscious design decision.
It's deliberate.

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Does the Carapace/Shell mutation count as Armor for the purposes of Lunar charms that don't like armor?
It counts as armor for all purposes, including those.

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What happens if you use Peacock Shadow Eyes in the middle of a fight?

(This occurred to me mainly because it's only 7sm to cast, so it wouldn't be hard for an Exalted sorcerer to cast it in one action, making it potentially more combat-viable than many other spells.)

The trance breaks if someone attacks the victim of course, but let's assume it was a one-on-one fight or something. If someone was trying to punch you in the face before he looked into your glowing magical eyes, does he continue to attack you (sleep-fighting, one might say) or would he probably calm down and stop swinging as long as he was tranced? The "he can still act" thing is a little vague.
He can still fight, he just won't remember doing it.

Also, is it possible for the sorcerer to end the trance before the scene ends (other than by attacking the victim)? I can imagine situations where leaving needlessly long gaps in the victim's memory would be a problem.

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Could you please clarify how recognizing something by scent works?

Animals have the Discerning Scent latent ability, which lets them identify one scent per purchase. Lunars could technically use this option, but it would get expensive quickly.

Solar's have scent libraries through Keen Taste and Smell Technique, which works on people you have significant intimacies towards, as well as any mundane scents you may have encountered. I thought that creating scent libraries would be how other charmsets handled human characters with a superhuman sense of smell, bu this doesn't appear to be the case.

Lunars have four scent charms that don't create a scent library:
Stricken Calf Scent to diagnose, track, or oppose Stealth
Spider and Rose Discernment to detect poisons, diseases, and other contaminants
Blood on the Wind to pierce anti-tracking magic
Inevitable Spoor Discovery for enhanced tracking

Prey's Scent Discernment creates a scent library for people with the same restrictions that Solars have for people. However, it doesn't record non-people smells.

How do Lunars and other non-Solar exalts handle learning how to identify things by scent?
Scent libraries aren't intended to be a universal mechanic. Recognizing a particular scent, if feasible for humans, could just be a (Perception + Awareness) roll, with a difficulty related to the nature of the scent — recognizing the smell of alcohol is probably difficulty 1, for example.

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If you use Claws of the Silver Moon in an animal form to boost a natural weapon where the animal's dice pool is less than yours, does the accuracy boost from the Claws replace (well, they're both +1) or add to the normal accuracy of using a natural weapon with your own pool?
Same question for Overwhelming, though I'm guessing that replaces since a hippo with overwhelming 10 would be somewhat excessive.
Both bonuses stack. Hippos are scary.

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Can the Sculpted Seafoam Eidolon perform actions that wouldn't require die rolls? Like picking something up, carrying a load, etc? Or if it tries to do that, does the item just fall through the entity's surface?
Yes, it can do stuff like that.

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How does the Inert Initiative of battle groups interact with Charms that grant Initiative? I am specifically asking in reference to Charge of One Hundred Generals from What Fire Has Wrought. Would a battle group cavalry unit gain the initiative for moving a range band.
They can still gain Initiative from such effects.

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I have a slightly weird question, but it's something that came up in a game.

Can you use the Sacred Hunt to take a form that's not not your target's natural form? For example, gaining the form of a Tyrant Lizard by hunting a Lunar shapeshifted as a Tyrant Lizard?

And, if yes, can you gain an animal or human form by targeting an invalid target who's in a valid form?

This is the specific example; In 2nd ed, my Lunar acquired the shape of his Solar Mate. But he did it by sleeping with what he thought was his Solar Mate, but who was actually a Fox-Raksha who had copied the Solar Mate's form in order to trick him (because he'd broken up with another Fox-Raksha after his evil identical twin... well, it's a long story).

Now, in 2nd ed I had the knack to get Raksha forms anyway, so it doesn't matter. But would it work in 2nd ed? The form he got was a human form, but of course he got it via a Raksha.

Other examples might be, for example, an animal-god who has shapechanged into an animal form, or Mara when she's turned into a human.
The "Hunters Hunted" sidebar in Chapter 5 covers the general topic of taking a shapeshifter's forms through the sacred hunt. If you try to hunt a shapeshifting spirit, raksha, or other invalid target while it's in a human or animal shape, you can get that human or animal shape.

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What exact benefits does a battlegroup get when chosen as a beneficiary of a distract gambit? Is its Initiative increased for the turn? Does its attack against the target get the bonus?
As written, I don't believe battle groups can benefit from distract gambits, as they don't use Initiative to calculate damage.