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Not quite the answer I was asking thinking, so does this mean that any time someone's crashed by you in initiative shift and you effectively trade places in initiative you get two back-to-back rounds? Also in the case the character was crashed by a clash attack on their turn as the higher initiative rating, so does that mean that since they crashed the character, the crasher gets to attack immediately in that case, and then again when they get a higher initiative? The way it's worded is a little weird, does that mean in normal circumstances in a 1:1 fight that a character who crashes someone on their turn gets another turn immediately, and then another turn due to being higher in the initiative now (so effectively three turns in a row)?
I'm having difficulty understanding the specifics of this question, which makes me suspect there's some fundamental understanding going on.

Here's how it generally works: you get one turn per round, no matter what happens with your Initiative—you'll never get a second turn just because your Initiative rose or fell. Initiative Shifting resets your attack, as described on page 255. Normally, this reset attack is going to be happening after your regular turn.

However, if you somehow manage to trigger an Initiative Shift by crashing someone who crashed you outside of your turn—maybe they disengage to run away from you, or you hit 'em with Flashing Edge of Dawn—that reset attack will happen at the same time as that.

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Got a question that I'm kinda surprised took so long to come up in my game. The Martial Arts tag for weapons states that it the weapon must be used by an applicable style. With the currently available styles that makes things really limiting. For example, a Fighting Chain currently, RAW, can only be used by an Ebon Shadow martial artist (Unless there's a new style in the DB book I missed.)

Does anything break if you were to permit such weapons to be used with Melee? If not, how would you handle things like a grapple? Would you allow Melee to be their opposed role, or would you still require Brawl/Martial Arts for the control roll?
It wouldn't be a big break, although some Martial Arts weapons have an awful lot of tags.

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What about some sort of "Exotic Weapon Proficiency" merit that lets you pick an MA weapon and say you can use it with brawl or melee as appropriate?
I think that'd be fine.

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What's your favourite Artefact name from Lunars: Fangs at the Gate?
It's hard to really pick a favorite. Right now, I'll say the Hundred Rings of Hadam-Ul.

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But how does one disguse youself as a ravane?
It takes a certain panache.

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What survival charms are appicable to the twilight spirit familiars of spirits created with Ephemeral Induction Technique?
The ones that don't specify your familiar's gotta be an animal.

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A few demons seem to have normal animal portions or just be an assemblage of them, so would that factor into it, at least as far as the likes of Mara (deer legs) or Florivet (wolfowlman) are concerned?
It's more that Lunars have cool disguise Charms.

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Quick question:
Is it though if the Abyssal Exalted will have a charm similar to Wyld-Shaping Technique but that can only be used on the Underworld, as Second Edition had?

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If a character lower in the initiative clashes your character and crashes yours, and an initiative shift occurs, do they get to make two follow up attacks? One on the turn of the clash when the shift occurs, and again because they're now at the top of the initiative tracker.
Initiative shifting gives you a free attack. If you'd normally get an attack in addition to that, you still get it.

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Could one theoretically use a skycutter as an improvised melee weapon?
Sure, the same way you could chuck a daiklave as an improvised Thrown weapon.

Or could a specialty allow it to be used as a regular one?
Specialties do not work that way.

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Heh, I just realized with Lunars only able to take human or animal shape, a very paranoid DB could have a place entirely staffed by Elementals or Demons if he wants to be sure his servants won't suddenly eat his heart. Is that something careful DBs do in the setting?
That's the kind of thing a sorcerer could do. Of course, cutting out human contact and surrounding yourself with enslaved monsters is the sort of thing that's why the Realm has such a stigma against sorcerers.

And, of course, just because a Lunar can't shapeshift into a demon doesn't mean she can't disguise herself as one.

Are there other counter-measures the Realm has taken against such?

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Could Evocations fill in this gap in ability?
I'd advise against circumventing that limitation, as it's there for a specific reason, but if you're the Storyteller, then how do I plan to stop you?

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Do they have an instinctual understanding of how to do the sacred hunt, and that they can gain forms by eating hearts?
More or less. If you want your backstory to have Luna showing you how to perform the sacred hunt, or a First Age flashback that shows it to you, you can do that, but it's not something you'll need a tutor to learn.

But I think the most important question of all, when it comes to Lunars is this:
Does Dog-Tongue Method still exist?
Is it still called Dog-Tongue Method?
Is there a mechanical bonus for players if they bark like a dog, meow like a cat, etc, when using the charm?
There's a comparable effect, but it's not really the same. Different name, different Attribute.

How many charms in the Lunars book include the word "Puppy" in the title?
None. Lunars are red in tooth and claw, not cutesy.

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So this turned into a debate in my game last night. A Solar flying with evocations is fueling a storm god who is also flying. The storm god wants the fight to move upwards towards the storm clouds above, while the Solar wants to move the fight towards the ground below. Neither is actually wanting to disengage and increase the distance to one another. Any advice on how to resolve it?
Without specific magic or extrinsic means of motivation, there's no way to compel an enemy to follow you.

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Will lunar's get charms that enhance the five senses specifically? Like what the Keen (Sense) solar charms do?
Nah, their sensory enhancement Charms go their own way.