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[#][F] The Demented One - 3 Days ago
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How hard is to get Yozi poison in Malfeas?
Off the top of my head, I'd call it a major crafting project that can only be attempted in the Demon City. We may give it more attention in the future.

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I have a question I would like to pose regarding spells. For spells with a fixed duration for example Invulnerable Skin of Bronze Incomparable Body Arsenal in particular, If there a way to end their effects early if the sorcerer wishes to do so ?
Nope. 10char

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Hi Robert and Eric, I’ve been away from the forums for quite some time unfortunately as my normal TTRPG group started focusing on starwars but I wanted to saw that it is really amazing seeing everything that has already happened since the last time I was here with repect to the dragon blooded book.

I unfortunatey missed the Kickstarter but I am very excited to see its successful completion, and the question I have pertains to it.

Im very interested in seeing how things work in the dragon blooded charm sets and rules, espeacially when it comes to dragon blooded craft, and it seems like there are already a lot of people who have access to that information. Is that then backer only accessible information or is there a way that other members of the community can access it while we wait for the books and the pdf to come out?

Thankyou so so much for you tome and you continued dedication to the community, it is very much appreciated.
I don't know of any official way for non-backers to access the backer previews.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
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We can assume Solars are the "high-water mark" there, yes? We only have one other Charmset to compare right now, but being able to form big charm combos is certainly one of the reasons Solars are way stronger than DBs.
I suspect Lunars and Sidereals will end up on similar footing, if not exactly equal.

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Why is it harder for a dragonblooded to learn sorcery than a mortal?
In the setting, it's not harder. Charms aren't things-in-themselves; the Occult Charm prerequisite simply reflects the fact that Dragon-Blooded sorcerers, or precocious mortal sorcerers who Exalt as Dragon-Blooded, are going to be superhumanly skilled in the secret ways of mysticism.

From a design perspective, sorcery is extremely good for Dragon-Blooded. Putting a Charm prerequisite on it discourages Every Dragon-Blooded PC Ever from dipping it.

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Sorry for misunderstanding you, then. Still, are there any splats that will be more well-suited to throwing (all) the good stuff on an attack? Sids because they can combine multiple styles together with unarmed attacks, maybe?
No, being able to throw all your Charms on one attack is something we try to avoid, because it minimizes decision-making.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
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Would it be possible for a Lunar to build a Moonsilver Artifact Weapon, say Razor Claws, that shifted to work with/enhance any claw attacks they might have in animal form/DBT? If so, what considerations would need to be kept in mind while building said artifact's evocation tree?
Deadly Beastman Transformation, you can already use artifact weapons with, you just gotta suck up diminished resonance.

Animal forms...well, they've got a fun Charm for that.

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How large do you expect the Lunar Charmset to be compared to Dragon-Blooded? Do you have an approximate target number per Attribute planned, or anything like that?
Roughly the same size.

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Are there any splats that will have an above-average number of synergy between their Charms, the same way Lunars have a below-average number due to all those Simple Charms? Because finding cool combinations between many different Charms is something I enjoy quite a bit.
I don't think Lunars have a below-average number.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
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Does this mean that the Lunars will be more reliant on Martial Arts and Evocations to compensate for the lack of internal synergy?
No. Lunars who use Martial Arts or Evocations are losing access to, or at least putting obstacles in the way of other sources of power in their Charms (animal shapeshifting and Deadly Beastman Transformation, respectively).

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5 Days ago
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What's more likely to have priority in the upcoming schedule?

The Topics of:




Demons, gods, and elementals should all get coverage in the smaller books between Exigents and Sidereals, assuming our planned pitches get approved.

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[*]What happens if I use Unslakable Thirst of the Devil Maw on an Impervious Sphere of Water? Does UTotDM fail or does the ISoW collapse?
Storyteller call; at the very least, the Impervious Sphere isn't going to offer any cover. It'll take a chunk out of the Sphere, but not enough to collapse it entirely. The Storyteller can adjudicate any effects this has.

[*]What happens if I use Death Ray on an Impervious Sphere of Water? The sorcerer is behind full cover, and thus ranged attacks are impossible, but Death Ray obliterates cover.
I think it's gonna boil that Impervious Sphere into perviousness. Being inside a sphere of boiling water probably sucks a whole bunch, at the Storyteller's discretion.

[*]What happens if I use Beckoning That Which Stirs The Sky when someone else has cast Rain of Doom? Can is dispel the Rain of Doom?

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Will you be going back to 1e when Advaita Iraivan was an aspect of Nirguna, as opposed to the version in GWM where it was presented as a prime mover?
While I don't expect we'll discuss it, we'd definitely go with First Edition's take if we did.

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Originally posted by Kintani View Post
A question about the Wyld. Are you planning to keep the Shinma backstory from 2nd edition?
The shinma aren't going to be written out of canon, but they'll be getting far, far less focus than they did in Second Edition.

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Originally posted by Sakii View Post
The sidebar for the Brass Legionnaire in Arms talks about having a "Creation-wide webs of miraculous infrastructure" to mass produce them. I always thought that not having an institution dedicated to the murder of Solars and the ability to import magical material from anywhere in the world was what allowed the mass production. What would be an example of a creation wide web of miraculous infrastructure?
The first example to come to mind is the Creation-spanning network of Gates of Auspicious Passage.