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[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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I'm sure I've missed this somewhere, but I can't find it so I'm just gonna ask:

When you make a Decisive attack with a melee weapon, you don't use the weapons accuracy for the attack roll. Ranged weapons don't have weapon accuracy, instead they have accuracy based on the target's range. So when making a Decisive attack with a ranged weapon, do you lose the bonus/penalty based on the range, or do you simply ignore the loss of the accuracy bonus for ranged attacks?
You don't apply the Accuracy mod on decisive attacks, regardless of what type of weapon you're using.

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Will any summoning spells you might write in the future keep having no control effect?
Pretty safe bet.

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We're having a little confusion over The Dragon Succumbs from White Veil Style. For the poison effect, how is it supposed to work? It says it does not reduce the duration of the poison, but you can only use the number of intervals remaining. Does that mean it uses them all up but the penalty remains for the duration? Or is it just another cap on how much damage can be done?
He rolls damage as though (1 + attack roll extra successes) intervals of the poison had all happened at once, but this doesn't decrease the poison's actual duration, so it just keeps chugging along. However, if someone only has three rounds of snake venom left in his system, you can't hit him with four intervals' worth of its damage.

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What are your estimates for numbers of exigences and liminals? Rough numbers.
Exigents: 200+
Liminals: ~250

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What could a fresh graduate of the Cloister of Wisdom from a good family do that would get her shuffled off into an abbey in some far-flung Threshold satrapy where she is out of sight?
There are a lot of possible explanations. The most obvious is that the young monk's behavior could potentially embarrass the Order, but hasn't reached the stage where she'd be expelled from the monkhood. Perhaps her superiors see her as rebellious, or maybe she's obviously smitten with someone and is being sent far away lest she break her vow of celibacy.

Alternatively, someone outside the Order might pull strings to make it happen. Her family might see her outspoken political views as an embarrassment and want her out of the way, or she might have humiliated a rival student whose family has better connections than her own.

Or the character's superiors might simply feel that such a placement is in her best interest as a monk. Perhaps she's arrogant and would benefit from being taken down a peg, or she's prejudiced against foreigners and her mentor wants her to get past that.

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The description of the Aim action says "The player must declare which target he is taking aim at when he uses this action. Should his character attack that target on his next turn, the attack gains a +3 bonus."

Is this meant to be read literally, or can a character gain the benefit of aiming on her current turn if she has a way to launch an attack outside her action?
If you have a way to reflexively aim, it can benefit an attack made on the same turn. If you have a way to attack outside your turn, it can benefit from aiming.

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Why don't summoning spells have a control effect?
I dunno; I wasn't brought in on the conversation that led to them being cut.

Is it even possible to have them as control spells?

Can a mortal sorcerer have a summoned demon or elemental as a retainer or ally using the Merits? How much would it cost?
Yes, although that's kind of an inefficient way to spend Merits compared to just binding them yourself.

Can sorcery be used for healing?
It wouldn't be as direct about it as Medicine Charms, but that's not totally outside its scope.

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Will it be possible for alchemical colossus and municiple charms to be detailed?
Colossus, maybe, although I doubt they'll exist as a discrete category beyond "this is the Charm that makes you a colossus."

I don't think Metropoli are playing using the same system as other Exalted.

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Do Lunars still have charms about having kids, including beastman kids without bestiality, like Fish and Fowl Gestation, etc?

Also, do they need to be Essence 4+ to make beastmen?

Edit: Also, if an Essence 3 (at conception, anyway) Solar and Essence 4 Lunar have a kid, will young prince Hamakai be a golden child, a moon-blessed, or some combination? He currently looks pretty human, might he grow a fox tail like his mum (or even other fox-like characteristics) later? (He's a toddler now) Or are those mutations the kind of thing you're born with or will never have?
He'd be the child of a Solar and a Lunar, which is really more important than what label you decide to stick on him.

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Would the kama (hand sickles) introduced for Mantis Style also count as style weapons for Ebon Shadow? They’re one half of the iconic kusari-gama.
We're not going to errata existing styles every time we introduce new weapons. If your Storyteller thinks they should be in there, they can add 'em.

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Inspired by the Lunar playtest thread, I'm curious about how you guys do playtests.

In particular, do you seek to include some naysayers? People who might be a bit more inclined toward being critical and tearing things apart?

As something of a naysayer myself (and as someone who values that perspective in the creative process), I'm curious as to how you guys approach playtesting.

Yes, that's very much something we want in playtesting. It's not the stage where we want people to spare our feelings and smooth over flaws, it's where we want brutal honesty.

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Can you discuss at all how Lunar PCs balance relative to Solar PCs in a mixed party, if (as I understand it) Lunars can only take Essence 1 Charms at character creation and Solars have Supernals?

I realize the intent is that Lunars are less powerful but still hold their own and are distinct and fun in a mixed group - I’m just curious how Solar Supernals don’t result in them getting completely outclassed.
Lunars don't get Supernal Abilities, but they do get a whole lot of power packaged with shapeshifting, some Essence 1 Charms that are on the same level as certain Solar Charms, and some things they can do that Solars just plain can't. They're not as powerful as Solars, but I'm not worried about them being overshadowed in mixed play.

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Just curious. I noticed in the CRB that Lunars get a lot of -4 health levels, will there be any charms to exploit that quirk of their durability, like Berserker for bears/boars?
Short answer: yes.

Long answer: they've got a whole tree of berserker Charms in Stamina.

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Query: The replace Dex with Strength Melee charm, what is its activation cost and category? (Reflexive, simple etc)?

Many thanks for posting your thoughts!
Cost: —
Type: Permanent

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I wonder, will any of the Chimeric knacks come back in some form as charms in 3e?
Not exactly, but there's some stuff that's similar.