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[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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​Do you think there's viable space for War Charms in something that lets a battle group directly attack a target that still has Initiative, or does that violate a foundational principle of battle groups too much?
I think it's possible to cost such an effect correctly.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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That sounds like an interesting idea. Could you give us some examples of the sorts of charms that are done this way?
The Charm that lets you shift into Legendary Size animal shapes is a Strength Charm, but can be learned as a Stamina Charm if your spirit shape has Legendary Size.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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Having so many of the Lunar medical Charms under a physical Attribute in Second Edition made me cranky.

Is that something that Third Edition No Moon physicians are going to need particular totems for (like the Native American medicine bear), or is that not going to be a concern for them?
Nah, most of their healing stuff is slated for Intelligence.

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Since Artifact N/A covers things that are already rare and capable of breaking setting rules, what would you imagine as a difference between regular ones, and First Age Artifice ones (apart from Royal Warstriders)?
Whether it falls into the category of things defined as First Age Artifice. A N/A-level artificial intelligence with superhuman cognitive power that you've got running your paradise-city is going to have to be First Age Artifice.

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Are chimeras limited to two animals? With the totemic keyword doing otherwise is just asking for trouble.
Two is the most.

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​I take it that, with only nine Attributes, Totem Charms having only a single alternative prerequisite is considered enough to let a wide variety of Lunar builds acquire Charms that are appropriate to them?
It's largely used to deal with Charms that fit the archetypal role of one caste really well, but clearly belong in an Attribute that caste doesn't get.

​I can't recall; is there supposed to be a downside to being a chimera, besides any social stigma that it might entail, or is it just going to run on the unspoken Chicanery-No rule?
No downside to being a chimera.

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Is there some kind of limitation on how many totem effects you get?
What I mean, is whether there's a set of categories and you choose one that's appropriate, or whether they're rather looser than that? So, if your totem is a whale, will you be able to access totemic charms that require a giant totem, and totemic charms that require a water-breathing totem, or do you have to choose one category or the other?
No. It's holistic.

I'm just thinking about the temptation for people to pick the totem that fits the most charm-types... but I think that, if there's a large variety of charms requiring a big variety of totems, it may be an avoidable problem.
Avoiding that is a design goal. Some of it can be very easily done by making certain Totemic conditions mutually incompatible.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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Since totem forms don't seem to have any mechanical benefit, does becoming a Chimera give you any mechanical benefit besides a wider range of mutations for Hybrid Body Rearrangement?
Spirit shapes do have a mechanical benefit through the Totemic keyword. Essentially, a Totemic Charm belongs to one Attribute, but Lunars with certain spirit shapes can learn it as a Charm of another Attribute, with alternate prerequisites. For example, Scorpion and Toad Mastery, the venom-creating Charm, is in Stamina, but Lunars with poisonous or venomous spirit shapes have the option to learn it as a Wits Charm.

Chimeras, in addition to being able to assume a spirit shape that combines both animal forms and a hybrid shape that does the same, get the Totemic benefits of both their spirit shapes.

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Considering some of the changes to Beastmen, are there demographically significant numbers of Beastmen that don't have anything to do with a Lunar Exalted?

Do some powerful Totem Spirits occasionally 'Beastmen' tribes as a gift or a curse?

Are such gifts/curses also acceptable origins of Beastman tribes alongside Lunar activities?
Plenty of beastfolk have non-Lunar origins. For instance, I don't think the Ixcoatli Empire has any Lunar influence.

[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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So you mentioned the reasons for why Solars resonate with all materials, but I was curious what the thought process was for having Abyssals only resonate with soulsteel? I was under the impression that Solars and Abyssals were generally equals, so it seems like a strange imbalance to me.
From a thematic perspective, Abyssals have less need to rely on non-soulsteel Evocations to access "out-there" effects. Unlike the Solar Charms, which progress towards the singular point that is the Unconquered Sun's mythos, Abyssal Charms spiral out in a bunch of thematic directions as they build on the themes of the many Deathlords.

From a mechanical perspective, taking away some Abyssal power in the area of Evocations creates room for us to give them more power in the area of necromancy.

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So, the Unconquered Sun and Abyssal/Infernal Exaltations.

Is he conscious of what's happened to them? Does his consciousness still extend to them, or are the Deathlords/Yozi suppressing it?
The Deathlords and the Yozis have usurped his power to choose them, although that's not without consequences for them.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 4 Days ago
If you need to get rid of the hyphens, I'd recommend going with "Ma Ha Suchi." It's closer to the original in spirit and in sound than "Mahasuchi."

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I know the Exigents book is a fair ways off but since it's said to detail home-brewing a bit I'll ask this. Does it give tips on home-brewing merits?
It's probably going to be more focused on designing Charmsets. Is a guide to designing Merits something people would want to see?

How does the Ambidextrous merit interact with the Multiple limbs merit if you used it to purchase more legs or arms?
If you've got multiple arms, none of them are your off-hand.

If you've got multiple legs, and two-dot Ambidextrous, all your feet are prehensile.

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As your hybrid form is based on your totem, presumably that means if you become a Chimera (with that charm you wrote on twitter, I forget the name), your hybrid form can have a mix of stuff from both totems?
Ie if I have an Owl totem and mix it up with a snake totem by becoming a Chimera, I can have a hybrid form with both wings and poisonous snake fangs?
Yep! 10char

[#][F] The Demented One - 5 Days ago
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Weird question:
Offensive Withering-only charm grants double 7's to damage roll. Defensive Against-Withering-only charm eliminates the double 10's from the damage roll. They go against each other... What's next?
Storyteller call whether the defense only prevents 10s from giving double successes, or prevents double successes from 7s, 8s, and 9s as well, I guess.