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Something not related to Arms or Dragon-Blooded!

While a Fair Folk book is likely to be more than a couple of years from seeing print, some discussion with a newbie still prompted some thoughts regarding the raksha that I'd like to see addressed.

1) The "characters in combat recover 5m/turn" bit is supposed to extend to them as well, yes? I see no reason to assume otherwise, except…
2) 1e and 2e had this whole spiel about Fair Folk having a whole list of restrictions regarding how they might recover Essence, and risking calcification otherwise. In light of the assumptions of the new edition, this feels like it might be in need of revision as well. What are your thoughts on the matter?
3) If how they recover Essence is changing, shouldn't the rewards for ravishing mortals likewise be retooled?
4) If a raksha's hunger is just a matter of getting enough Essence, I suspect having a Lore-Supernal Twilight ally with all the Essence-Lending Charms would be like owning a huge candy bar factory. Is there any reason this shouldn't happen?
5) Assuming that an option akin to "Banquet of Crumbs" still exists in Ex3 (perhaps tied to expressions of Major+ Intimacies for feeding purposes instead of Virtues), will it be sufficient to permit a raksha to live in Creation, or will they have to occasionally batten themselves with stolen wisps of soul?
Ravishing and calcification will probably exist on an entirely separate axis from the raksha's mote pool, for the same reason that shadowlands no longer shut down mote recovery—not being able to use your cool stuff is punishingly unfun.

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[*]Will I need to invest into Sail or another ability to pilot one?

[*]Will they use the same stats for their weapons and armour as what's in the core?
Warstrider weapons use the traits of artifact weapons, despite "just" being things like twenty-foot long greatswords or longbows carved out of a tree. Artifact weapons scaled for warstriders have always been vanishingly rare in all editions of Exalted; they provide Evocations but not any improved stats.

[*]Will they have their own clasifications such as Common, Scout, and Royal?
Artifact 5 warstriders are referred to as Noble, while Artifact N/A warstriders are Royal.

[*]Will the still have Ancillary Systems?
Evocations effectively absorbs ancillary systems from past editions.

[*]Will they impede Martial Arts?
Yes, although there are a few styles compatible with heavy armor that can be used in them. It's also possible that a warstrider might be customized for Martial Arts compatibility, because G Gundam is the best.

And this one is geared towards Karvara specifically. Is it basically Numidium, in all of its reality-denying-yet-also-reinforcing, dragon-breaking, army-slaying glory?
Karvara is essentially the love child of Numidium and Evangelion 01.

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Question on the Craft charm Shattering Grasp: Is the Exalt able to apply this ability to disassemble things that would be a Superior or even Legendary project to disassemble, such as Artifacts? What about allowing its use on Magical Materials in general? I have a player who thinks he can disassemble ANYTHING with just a major project, and I need some authoritative refutation please.
Shattering Grasp is silent as to whether it can destroy artifacts. That leaves it up to the Storyteller's discretion, on a case-by-case basis. Doing so would be a superior project (or legendary, if for some reason you're letting them destroy an Artifact N/A). Personally, I'm fine with a Solar being able to strike a talent of jade into obols or even break a daiklave with sufficient effort, but would draw a line at disabling warstriders, skyships, and manses with a touch.

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Can Awakening Eye be used with any Join Battle pool, or just one that is based on Awareness? ​The charm states that it 'supplements a Join Battle roll,' and there are multiple charms that change how you constitute a Join Battle pool.

Specifically, can Awakening Eye and Blinding Battle Feint be used together to roll Dex+Stealth+Perception+Awareness (capped at 2x the Dex+Stealth of the character), with all the attendant benefits of both charms?

Thank you!
If you don't roll JB with Awareness, you can't enhance it with Awareness Charms, including Awakening Eye.

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Had an earlier question that also seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle about supplementing Hammer on Iron Technique with evocations of Candent Carbuncle. Would each attack require activating Burning Coal Fist? Or is it intended to be similar to Iron Whirlwind & Hungry Tiger?
Unless it says otherwise, you have to pay the cost of each Charm for each attack. Iron Whirlwind Attack's "you only need to pay once" is one of its unique benefits compared to other Charms that grant multiple attacks.

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Does this apply to qualifying for Feats of Strength as well?

So at Strength 3, Essence 2, after performing ISE, I will be more likely to succeed (due to having bonus dice) at FoS in the 3+ tier, but I still can't attempt Feats in the 5+ tier?

(Meaning I would need Ten-Ox Meditation. Hmm...)
Bonus dots from Increasing Strength Exercise count towards your total for attempting feats of strength. That's an ordinary part of how the Attribute works, not a Charm calculation.

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@Whirlwind Monk Fair enough, and thanks for going over this with me. Most of all, now that we are able to get EX3 rolling again as a line, I don't want to let lingering concerns or disappointments lie without discussing them, and hopefully making backers feel a tiny bit better about how things went. Thanks!

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Directly from the Kickstarter page:


And yes, an estimate is a promise. It's not an exact promise, no, but calling something an estimate is not carte blanche to put out whatever you feel like in complete disregard of the estimate.
We didn't just put out whatever we felt like, we put out the backer Charms plus a bunch of extra Charms that only were added because John Morke wanted to add them. When we estimated about a page per Charm, thus giving us 50+ as a page count estimate, we did not have any idea how the Charms would be written nor how much space they would take up. Remember, the book was not finished, it was the Charms specifically that the Devs needed to rewrite, and we were years before the text would hit layout.

But that all is immaterial to the point that this wasn't a book that we were offering based on filling page count, it was a collection of the backer Charms that came out of the rewards. So 20 pages or 100, it was going to contain as many Charms as there were backer rewards for them. And it was only offered, as an Add-on PDF, because there was so much demand for it by the other backers who didn't pledge for the Charms but wanted a chance to contribute. So it wasn't like we had the thing specced out ahead of time, it came together during the KS and after. So that estimate, was exactly that, an estimate on page count that ultimately was less pages but more Charms that originally planned.

But hey, since you feel badly about the thing, send me your PayPal info to and I'll refund your $5.

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Hey Robert Vance, say that I have an Attribute rated at 4 and an Ability rated at 3, giving me a dice pool of 7. Now say that, through a combination of poison, wounds, and external penalties, my dice pool is reduced to 0. Can I still use my Excellency to add 7 dice or can I not use it at all?
Your dice limits (and similar Charm calculations) are derived from your base values (i.e. 4 and 3), not the total after applying modifiers.

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How would you do Puppies & Pawprints if you were making it today?
Steal from Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine like a legendary puppy bandit

[#][F] RichT - 4/21/2017
Originally posted by WhirlwindMonk View Post
Are you only planning on looking at stretch goals here? Because there's more stuff that wasn't stretch goals but was still outside the scope of just the core book. Two examples are the classic PDFs, which I believe have all been delivered, and the book of extra charms, which has been released but falls short of the 50+ pages stated in the Kickstarter.
Fewer pages than estimated, but many more Charms than originally planned.

[#][F] RichT - 4/21/2017
Originally posted by SpruceStripedGoose View Post

The exact wording of the goal is...

I can see why people expected more. "our EX3 Dev Team will collaborate to create the Official EX3 Anathema Character Management Toolkit." to me is a promise to create something, not just collaborate with no obligation to actually get things done. I know you can split hairs on what was technically said, but I think a reasonable person's reading of this stretch goal is very different than what it is being sold as after the fact. Nowhere in this stretch goal is any wording of uncertainty, it is presented as something much more formal that it apparently was in reality. I don't see how this can simultaneously be the "Official" character creator...and also a fan project completely unrelated to any responsibility on the part of OPP, the informal nature of this relationship should have been disclosed from the get go.
It was discussed over and over in the various comments sections at the time and we and the Anathema team were as clear as anybody could have been during all the madness that was that Kickstarter about the independent nature of their project. So you _can_ read that blurb in the way some people have, but once we say that that was never the intent, it's not retconning, it's restating what was always the situation. We've learned a great deal about how to phrase Kickstarter blurbs since then.

[#][F] RichT - 4/21/2017
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The majority of professional illustrators I know work in colour and then have their work greyscaled for black and white books. Certainly I have seen colour originals of artworks that went into B&W Exalted books of earlier editions.

I expect the cost of a colour book is in the production phase, not commissioning.
Depending on the artist, a color commission can be double to four times more than black and white. For printing in b&w vs color, it's much the same, but then we're talking about multiplying thousands of dollars.

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While not necessarily the same mechanics - do you lean in at all to the idea from the Upright Soldier revision that Dragon-Blooded power stacks with teamwork more than other Exalted?
Dragon-Blooded Charms are slightly more oriented towards cooperation and collaboration, yes.

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In that case, which element of the Dragon-Blooded Charm set are you most happy about changing?
Ex3 Dragon-Blooded are going to be able to engage with Solars on their own terms, mechanically. The Dragon-Blooded are still decidedly the underdog in that situation, but half their Charms aren't going to become automatically useless just by dint of facing a superior opponent.