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Also, what's the oldest age you think is reasonable for an outcaste Dragonblood to exalt? Is mid-20s too old?
Almost no one Exalts past age seventeen or so, and no one on record past twenty has ever Exalted.

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Are we going to get hints about the new exalted types before their books are announced?
We'd like to do more than just hints.

Do I get a stunt bonus for quoting Dio Brando when using Gnomon?
You don't know how many times Neall's yelled "ZA WARUDO!" at me.

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That's not including excellencies though, is it?
Correct, but Dragon-Blooded Excellencies have a bit extra tacked on to make up for that.

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This made me think of something later actually.
How many charms do they start with? As many as Solars?
So, there's a trick to that.

The default character creation rules for a Dragon-Blood assume that you've already graduated from secondary school, which means you've been Exalted for a quite a while already. You don't start at Essence 1, but at Essence 2. This chargen gives you the same number of Charms as a Solar.

There's a sidebar with alternate rules for creating a freshly-Exalted Dragon-Blood, in case you want to play a Heptagram game or Revolutionary Girl Ejava or something. Those give you fewer Charms than Solars get.

And can those charms include things that are more expensive (such as, I assume, spells and evocations) than their base charms?

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If I make a smashing attack with a multi attack charm, does it knock them back multiple times, or just once (and cancel the multi-attack, since their out of range)?
A successful smash attack immediately knocks an enemy back, so you probably want to save it for the last attack in a multi-attack.

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Does The Caul still have its own pseudo-Loom, or has that idea been scrapped?
It's a very weird place with regard to fate, but it doesn't have a pseudo-Loom. I think that idea was dropped a while ago.

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Will Solars be able to get their role bonus Solar xp when in mixed groups (ie. ceding the "spotlight" to a DB)? If so, will it be clear what constitutes a "cool and dramatic expression of their caste's function" for DBs whose aspect's role tends to be a little less clear cut than that of Solar castes.
Yes. 10char

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I'm sorry if this has been answered before, but I was musing about Getimians last night.

Have they always been around, in the same sense that Lunars, Liminals, and Exigents have "always" been around in contrast to Infernals and Abyssals?
The Getimian Exaltations have existed for a very long time, but there weren't any Getimians active in the world prior to Rakan Thulio unsealing them.

If so, has Rakan Thulio only discovered them and re-purposed them?

Will their book detail their pre-Rakan Thulio history?
Their origin will likely get some detail.

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Are there any mechanics that are similarly "Exalted Only?" Or at least things you would want to think long and hard about before giving them to a spirit?
It's hard to really define any one mechanic as Exalted-only; there's a pretty wide gamut between Dragon-Blooded Charms and Solar Charms. I think the biggest difference may be their approach to getting Charms, rather than the mechanics themselves. Unlike the Exalted, spirits don't have a list of X-hundred Charms they can choose from, they just naturally manifest the ones that are most appropriate to their nature.

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I have tried to follow as much as possible about Lunars so correct me if I'm wrong
Lunars are still attribute based?
If yes, are their charms that to?

if also yes is there a experience fix on them.
Since in 2nd edition favored charm costed the same as sidereals and Dragonblooded favored/aspect and so on and unfavored where the same
That means that there was a slower growth for Lunars compared to Dragonblooded and Sidereals in terms of charm gain. Including that Lunars had Knacks that helped them but still they lagged behind. Not by a big amount. it was very small. is there a change that brings them closer in terms of charm cost to solars but still lagged behind a bit to fit the stories about them or are they still going to have the same charm cost as the others?
Right now, the plan is for Lunars and Solars to use the same Charm XP costs.

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Since this got missed a few threads back:

Would it be possible for someone who has created a set of shaping rituals based on one’s blood such as a Socreree King of Ysyr to use a celestial level sorcerous working to gain evocations similar to a 3 dot artifact? It’s obviously not craft but more akin to a blood mage or blood bender from Dragon Age or Avatar respectively?
There are already sorcerous initiations that let you get access to Evocations through them, like the Pact with Mara and the Talisman of Ten Thousand Eyes, so I don't think a working would be required.

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So this is more a help with a jumping off point for something.

I'm preparing for when Dragon Bloods drop. I have a monk who is on a pilgrimage along the blessed isle. She is earth aspected and carrying a white jade massive jar filled with earth from Mt. Meru. She spreads a bit of it at each temple she visits before returning to Meru to meditate before whatever final test awaits her. ST Already ruled as a cool thing the jar could be treated as a form weapon for Earth Dragon.

What kind of Evocations would you see coming from such an artifact? I admit I am a bit shoddy at theming. Mechanics I should have little problem with, just more themes.
The combination of white jade with soil from the Elemental Pole of Earth suggests Evocations with the power to stabilize and reinforce, to fend off the chaos of the Wyld, and to bring things into harmonious balance.

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Are dragon blooded still going to start with one fewer dot in their primary attributes like in 1e and 2e? Or will they also get the 8/6/4 spread? It always seemed kinda a random debuff to them that ultimately costs them one die for no real reason than "oh they are weaker exalts". I won't complain if they are, just curious is all.
Nah, they get 8/6/4.

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Does Lookshy have a total monopoly on gunzosha or does the realm also own a few suits?
The Scarlet Empress might have some in her personal vaults that she could assign to her legions as needed, but the Realm's never fielded gunzosha corps like Lookshy has.

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Do the maidens still have some sort of prestidigitation that gives them prophecy or guidance, or do they at least pretend to? I'm not looking for anything more than that they are mysterious and cryptic and seem to know a heck of a lot more than they should or let on.

While samsara was initially exciting, it really fell flat upon inspection, and I don't hope to recreate the experience. How or if the maidens actually have some sort of greater access to a plan possibly not of their own making should be an ST call; I'm just looking to confirm that's their expected characterization.

Appropriately enough, this is only merely hinted at in the core, with "They seem to walk a lonely road, the Maidens, keeping
the world ever balanced on the path of what must be. Even
their Chosen regard them with unease—whether Sidereal
ventures fail or succeed, always the Maidens say it
was fated to be so."

It's almost like they wrote their own description.
The Maidens are mysterious, cryptic, and prophetic, but we're never drilling as far down into the details of that as 2E did with samsara.