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[#][F] The Demented One - 8/29/2019
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Does Makarios still have his “craft things from dreams” charms and you guys just didn’t have the space to print them?
Wordcount was definitely at a premium when I was writing Makarios. As always, the Storyteller is free to add additional Charms to QCs.

Also, can you scribe his sigil on an Exalt? If so, what happens? Nothing?
Unless something changed from my last draft, his Dream-Binding Sigil Merit only applies to sigil-marked mortals. An Exalt, god, whatever, would not be affected, even if they had the sigil on 'em.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/27/2019
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Does this mean Terrestrial Exalted when used in text is what it historically meant? Dragon-Blooded?
Yeah. We don't tend to do that often, but that's mostly because Dragon-Blooded sounds better.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/27/2019
Originally posted by Sasha View Post
I have a few questions about how Master Plan Meditation works:

1. If I've begun spending contingency points and only have 2 left am I allowed to end my commitment to the Charm early? Or do I have to find some way to spend them?
You can end the Charm at any time, losing any contingency points you have. The bit about not being able to generate new contingency points until you've spent all your points is best read, I think, as saying you can't use it again to generate new contingency that get added to your existing pool.

2. The Charm text says, "This Charm can be triggered after performing any of the valid actions below." Does this refer to paying the cost of the Charm and activating it, or do I activate it beforehand and it's the roll for contingency points that is triggered?
Paying the cost and activating it.

3. If you haven't begun to spend your stored contingency points and perform another valid action do you get to roll again and add to your pool of CP? For example, if I spend a scene forging documents and gain 4CP, then go spend a scene preparing an alibi, do I roll again and add those CP to the 4 I already have?
I don't believe that is the intent.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/27/2019
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I guess now that it's been a year and a half since that first post, things might have changed in this all. Celestial Exalted seems to me to be a descriptive category still. The things that have been put in it before (Solars and their derivitives, Lunars, and Sidereals) have some similarities in the form of how they are passed along, long lifespans, and of course, patrons who happen to be gods of objects in the sky. And it is usually couched as the higher end of power among Exalts, at least on a spectrum since they're not really tiered.

Terrestrial Exalt seems to still mean Dragon-Blooded, and I guess are what are things are comapred to to say they're on the "lower end" of Exalted power? Is that right? Would Liminals be a kind of Terrestrial Exalted, or are they on par with the Terrestrial Exalted? I kind of just ask since the term seems to be used a bit interchangelby with bot sorts of ways, and I'm actually now curious what the term well, means.
While we may use the terms informally in Ask the Devs and in conversation with fans to set expectations with regards to power level, especially when the question is phrased in those terms, they aren't descriptive categories or tiers.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/26/2019
Originally posted by Sasha View Post
Thanks for the answers, Vance!

This makes me curious: what is a behemoth? Something that's very large, obviously, but are there other criteria?
Behemoth-as-category is discussed on page 117 of the corebook. Briefly, behemoth as an in-setting term is used by savants to terrifying creatures created by ultimately rejected by the Primordials, but is often colloquially misapplied to anything else that's huge and terrifying (or more rarely, just terrifying). There isn't any mechanical or metaphysical distinction between "true" behemoths and "this thing is scary as hell and I don't know what to call it, so that's a behemoth."

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/26/2019
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How does automatic damage work with something like Stone Rhino's Skin or Ruin Abasing Shrug? Would 1s in the former be able to reduce some of the auto successes? Would the latter force a roll of those auto successes on the change they reduce?

E.g. 1st setup A withering attack generated 6 dice and 3 auto damage, it rolls 1 success and 3 1s, would it reduce it to 1 withering? or would the autos not be subtracted?

2nd: An attacker generates 3 automatic decisive levels of damage and 5 dice rolling 2 successes, would Ruin Abasing Shrug reroll just the 2, or would it reroll 5? Given its an Essence 3 Solar charm, i'd have assumed the latter but i'd rather get a dev opinion.
You can't make someone reroll an automatic success added to a roll.

How would you rule magic that converts dice or adds an auto success to decisive damage work with Adamant Skin Technique? Like Fiery Arrow Technique converts a die to an auto success, does it bypass the ability to soak decisive damage? How about something that adds an auto success to the damage roll? Like the roll is 11 dice and 1 automatic success and the target with adamant skin has 13 Decisive soak. Would it nullify the whole thing or would that one bypass it?
I'd lean towards saying that a die converted to a success can't be reduced by Adamant Skin Technique or other stuff that would subtract from the roll.

How would that interact with the water aura effect of Bottomless Depths Defense?
Bottomless Depths Defense's Aura effect just negates straight-up all the damage of an attack.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/26/2019
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When Mahicara is described as a 'behemoth' does that mean that it's a creature of the Wyld similar to Mata-Yahd, not just an incredibly massive creature? I wasn't sure at first, considering the PDF says, "...the world's makers shaped [it]..." which could mean it's native to Creation, but this quote here makes me think it is. Would you mind clarifying this for me?
Mahicara doesn't originate from the Wyld - not all behemoths do.

God-Wrought Monster allows Mahicara to heal health levels for destroyed body parts and eventually return them to full functionality, but it doesn't mention being able to heal Aggravated damage. Does this mean that a single level of Aggravated damage in a body part's health track is enough to prevent it from fully regenerating mid-combat?
God-Wrought Monster can heal aggravated damage.

I suppose this question is more about the Legendary Size merit in general, but I think it's particularly relevant to Mahicara: do Legendary Size creatures ignore onslaught penalties even from other Legendary Size creatures as long as they are smaller? For example, would the mile-high Mahicara ignore onslaught penalties from an eighteen-foot yeddim's stomp attack? And do things work the same way for grappling and the Overwhelming Might special ability?
A yeddim/warstrider/tyrant lizard would bypass the benefits of Mahicara's Legendary Size and Overwhelming Might.

Is Mahicara vulnerable to social influence? I don't see any Intimacies listed (even though "It has but one desire: to walk from pole to pole" seems like a pretty obviously implied Defining Principle), but I also don't see any Merits outlining types of unacceptable influence like certain non-sapient beings have. My point is: can I convince Mahicara to give me a piggyback ride using social influence?
Mahicara has some kind of mind and can be engaged in social influence, although finding a way to do so may pose some difficulties. Storytellers should feel free to invent Intimacies for it, and potentially add some Social Charms to it.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/26/2019
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Thanks! That clears things up.

Anything you're willing to share on the 2 Infernal Caste names that haven't been revealed yet? My Infernal Twilight NPC would love to know what his Caste is called.
I've written them up in the Infernals prestige spread for the Storyteller's Guide.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/26/2019
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Thanks Vance!

In this case, my friend's character was turned into a beastwoman by an exploding working she disrupted, so she has 8pts of mutation and also the Wyld Mutant Flaw.

Would it be difficulty 8? 3 (the highest of her mutations)? Just a difficulty set by the ST based on the exploding working (as if it was an opposed roll)?

In that case I'd just set a difficulty. 3 sounds fine. 8 sounds way too high.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/23/2019
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Righteous Devil Style question. Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings adds withering damage as successes (which ignores soak). Does this damage get computed in the post soak die total for dealing with Legendary Size? e.g. I have 7 post soak, and Phoenix Flies on Golden Wings does 4 automatic successful damage. Am I treated as dealing 11 post soak dice for crash purposes? Appreciated.
It won't increase your effective pool for being able to crash big stuff.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/23/2019
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I have some questions about Crimson-And-Silver Rebirth.

1) If someone used a shaping effect that alters the body to give the target a mutation (and I guess most ways to give people mutations would count as shaping effects that alter the body), do I roll against a difficulty of the Mutation rating, or make the opposed roll against the person who gave it to them?
Either works. Mutation rating is probably the easier go-to in most situations.

3) If I use the charm on a beastman (not one who was born a beastman, but one who turned into one), do I use the charm against each mutation seperately and when I've done all of them they're human, or just make one roll and use the charm once?
If one effect applied them all in one go,
It's fine to let remove them all in one go if they were all applied in one go by the same effect.

3) If my target was hit by a shaping effect that changed them but wasn't caused by a character (for example, mutations caused by an exploding manse or the Wyld or something), what do I roll against?
Difficulty set by the Storyteller.

4) I use the charm to remove a shaping effect imposed by an evil sorcerer. He's at dinner on another plane of existence and has no idea this is happening. We make opposed rolls. Can he use an excellency? So he'll just suddenly spend 10 motes at dinner for no apparent reason? (I guess this question has slightly wider implications than just this charm specifically).
If you're called on to make an opposed roll because of the actions of a character you're unaware of, you still get to use Charms and such to enhance it. I'd conceptualize it as more of "this represents something the sorcerer did in the past but is being paid now" rather than "this sorcerer is just blowing through motes at dinner."

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/23/2019
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IIRC, you said Hearteaters existed during the Primordial War (though not in the same form).
What about Umbrals and Exigents?
Umbrals did not exist until after the Divine Revolution.

As Neall's noted, Exigents were active in the Divine Revolution.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/23/2019
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Does this mean a Solar can't do that for a more basic stratagem like those featured in the core? So a Solar can reflexively counter a magical stratagem, but not a regular one?

Does that mean that Solars are more adept at countering said mystical strategies then non-mystical ones, as they don't have the ability to reflexively counter non-magical ones.
I would take it as a concession to the fact that players shouldn't be required to memorize every single Charm that enables a magical stratagem in order to derive maximum utility from Battle-Visionary's Foresight rather than any kind of thematic statement.

Also, does the same type of stratagem stack? The War tree has a bunch of charms to allow you to use new strategies even in the middle of combat, so can you repeatedly stack say, Pincer Attack, or do you have to keep picking new ones?
They don't stack.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/23/2019
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What are the non-Charm uses for the Occult Ability outside of "Lore but for Spirits" and "Thaumaturgy Rolls". What can a mortal character(such as a priest, shaman, or thamaturge) do with the Occult skill exactly?
Pick up on subtle signs of Wyld taint, divine blessings, hauntings, etc. Engage with various supernatural obstacles or effects, like trying to figure out how to break a demon's curse or cross through a magical gateway. If you know a way to ward against a specific spirit, lay down that ward properly. Miscellaneous bits and bobs like that.

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/23/2019
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If you use Striving Aftershock Method in Solar Brawl, do you lose out on the benefits of Orichalcum Fists of Battle in regards to increasing Damage while at base Initiative?

Striving Aftershock Method says 'add 2 to her base Initiative value', but does that mean it counts as her base Initiative or that it goes over Base Initiative?
You would lose out on the benefit, because Striving Aftershock Method only increase your base Initiative value for the instant of your Initiative resetting to base.