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[#][F] The Demented One - 4 Days ago
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According to the Core book (p.122) if you take Brawl as a Favoured ability Martial Arts also becomes Favoured. All Favoured abilities must start with at least 1 dot.

However, Martial Arts has a special rule (p.154) that you need to take the Martial Artist Merit to purchase dots in it.

So, what happens if I want to make a brawler character without martial arts training at character creation? Then what happens if during play the character picks up the merit?
If you don't take the Merit, Martial Arts would be an exception to the rule that you have to put a dot in it at character creation.

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I'm sorry, I think I misspoke. What I meant was an ability to effectively take a magical being's shape (demon, fae beast, etc.) just as an animal or human's, but only in a physical sense. While EMN would be a great help in pulling off such a ruse, it only covers associated sensory effects; great for mimicking a demon's capacity to float off the ground, less so for copying its swimming ability.
That's not something Lunars can do.

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If I have two charms that give me double 9s on a roll, can I use them both to get double 8s? Or is there no additional benefit?
No, they don't stack.

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When choosing a shaping ritual from Celestial Circle Sorcery (the charm, that is), how much of a story justification must there be? It seems like there's a pair of bounds between "you've never met Raksi in your life" and "The charm didn't give you the shaping ritual, you've earned Tutored by Raksi on your own" (or whatever other initiation you wanted).
It's gotta be reasonable.

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Originally posted by Hammer Senpai View Post
Does a foreign Exaltation interact with the blood of the Dragons? If a Dynast Exalts as a Solar/Lunar/Sidereal/whatever, do they still have to worry about progenitive Essence and their children becoming Dragon-Blooded?
A non-Dragon-Blooded Exalt can still pass the blood of the dragons onto their children, but they do so the same way mortals do, with a fickle progenitive Essence that neither waxes nor wanes.

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Suppose you want to delve into the memories of a shape you've acquired prior to learning Memory-Drinking Method, or you have let its commitment lapse and want to reclaim it. Are there any existing ways to do this, or would a new Charm need to be developed/Home-brewed for the purpose?
You'd need a custom Charm.

And on an unrelated note, it's been well-established that spiritual beings cannot have their shapes acquired, but could there be a Charm to fake it? For instance, taking a demon's physical appearance, without any supernatural abilities, Charms, or what have you?
Essential Mirror Nature does that,

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A bit of an oldie. But what did give you all the idea to make single point? Any inspirations? Just a cool idea you had?
I believe it was a style used by one of the previous developer's player characters. I took some inspiration from Ruroni Kenshin in writing it.

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Is Space-Saving Concession Solar-only or does it also apply to the Awareness/Perception Charms of other Exalted?
It applies to Solars only.

Will Across the Eight Directions have stats for Haslanti air- and iceships?

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Heartiest Congratulations on the most recent Kickstarter Success!

So just to check/confirm, the core rule book had this to say on the subject Of mixing and matching Shaping Rituals:

So does this (and I fully accept that I may be wrong, I admit to being confused a bit here) mean that you can Initiate via a Pact with an Ifrit Lord, chose a Shaping Ritual from another Initiation (work it in flavour), say the one where you Meditate from Talisman of 10000 Eyes but pick the Suzerain of Endless Flame merit?

Or does it have to be Ifrit Lord Initiation/Ifrit Lord Rituals/Ifrit Lord Merits until you get Celestial Circle Magic?

Thank you so much for the answer, whatever it may turn out to be.
The intent of the mixing and matching is more to say that if you gain Terrestrial Circle Sorcery by making a Pact with an Ifrit Lord, you could advance to Celestial Circle Sorcery with a shaping ritual with another initiation.

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How can a character learn more shaping rituals for Sorcery without intiating a new circle/taking a new charm?
The core book discusses gaining new shaping rituals through creating sorcerous relics. Other methods of gaining them through play should involve similar levels of effort and investment. It's a topic will likely explore in greater depth down the line.

Is there any plans to do a 'godblooded' book?
Not a dedicated book, but we are planning to include material on God-Blooded PCs.

Or for there to be playable ghosts?

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Originally posted by Tlalchitonatiuh View Post
Thank you so much for the replies! I was curious as well if we had a firm date for when the dragon-blooded preorder will be ending?
Not at this time, at least.

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Neall will.
So a Question about everyone’s favorite sorcerous kingdom: is it reasonable to assume Ysyr has exalted among its ranks? Any particulars as to why it wouldn’t?(the dreaming sea seems balanced between Yenjn, Sorcerers, and Dragonblooded at my reading)
The occasional Exalt might show up, but they don't have them in any great number — and if a Ysyri slave Exalts, the sorcerer princes could have a whole lot of trouble on their hands.

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I'm assuming plague rat prana doesn't work on the GC? Because otherwise a shogunate aged lunar should be able to infect people with it.
Safe assumption to make. It'll be explicit in the final text.

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If you miss with the counterattacks generated by Laughing Monster Form, do you lose the normal initiative for missing with a decisive attack?
Yep. 10char

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Originally posted by Tlalchitonatiuh View Post
To begin with, please allow me to say congratulations on another wonderfully finished kickstarter! I missed out on the Dragon-blooded one, but have since managed to catch up with the backerkit preorder, and pledge for this one as well. As a fan since the original corebook first released, i could not be happy with the current direction of this wonderful game.
Thank you!

I'm sorry if these have been asked before, but is there any chance of getting (or have we already recieved and I missed them) Evocations for "The Tomb of Dreams"?
We haven't done Evocations for the artifacts in Tomb of Dreams, although folks ask about it from time to time. It might happen.

As well as if there will be any form of "discount" or Print on Demand incentive to buying all of the Adversaries and Creatures monthly pdfs?
It's been discussed, but the specifics of that aren't in my wheelhouse.