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Answer unclear. Yes to the former or the later?
You can use size-expansion Charms in human or hybrid form.

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Does this mean Dragon-blooded are also more directly Chosen by the Elemental Dragons in Ex3?

My understanding of previous editions (which could be TOTALLY WRONG) was that it had more to do with genetics than being recognized as a worthy scion by the children of Gaia. I know you've talked in these threads about progenitive essence. Is that and luck most of the story in Ex3, or is that like a latent power quickened by the Elemental Dragons when a Dragon-blooded takes their second breath? Or something else?
Your understanding is correct. Unlike the Celestial Exalted, Dragon-Blooded aren't directly Chosen by the Elemental Dragons. Their Exaltation is...well, it's not genetic, because who even knows if genes exist in Creation, but it is heritable.

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Are they consciously aware of the circumstances surrounding all potential exaltation candidates (or maybe just actual exaltations). Like if a mortal exalts while fighting a major fair folk crusade into Creation, is the UCS then aware of said fair folk crusade?
Different Storytellers will want to portray the Incarnae in different ways in their games, if at all, and "how aware are the Incarnae of the current state of Creation" is a question whose answer has big implications for their portrayal. I'm not gonna set it in stone.

And presumably people can still Exalt in other realms of existence so is the UCS aware of every awesome thing mortals do in Malfeas just in case he decides to exalt one of them?

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The very first time we see the Unconquered Sun, he appears to Panther in a vision during Panther's Exaltation. The Unconquered Sun is not a golden guy with a solar jetpack who has to fly into Creation to talk to Panther. Nor is an Exalt Chosen by an Incarnae personally somehow beholden to that Incarnae. It's more the opposite; they are being risen up that much higher by having such a one stop what they're doing to recognize them. When people decided that the Unconquered Sun had to leave Heaven to Exalt someone, they were wrong. If you think in terms of binary and don't allow for contradiction you aren't looking at a proper mythos. The Unconquered Sun is gone from Creation but he is still there; he has turned his back on Creation but his Essence is still moving and choosing heroes based on his command (because he set himself in motion, and he cannot stop himself, because he is unstoppable); he is in the Jade Pleasure Dome but he is also in Panther's vision. In essence, he is a complex being, with immense reach and vast power. Anywhere his Exaltations can be, so can he. They are his Exaltations. They are his power. He can send them, but he cannot call them back. If he dies, they will continue on without him. If he turns his back they will still cycle, and they are still his will raising heroes in a time of darkness. It's not about omniscience. It's about reach.

This is still an accurate statement of How It Works.

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Can I ask how should one use the Lacunar Mantle evocation from the Forgotten Blade? The user can reflexively activate Mental Invisibility Technique when they draw the blade after purchasing the evocation, but drawing a weapon means that they are about to fight somebody which dispel MIT....
Just because you have a weapon drawn doesn't mean you have to fight.

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‚ÄčIs that like being able to ascribe different aesthetics at different times, or repurchasing the Charm with different mutation suites?
The latter. Some people might want a combat-focused form to use with Deadly Beastman Transformation, and a different one to lounge around in.

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Can Lunars have multiple Hybrid forms, including ones not based on their totem?
Multiple hybrid forms, yes. Hybrid forms not based on their spirit shape...well, technically no, although they can eventually apply mutations unrelated to their spirit shape to their human form, which is basically the same thing.

Can Lunars assume giant size while wearing human or hybrid shapes, or is that limited to animals and any creature which was naturally gigantic?

Would a spirit Charm for assuming a gigantic size ever have the Eclipse keyword?

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so, building off this, am I understanding correctly that the Incarnae can directly choose the recipients of Exaltation, but if otherwise occupied (IE: the Games of Divinity) then the Exaltations find suitable hosts on their own? Or is it a matter of someone doing something so awesome that the Incarnae briefly look away from their distraction to see what was up and then choosing in the moment to grant their blessing?
The Incarnae have sufficient divinity and puissance to be aware of potential candidates for Exaltation even while playing the Games of Divinity. We're moving away from Exaltation-as-decisionmaker.

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This may be something that hasn't been hammered out yet, but I figure it can't hurt to ask. How are the children of sorcerer-rulers in Ysyr generally treated in the society? Is it sort of like Dynast children, with privileged upbringings involving the expenditure of a lot of resources in the hope that they'll one day become sorcerers like their parent(s)? Do they wield some of their parents' status and wealth by proxy? Or are they effectively slaves like the rank and file until/unless they prove themselves by initiating into sorcery and receive training/grooming for (or assume by fiat) rulership positions? Some middle ground between the two extremes? Do the sorcerers correct mutations/deformities in their children at an early age, or do they leave that for promising offspring to do for themselves as a rite of passage once they're able?
Ysyri society is something we've yet to flesh out the details on.

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Tried asking the other thread, no response.

What happens to graces made for/from mortals after they die?
At this point, I'm gonna call that a Storyteller call. We may come back to the issue when we do Fair Folk mechanics.

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Does the lands made with Wyld Shaping have to follow the logic of creation?
Yes. 10char

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Speaking of walrus mating, I have the vague memory that one of the 2e books mentioned Ahlat's successor as the God of Walrus Mating Fights, though nothing really about them, not even a name. Would said god have any relationship with Ahlat? One of his former subordinates (the god of Walrus Whisker Grooming?)? Would Ahlat take a sort of distant mentor/role model for that god, or would he violently avoid even seeing the other god and remembering his former lowly station?
I think there are fun stories to tell either way.

Is there a certain cachet to the position, as it once provided the stepping stone to greater things, thus making it surprisingly coveted by ambitious godlings?
I don't think anyone in Heaven is clamoring to fill out paperwork on walruses humping. :P

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My character has Hammer on Iron and Fivefold Fury Onslaught. If I made my decisive attacks, but started with less damage dice than the targets hardness, would I still roll the damage before discarding it (on account of how HoIT interacts with 10s on the damage roll), or not roll the damage at all?
You still roll.

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The unconquered sun literally or metaphorically choses?

If the former, what prevented the Primordials from simply commanding the incarnae not to choose champions during the primordial war.
Cecelyne: Hey, Unconquered Sun. I order you to stop Exalting mortals.

The Unconquered Sun: Nope!

Cecelyne: Darn!

And what does it mean for a spat if their divine patron was rendered incapable of fufilling their duty?
This has arguably been the case since the Incarnae started playing the Games of Divinity.

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Presumably the past life memories cover the basics, right?

First generation exalts might have needed a bit more coaching.
Those are always a good go-to explanation of why your character knows something their mortal life hasn't prepared them for.