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[#][F] The Demented One - 7 Days ago
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If a snake style martial artist suffered the mutation that gave him claws that mechanics wise give his unarmed strikes medium weapon traits, is he still capable of using unarmed martial arts?

Does the higher dot ambidextrous offset the off hand penalty of the 2 dot prehensile tail?

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Does the Immaculate Faith have any knowledge of or position on lesser elemental dragons?
They're still spirits, and treated as such. I imagine they're generally held in decent respect owing to their resemblance to the Elemental Dragons, but they aren't set apart from all other spirits as some sort of untouchable elite or anything.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/7/2019
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Cool, still useful in some situations but not necessarily a gotta make it work everytime.

Also uh i noticed something that i think is too late to put in the DB errata (if it was in fact a mistake ) in the artifact Sea's Verdict. All evocations that key off of awaken the tide have a resonant and dissonant effect.

Fact is they don't need them since it can only be resonant as awaken the tide keys off From the Depths which is blocked by a DB charm (Elemental Sheath). Is that meant to be that way or is that more to say something like a solar could get these keying off say Summoning the Loyal Steel? Or was it not supposed to have From the Depths as a prereq? Just caught my eye as odd.
Blargh, I'll get to that.

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Can you take a Disengage action from someone else at short range or greater? I checked and there didn’t seem to be a rule forbidding it.
Not without applicable magic.

If not, how would you represent running for your life while an opponent is trying to kill you, since the reflexive movement doesn’t let you increase the distance between you and an actively pursuing opponent?
That's what the withdraw action for.

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So by the book the 'Kiai weapon' created by Voice of the Night Bird doesn't mention having the Natural keyword,

I'm assuming it still isn't subject to Disarm gambits, but is it ever supposed to require a ready action?
It it'd had tags written out for it, it would have had Natural.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/5/2019
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Can a solar use thunderbolt attack prana and then chain it into something like iron raptor technique which allows you to do a melee attack at medium range without aiming?
No, that would be a ranged attack, which isn't fair game.

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Is there a Street Fighter or Tekken or other fighting game character whom you feel is not yet properly supported by the Brawl Charms and Martial Arts Styles printed or revealed so far, which you would really like to cover with a Style after Fangs At The Gate?

I know we've talked about Sumo (E. Honda) could be Bull Style.
I'm not really a fighting game person, outside of Smash. Fangs at the Gate does have styles that closely track to real-world capoeira and lucha libre.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/5/2019
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Does thunderbolt attack prana get blocked by the damage cap of legendary size? E.G. I inflict 6 levels while strength 5, would the charm only allow it to add 2 more? or would I get the full doubling?
Because it's not directly adding levels of damage, it's still subject to the cap.

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How does eating work as a shapeshifter? If I turn into a fly, can I get by on a fly's need for food, or do I still need to put away enough fuel to power a human? If I eat enough in my human form to sustain me, and then spend the rest of my day in tyrant lizard form, will my two-egg omelette have put any sort of dent in my massive theropod appetite? If I devour a thousand pounds of mammoth carcass as a multi-ton murder machine, and then revert to human form, where does all that meat go?

(My assumption would be that your caloric needs for the day should match that of the form you spend the most time in on that day; a Lunar who's willing to spend the entire time as a fly can get a lot more mileage out of a mouse carcass than if he spends most of his time in human form, and a Lunar who turns into a hellboar for the sole sake of thrashing a Dynast for a few rounds won't need to devour hundreds of pounds of carrion that day.)
I think your assumption makes sense.

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The Charm states: Does this affect all creatures of darkness, including allied ones, or just those that are enemies? It's possible you're fighting alongside an ally's summoned demon army, after all. I just want to clarify because the rest of the Charm seems to indicate that only enemy creatures of darkness are affected.
You can't exempt allied creatures of darkness.

Also, does a battle group of creatures of darkness count as a nontrivial opponent, and would causing one to dissolve after using this Charm on it trigger this effect?
Yes and yes.

For the Mastery effect, you've already mentioned that you only pay for Devil-Slaying Spear Dance's cost once, regardless of the number of enemies being rushed. Does this also apply to the resulting rush roll, i.e. do you only roll Dexterity+Athletics once (doubling 9's because of DSSD) and apply that result against all targeted enemies' opposed Dexterity+Athletics rolls, or would you roll a rush for each individual target?
Yep, you just make one roll.

If the former, does this count as a single rush or multiple rushes for the purposes of gaining Initiative from Golden Janissary Form or other Charms that may care about successfully rushing an opponent (i.e., do I gain 1 Initiative per individual target that I successfully rush or do I gain maximum 1 Initiative from the Form)?
It only counts as one.

When during the series of attacks does one earn all of this Initiative? DSSD gives you 1 Initiative for each 1 in the rushed opponent's roll and Golden Janissary Form grants it in whatever way you answer the above paragraph. Do you gain all of it before any attack is rolled, or do you gain each batch as you rush each of your targets?
Before you make any attacks.

Finally, I assume that each of these decisive attack's accuracy rolls is meant to be rolled separately, as they are separate attacks, thus meaning that any Charm enhancements to them need to be paid separately. Is this correct?

EDIT: Whoops, one more: I assume that you get to choose the order of these attacks and that you would end the sequence in close range of your final target, correct?

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/3/2019
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Does the current lack of a Solar Dodge Charm that negates undogeable without using SSE impact your feeling on intention? Charms like Rumor of Form and Vaporous Division, if taken as written, are the only other way to help mitigate undodgeable attacks for Dodge Solars while SSE is recharging (if they can even get it to recharge that scene).
No. I'm just trying to interpret the language of the Charms in the way that I think makes the most sense and best fits the original intention so that people have a reference point to go off of.

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Hopping Firecracker Evasion lets you move when an attack against you fails by 2 or more.

Does this let you move away from an enemy at close range, without the need for a disengage action/roll? If so, can we assume this applies to similar charms?
Yes. The need to disengage only applies to the standard "reflexive movement" action you can take on your turn, not reflexive movement created by Charms like Hopping Firecracker Evasion or Leaping Dodge Method.

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Do Seven Shadow Evasion, Rumor of Form, and Vaporous Division function against Undodgable Attacks?
Seven Shadow Evasion, yes. Rumor of Form and Vaporous Division, I'm iffy on—while they don't explicitly specify that you have to have asserted your Evasion against the attack, I suspect that was the intent.

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Will lunars have a merit that changes their legs and makes them inherently faster than normal?
Like giving them the feet of a cheetah or something
There's plenty of mutations to use in building your hybrid form.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/2/2019
Originally posted by limaxophobiac View Post
Also after searching for ways dump anima for Supremacy of War Meditation, I notice what seems to be a pretty broken combo with the Luminous Soul Warden evocation of Brilliant Sentinel, which lets you reflexively vent and restore your anima from dim to iconic. Am I misreading something or is the no-shenanigans rule the only thing standing between me never-ending 3-mote full brawl excellencies?
As written, yeah, it works the way you think it does.