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[#][F] Holden - 9/3/2013
BrilliantRain wrote:
Holden wrote:
The way to break Burn Legend, we discovered, is to roll an Okami, stock as much weight as you can on one Attribute, and then pick your Techniques at random so that not even you can predict your own strategy. This will win fights, but also ruin everyone's fun, so if you see a player gearing up for this-- look out.

...Really? How does that work?

Due to Attribute stacking almost all his Clash pools are decent-to-strong, as he's focused his Techniques as much as he can on one Attribute. You can't hard-counter him with skill for being repetitive because he's pulling techniques at random. Sometimes he'll pull a crap Basic Technique that doesn't match his big Attribute, or the dice will just hate him, but overall the odds are in his favor and the player psychology element that counters randomness is totally removed.

My suggested counter if you find a player doing this is to ask him what move he played before you turn the cards over, and if he can't tell you, cut his Clash Pool in half.

[#][F] Holden - 9/2/2013
The way to break Burn Legend, we discovered, is to roll an Okami, stock as much weight as you can on one Attribute, and then pick your Techniques at random so that not even you can predict your own strategy. This will win fights, but also ruin everyone's fun, so if you see a player gearing up for this-- look out.

[#][F] RichT - 9/1/2013
OK gang, this seems to have turned into a thread that is creating more concerns than there were before. I realize that the sheer size of the Kickstarter brings up a lot of speculation and makes it seem like there's a big money pile that Onyx has that we can all roll around in, but as several folks have said here, we actually do not even have the amount that was pledged because of fees to Amazon/KS and the license fee to CCP. Then there are the printing- and more heavily, the shipping- costs, for the physical Deluxe books, screens, and the map, which is really how most of those dollars were pledged and that they are earmarked for. Then, we deliberately used a very large part of the remaining pledge money towards creating the Stretch Goal projects in order to expand the sorts of extra projects for Exalted 3rd that we wouldn't have OK'd for a standard release. For example, doing an Exalted novel now that our access to fiction selling venues is limited (but it is an area we are ramping up) would not have been cost effective, but doing it during a KS makes perfect sense as the costs are covered up front and the fiction is going automatically right to the folks who will most enjoy it. So when Ian says we're sure there's an amount left over, and really guesses on the amount, that just means that yes, we have planned on AN amount past the known expenses and possible inflation of expenses (particularly shipping, again) as profit.

As for project planning, there seems to be a misunderstanding here that there are NO deadlines and we just let stuff happen like in a magical pixie land of creativity. My point is, and has been from Onyx's conception, is that we are not allowing the deadlines to determine creative decisions- not that we don't have them. We have spreadsheets, we have kanban boards, we have several of us monitoring and double-checking where things stand on a weekly and when stressed, daily, basis. We make schedules based on standard times for each of the stages of a project, and then as those projects evolve, I try and keep all of you up to date with the weekly Monday Meeting Notes on the WWBlogs.

Finally, no, we are not simply letting any of our Devs indulge themselves with far too perfect perfectionism. Setting back a schedule has to be justified and agreed on by me, and while I am erring on the side of the creative impulse angels in most cases right now, it is not just done without review of the ramifications. This delay on EX3 is a perfect example where the Gen Con meeting was a Big Event once the Devs broached their concerns about the Charms.

Hope that helps!

[#][F] Holden - 9/1/2013
The estimations keep being off, incidentally, because this is a bigger and more complicated project than any previous White Wolf effort that I'm aware of. It has every single challenge of the simul-launch of the nWoD corebook and the Requiem corebook, and then a whole lot more on top of that. Imagine if they'd tried to to a simultaneous release of the nWoD core, Requiem, Forsaken, and Awakening, with two people running the show on all four books, and you're getting into the right ballpark.

And we want to do it right.

[#][F] Holden - 8/31/2013
MissMaddy wrote:
My argument is not, in fact, that OPP should and can hire a 'full time project management consultant'.

It is that they have more than enough money to pay somebody to look at a piece of paper labeled 'DEADLINES' and call the numbers on that list once a day.

Right now, the same guy who is meeting the deadlines is apparently the guy who is enforcing them.

When I observed this, the counter was 'they can't afford to get two people to do this'.

Just like Holden does above, when this was put forward as an idea it was assumed that a highly trained management professional would be necessary for this delicate task -- obviously, you need a dedicated, Harvard-graduate 100K-a-year-salary valedictorian!

That's ridiculous for several reasons.

The earlier post I made about 'spicing up Maddy's arguments' to make them easier to deflect applies here.

If we have an extra year-working-at-starbucks level salary sitting around in extra KS cash, I'd rather it go to paying say, me, than some dude whose job it is to hassle me about deadlines without understanding the project in question. Just saying.

[#][F] Holden - 8/31/2013
MissMaddy wrote:
Several people seem to want to extend my statements into more extreme arguments that are easier to dismantle. That's a pretty common tactic in debates on this forum I find.

However, it's pretty clear to anybody reading the thread that my point was simple - 'They Have Enough Money'

Specifically, it was 'they have enough money to hire a full-time project management consultant' which ahahahahahahahahaha

[#][F] Holden - 8/31/2013
Capybara! wrote:
MabsWinterKnight wrote:
Talam wrote:
Synapse wrote:
Here's a very simple resume of why management doesn't just add people to the crew or open a tester program (i don't care what your sarcasm detectors read, folks, because this is written in all seriousness): Shit is hard.

Mmhmm. Not to mention that being able to estimate and set accurate project deadlines, with time set aside for contingencies and general crisis management, is a marketable skill. A good project consultant is highly paid and worth it. OP doesn't have the resources for it in terms of staff or money.

Most. Well-Funded. RPG. Kickstarter. Ever.

They had the money.

Out of all the money that is raised in a Kickstarter, "profit" occupies only a tiny percentage, and OPP would have been drawing directly from that profit to do what you're saying--to find an entirely new person and put them on the bankroll just to give projected deadlines some official weight, when they have explicitly said that they don't want to give projected deadlines official weight, and when they probably have plenty of other ways they probably want to invest in their tiny burgeoning company of such few expendable resources that they haven't even bought back all of their intellectual property from White Wolf.

Edit: Ugh, and of course three seconds later Maddy posts the exact opposite thing and makes a way stronger argument. What do I even have to give you, internet.
Double Edit: yay, someone else is pitching in and saying what I want to say only competently. I can thank their posts and contribute to the conversation vicariously. Everyone better have downloaded that greasemonkey script or I'm gonna be pissed.
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E13: That probably should have just been a post but I don't want to interrupt.
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E22: LC, it might help you to know that 420 pages cost a lot more than they did in the '70's. Or at least that's what my step-grandmother always says. (not the one on the phone she is super religious but I love her she is the ultimate "sweet old lady" kinda person)
E23: "Half a thousand" is kind of a stilted way of saying it but wow yeah that's a lot
E24: Okay guys this debate is losing steam I think I'll rocket off but thank you for listening (If no one else is listening than at least I did. Thanks, Capybara! Okay good, we're good.)

also it is important to note that Capybara! rules.

[#][F] Holden - 8/31/2013
Blaque wrote:
I think part of a dislike of open development has been a general way in which the audience has reacted to whatever has been shown. Now it might be a specific loud few individuals who do this, but they seem uninterested in feedng them. I have also gathered there is general skepticism when it concerns the success of open playtest things like D&DN.

And stuff.

The general OPP attitude where the 20th anniversary WoD books are concerned is "we're bringing back what are essentially your games now, so you tell us what you want to see." That's not the philosophy of EX3-- we want to delight and surprise and reinvigorate. Different project, different goals, different methods. Open development just invites everyone to elect themselves assistant developer-- it's the point of open development. We neither want nor need that.

Everyone will have their chance to help refine the project during that month long backer PDF release at the end, anyway, so the book ultimately benefits from a best-of-both-worlds treatment.

[#][F] RichT - 8/29/2013
I love it! With these ten ideas we can't lose! How about we add some Gnomes too?

I'll insist to David that we make these changes- genius!

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 8/24/2013
There are better ways to handle the issue than go through the threat list systematically and apply principle 1 and principle 2 to each of them. Remember when the Ebon Dragon loved everything fated to die?

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 8/24/2013
I thought revealing the super-cool villain as not actually cool at all and indeed kinda lame was cool the first, oh, two times he did it, I'll admit.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 8/24/2013
the_eye wrote:
With all due respect, the delays and deadline pushback is getting ridiculous. Normally, I would go along, but this is a book that was supposed to have been out in december of 2012. Why even post schedules if you're going to ignore it? I'm just disappointed that's all.

Schedule has to go through CCP approval, that can take a while. Then, to revise it, it has to go through CCP approval again, which takes a while. Meanwhile, stuff happens.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 8/24/2013
Neph did the GSPs. Devil-Tigers/Heretics were mostly Holden.

[#][F] RichT - 8/24/2013
I was thinking Blanka as inspiration at least...just blanked on his actual pose.

[#][F] RichT - 8/24/2013
You had me worried there for a second, Jim. But yeah, no one volunteered to be Chun-Li.