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[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
Lunars shapechanging into trees and gods is sort of like Solars slipping outside of fate with high-Essence Stealth Charms -- it's a thing they can do, but it's not really something they're naturally attuned to. Just because you can learn a Charm to turn into a tree doesn't mean turning into a tree then expands everything your fundamental magical abilities can do.

(Lunars probably shouldn't be able to make demon-blooded people by doing the beastman-with-two-backs while wearing demon form, either.)

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
(Actually, here's an interesting question: When we say "The Great Contagion killed 90% of everything," do we mean the disease itself killed 90% of everything and then social and ecological collapse would have killed a bunch more stuff on top of it, and the Fair Folk invasion killed even more, or do we mean that the Great Contagion the historical phenomenon, including the accompanying Fair Folk invasion and social and ecological collapse, killed 90% of everything? More and more I am leaning toward the latter.)

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
I suppose there isn't actually any rule against taking a concubine into the Wyld and then using Laurel and Hardy Method to take the form of the tree from Evil Dead. Presumably events proceed naturally from there, although I would rather not picture the problems with splinters.

If you prefer men, take the form of a tree with a knothole in it.

Really this doesn't bear thinking about.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
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Why is that (once again) no community members of good mechanics standing weren't invited to participate?
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Isn't Lioness in on the playtesting? Every now and then she mentions something about wanting to post but she's under an NDA.
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Several people are.

They are all under NDA.
Welp, there's your answer!

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
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Well, better late than never.

Incidentally, this reminds me of a discussion pertaining to postmodern analysis of the matter of disease killing a Ramses.
That's about as relevant a quote as you can apply to this discussion. Thanks.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
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What about the unseen biological agents of decay? You could get infected from detritivores! And then you would rot not at all to the perceptions of most.
There's some truth to that, but even if 9/10 decomposer lifeforms die out (they did), their generations are so short and post-Contagion Creation was such a resource-rich environment that it took almost no time for their populations to bounce back.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
After the Great Contagion, Creation looked like the setting of Fallout, basically.

I mean, the Black Plague created some social change by thinning out the peasants and making peasant labor so valuable that some places started effectively enslaving them while others started competing on "Come tend our fields, we'll treat you better than the guys in the next castle over!" but entrenched power structures and political systems had to adapt because they survived to adapt. The Great Contagion, which was socially and historically inseparable from the invasion of the Fair Folk that accompanied it, was the death of a civilization. Society during the Shogunate was so different that stories set during it are in entirely different genres. The impact of the Great Contagion was this: It's what turned Creation into the swords and sandals pulp savage adventure setting it is today.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
Keep in mind that the base-level magic in a daiklave makes it light enough that you can make it huge and swing it with gigantic momentum, and indestructible enough that you can make the edge arbitrarily sharp without worrying about it cracking or shattering the moment it touches anything, but the actual superiority of a daiklave over a sword comes from the mass and sharpness. The magic's in support of that but doesn't contribute to the deadliness directly.

An artifact knife that's sized like an actual knife could be arbitrarily sharp, but would not benefit from the "Momentum of a backhoe blade swung a hundred miles an hour" thing that is the hallmark of most artifact weapons.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
90% of everything. Not 90% of people, 90% of everything.

(This is why all the various history chapters talking about nations trying to isolate and blockade themselves to keep the infection away make me scratch my head -- you can catch the Great Contagion from infected grass. If you rely on fish for your food, and you are out catching fish, you will catch it from fish. Unless you can keep tiny birds and insects from bypassing your quarantine, you will catch it from tiny birds and insects.)

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
(Part of my bias against magic bullshit diseases is that I'm pretty sure we're not capable of coming up with off-the-cuff magic bullshit diseases that behave in fashions more interesting than actual real diseases do in real life. "Cholera happens when you let criminals bathe in your water" works way better as something people believe about cholera, which is wrong, than it works as an actual in-setting cholera fact.)

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
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My take on the whole thing is that, if you perform medical care on someone based on the internal flows of essence through their body according to some derivation of Five Element Theory, that should work, because Creation runs on essence and stuff.

However, that doesn't necessarily have to invalidate operating on someone via the germ theory of disease or cellular mechanics or whatever. Just, most people in Creation would be much more likely to go after five element theory first, since that's probably the general wisdom and, even if you've studied First Age Medical Manuals, they're probably going to teach all of it, since the five element theory was probably devised first.
Oh, yeah, conventional medicine in Creation is often going to be about essence flows and things, like, it's going to discuss real medical phenomena in the context of some sort of elemental essence flow theory, and it's going to be highly developed in a way that both works and harmonizes well with medical magic, which actually does run on essence flows. Maybe they'll talk about how cleanliness is important because its opposite creates disorder and invites malign influences, which is, uh, literally true.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
Incidentally you can very easily have plant-people and fungus-people via Wyld influence or the influence of strong elemental essence. I don't think it's appropriate for Lunars.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
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Either way, I think it's probably best if the books don't actually discuss germ theory and such either way.
Indeed. It would be just as bad for the books to explicitly confirm it as explicitly deny it. However, when describing the setting, it is more useful for authors to look at actual behavior of actual diseases when describing how diseases work than to start thinking "Diseases in Creation don't work according to germ theory, so I don't need to do research."

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 1/13/2014
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Personally I would never take a solution which require me to demand that my players don't care about the world of our game.
You misunderstand the way in which I mean "Don't care." Go read She Who Lives In Her Name's description in Games of Divinity, and pay attention to the bit where she broke three of her spheres against Creation and diminished it. That was an awesome bit of background fluff up until the very moment people started caring about it and calling it the Three Spheres Cataclysm and extrapolating from it, at which point it started ruining things. Does this mean it never should have been printed? No, because it's great in the context in which it initially appears. It means people shouldn't have started caring about it.

Likewise, Creation runs on germ theory, and that's great. But it's not relevant. Making a bit deal out of it is going to cause problems. Swapping it out for something that's safe to make a big deal out of is going to cause even bigger problems, because whatever you replace it with is going to be some stupid-ass shit. And, I'm sorry not sorry to say, if you insist that everything in the setting should be something you can make a big deal out of, you're going to have a dumb cartoon setting in about five seconds.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/13/2014
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I am weeping openly.
Come on, Holden. Downward Fire, a barnacle-totem Lunar who leads a roving barbarian tribe of syphilis-men. Tell me that's not the sickest shit ever.