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[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 11/6/2013
I think there's a sort of misunderstanding about what ronin are here, also a misunderstanding about what Sidereals are and why they work for the Bureau of Destiny.

Most Sidereals work for the Bureau of Destiny because they want to work for the Bureau of Destiny, because they're found when they're babies and carefully raised, not in Heaven, but in Creation communities with lives and childhoods managed by divine and Sidereal minders who work behind the scenes, Truman Show style, to ensure that the child grows up with the sort of upbringing that will forge them into the sort of people who want to work for the Bureau of Destiny. This is not, precisely, evil -- it's a job that needs doing, and it comes with fantastic rewards, and also Sidereals suffer from the Arcane Fate which means that only other Sidereals and high-Essence gods will ever be able to be proper peers. When they finally come of age and realize that everything in their life up until that moment has lead up to their Exaltation and the beginning of their great work, a reaction like "Oh my god you've been manipulating me to be complicit in your evil schemes this whole time, my entire life has been a lie!" is very uncommon. What mostly happens is they get that hero moment where they realize that they're the heroes of destiny and their patrons have been watching over them and ensuring they learn the right lessons, and now they're finally ready to assume the awesome responsibility of protecting the world. It's like something out of a fantasy book or story where the predestined hero realizes he's the chosen one. (That this position comes with a mansion in Heaven and access to the best food and prostitutes doesn't make the decision to embrace their new roles harder).

Ronin aren't Sidereals who aren't found when they're babies. I mean, that's probably happened! A couple of times! I'm going to say, oh, a dozen times in the history of Creation, and at least half of those were in the wake of the Usurpation. There are probably five-hundred or a thousand-year stretches in Creation's history where there are absolutely no ronin like that is alive.

Most ronin are Sidereals who have left the Bureau for personal reasons, grown disillusioned with Heavenly politics, abandoned the patronage of their, uh, patrons, and gone into Creation to find their own way.

To be clear the Bureau of Destiny is not Treadstone or Blackbriar and ronin Sidereals are not Jason Bourne. They're not hunted like fugitives except for the ones who actually do go ronin because they're fugitives. The Fivescore Fellowship is a tightly-knit peer group, because they all work together and they all suffer the Arcane Fate, so they can't have meaningful, lasting relationships outside of each other. If a family member leaves, reactions are mixed -- some relatives will turn their back, some will hope they return, some will respect their decision, some will try to convince them they're wrong, some will maintain covert ties while pretending to be just as alienated as the rest of the family. Many Sidereals who go ronin come back on their own, eventually. Ten years, fifty years, they find themselves, or they accomplish what they set out to do, or they realize they were wrong, or they just get lonely; they establish ties again and report back to work. That this is a thing that happens is taken into account when the Fellowship decides how to react to a new Sidereal going ronin.

[#][F] John Mørke - 11/6/2013
In the current build, necromancy is a style of sorcery that produces some unique spells.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 11/6/2013
Originally posted by Oriares View Post

I think Stephen is going by the Caste nickname: Bronze Tiger, Golden Bull, Copper Spider, Iron Wolf, Quicksilver Falcon.
Indeed. Castebook: Dawn gave us Tiger Style, so a good portion of the fanbase took that to mean we'd get the other four "basic" celestial animal styles in the other castebooks and they'd be Bull, Spider, Wolf, and Falcon. That would have been neat! But it never happened, and to this day we still do not have a good spread of basic celestial animal styles.

On that note, things like Wolf Pack Style always seem like terrible ideas to me, because I feel we need that basic spread of celestial animal styles and have forever. Just do a Wolf Style and have it be the pack tactic martial art; you don't need to specify Wolf Pack Style in the name. But nobody wants to write those; they all want to write the special snowflake styles.

EDIT: I remember when Peter Schaefer visited me at my house shortly before the publication of Scroll of the Monk (before we knew that would be a debacle) and he was all excited about something he did. "I wrote four new celestial martial arts for Scroll of the Monk; they're awesome!" he said. And my immediate retort was "Are they Bull, Spider, Wolf, and Falcon?" And I could see the disappointment and shame in his face as he realized the full implication of my question, measured it against what he did, and replied "No, but that would have been better."

(He was talking about the Four Arguments of Virtue. They're pretty cool! But the game needs a basic set of animal styles more than it needs those.)

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/5/2013
Originally posted by The MG View Post
Just by reading this, I pictured a Lunar shedding their tattoos like blood (splattering those around them) to enter some kind of protean super mode.

(not hinting at anything, just really dig that scene)

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/5/2013
"That never were" and "that could be" are, at this point, one and the same. ^_^

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/5/2013
Originally posted by Durabys View Post
I have a question about Asna Firstborn's power over the Loom. Is she capable to cut off a Sidereal from the Loom and deprive him/hem of most of the their Exaltions tricks, charms and astrology? Or will a Sidereal blast away any such attempt with anti-shaping defences?
Speaking in generalities, you probably won't see an entity who has "flip off all of an Exalted's cool stuff by remote control" among their powers.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 11/5/2013
Bull, Spider, Wolf, and Falcon styles appropriate to Zeniths, Twilights, Nights, and Eclipses, to go along with Tiger Style in the Dawn Caste book.

(Really I just want a good spread of boring Celestial animal styles so the weirdo shit doesn't seem to outnumber them.)

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
A hallowed recipe from the depths of my hard drive.

take a bigass bag of oreos, put them in a ziploc, and crush them. crush them real good.
take a mixer and fluff up some softened cream cheese
once fluffy, add the oreos and mix them up some more.
let that chill in a freezer for a bit, then take it and roll the mix into little balls
melt up some almond bark and semisweet morsels and dip the oreo balls in the melted chocolate
then let those chill a bit. keep them in a freezer.
what you get is a hellishly decadent oreo-cheesecake ball covered in chocolate
you can tool around with this of course, however you like
crushed reeses pieces also work hella awesome

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
Originally posted by The MG View Post
Nnngg. Why does Youtube contain every possible audio track of Evangelion but the Japanese one?
That's Youtube's dukkha attribute in action!

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
Originally posted by Ares View Post
I made a brutal tiger Lunar brawler once.
I'd like to resurrect him for 3rd edition.
I think he will dig getting a chance to sink his claws into the new Tiger Style. ^_^

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
Originally posted by While My Guitar View Post
How does an Infernal Monster Stylist eat his soup anyway?
Like this.

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
Originally posted by Drecain View Post
Is the "hug-your-opponent-and-oops-their-resist-poison-rolls-just-got-ten-times-as-difficult" charm still in black claw? The wording of that charm was hilarious in 2E
The mechanics are slightly different to account for 3E's momentum-based combat, but yeah.

Does Coffee exist in Creation? (I've always imagined Chirascuro as having coffee shops the same way as the Isle and the East have tea houses...

Paging Eric Minton! Eric Minton to the thread, stat!

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
Originally posted by Jen View Post
I wonder if the poisonous style in Ex3 will still be Ill Lily. I never like the style very much, thought I don't know if the reason is because of the style itself or "Lol Scroll of the Monk"
Snake and Black Claw both have some poisonous Charms. Ill Lily will probably return in a severely overhauled form, though, so maybe you can learn to love it.

[#][F] Holden - 11/4/2013
RPDom is pretty awesome.

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/4/2013
Originally posted by Gayo View Post
You could always explain the necessary concepts in a broad sense without using specific terms!
Okay, so basically, you fuck some people's shit up. With a sword.