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Ask the Devs 5201 6 Hours ago The Demented One
2e: Biggest problems fix ? 3 4 Days ago Stephen Lea Sheppard
Speculating on the content of "Lunars: Fangs at the Gate" 15 4 Days ago The Demented One
Lunars Playtest 11 8/3/2018 The Demented One
I draw your characters maybe 12 8/2/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Developer interview on Onyx Path podcast 2 7/30/2018 Eric Minton
Third edition: Solars past lives 2 7/29/2018 Eric Minton
Gay arranged marriages 3 7/27/2018 Eric Minton
New Things Monthly 1 7/24/2018 The Demented One
Ledaal Hyper Shikari 1 7/24/2018 The Demented One
Sorcery vs. Demonology 1 7/20/2018 The Demented One
What Animal Styles do you want to see? 7 7/17/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
What's the point of firewands? 4 7/15/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Caul-ing for help: Solars in the Caul 1 7/9/2018 Eric Minton
Razor Wire Gloves - artifact or martial art? 1 6/26/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
E2 - Was the Gem of Immortality an innovation of the last years of the High FA? 4 6/25/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
A SFW thread where I read Arms of the Chosen to find: The perfect sword boyfriend! 1 6/21/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Gunstar Autocthon - What can you do with a captured Adorjan? 1 6/17/2018 The Demented One
Exalted Dev Diary 9 6/7/2018 Eric Minton
Tell me about Half-Caste characters 2 6/7/2018 The Demented One
(2e) What happens if I detonate a protoshinmaic vortex in a shadowland? 1 6/4/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Ghost Dogs and Fate 1 5/30/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Solar firewand charms 2 5/24/2018 The Demented One
Solar firewand charms 1 5/24/2018 The Demented One
First Age 4 5/18/2018 The Demented One