What do I need to know / have to run Fair Folk antagonists?

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What I keep in mind when rolelaying a raksha is that, beneath whatever layers of artifice they put up, they are fundamentally a predatory being at their core. All the Amber-style court politics and metanarrative stuff is secondary to that. They're weird predators who feed in weird ways we wouldn't call eating, so it's possible to make them more or less sympathetic, but at the end of the day even the most altruistic raksha has gotta eat.

The Raksha Charms in the antagonist section draw inspiration from classic fairytales, mythology and the uncanny logic of dreams and nightmares. It's a very rich vein of imagery.

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I think the one difficulty I've run into with them is that their charms are costed in a different way from Spirits, and it seems better to try to cost them like Exalted charms. Not the same effects obviously, but yeah.
Spirits have really huge Essence pools compared to Exalted/Raksha, and get higher mote costs as a result of that.

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Do you have any suggested metric or rule of thumb for the increase? Obviously you get big powers that will cost something like 10 motes, but for the little one that might do something like grant an auto-success and reroll 1s, and that might cost 3 for an Exalt/Raksha, should you generally do something like double the cost? 3m becomes 6m with an additional cost potentially?
Cheap and dirty method: look at the difference between the mote pools as a ratio, multiply the cost by that.

This won't work perfectly, but it's unlikely to break anything if you're running the game.

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I'm curious about the design choices behind this. Is there a reason for why it's so much higher, but their charms are worth more? Is it so they run out of Essence faster? / Can't get back as much in combat?
Spirits have the added complication of materialization costs. A blood ape guard chilling outside a fortress will have their full mote pool; a blood ape that materializes out of the shadows to ambush you has half of that. Increasing mote pool size and Charm cost for them gives you more knobs to tweak in balancing that dichotomy.

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If I remember right, places like Yu-Shan and Spirit Sanctums don't have the material/immaterial divide (or they do but everyone there gets in the same state so it doesn't matter). If so, this makes the spirits a lot more dangerous if you challenge them in their Sanctums.
As it probably should be.

Also, Elementals are naturally material (and most can't dematerialize). How does that affect their charm cost?
They still have higher mote costs (and lots of non-mote costs, like Initiative and Willpower). It's the giant mote pool that necessitates the higher costs, not just being able to dematerialize.

I guess we could have given elementals different mote pool calculations than the rest of the spirits, but I doubt that would have been worth the hink of complexity.

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Hey, Vance, while you're here: was Alveua's Plague of Shining Insects Charm supposed to have the Eclipse keyword? It lists a PC-appropriate dice pool.
I think it was originally written with the keyword—hence the dice pools—but that was later removed.