Do/Will/Should Exigents have Castes?

[#][F] The Demented One - 12/21/2016
Many Exigents are unique one-offs, in which case Castes/Aspects/etc. wouldn't make a sense at all.

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​Is the word Architect equivalent to Lawgiver, or to Solar?
Architect is the equivalent of Solar.

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If you look closely at the blurb for Revana Quin it implies she might actually be the Exalted Of The God Of Cities In General. It would make sense that this god might have used the exigence multiple times on behalf of his various terrestrial-divinity subordinates.

I expect we'll get Architects and maybe a few other "exigent types" written up as mini-splats in the exigents book.
Revana and other Architects are the Chosen of Wun Ja, God of the Shining Metropolis (at least, as I conceived them). She's detailed in Second Edition—I think the Compassbook for Yu-Shan? She went unmentioned because I wanted to avoid people confusing Wu-Jian/Wun Ja.

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Is it possible, in theory, to have a group of Exigents who share the same origination
Yes, though they're in the minority.

as such, could have Castes or such?
They could have Castespects, or they could not. It depends on what fits that type of Exigent and their divine patron best—I wouldn't give them Castes unless I felt I had really good concepts for them.