[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/20/2017
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Upon binding these elementals his exact conditions for them is that they are bound to serve him in anyway he desires & they must not interact with anything with a soul unless told otherwise by him with self defense being the only exception....
It's worth clarifying that this is "year and a day" binding rather than task binding, because "do whatever I desire" is a non-specific task.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/20/2017
With regard to souls, I can't think offhand of any creature in the setting with the power to detect whether something has a soul. So either the summoner explains what sorts of beings fall under that rubric, or the elementals will be left to guess what's intended of them.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/20/2017
also technically humans have two souls and thus do not have "a soul" and are thus fair game for the elementals to interact with

tee hee hee

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​Now I'm thinking that something to put up against the idea of bound demons or elementals following the spirit of their orders has them spending time in a bit of confusion over what the spirit of their orders actually was.
In all fairness, if the summoner has a specific intent behind that wording, the summoned creatures should understand it. In this case, I'm pretty sure this is a case of the summoner meaning "human beings" and trying to be overly specific — likely out of the belief that they'll have their wording twisted by the elementals / the ST.

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How many spirits can a single sorcerer have bound to him at any given time?

I ask because i gave my group 1 months worth of down time in game to allow them some character development out of play...
Usually this is represented as some sort of montage where they explain what they spend their experience on & how they spend their free time.

One player spent the entire month summoning as many elemental's as he could which worries me he might be building a powerful army very early on as we are only
4 sessions in...

A battle group of a couple dozen elementals is nice, but not really world-shaking or anything.