Exalted..... without exalts

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/11/2017
My last Ex3 game had a Circle, some minor volcano gods, a plague, spirits, and a Liminal (some enemies, some not). As ST you control the power level and you don't have to remove the Exalts in order to keep the scope small. The launch straight into Yozis and Underworld and so on is a trope associated with a style of play, not 'the one true way to play Exalts'. You mentioned SV and it is something of a fasination there, that doesn't actually reflect Creation or Ex3 to be honest. Doesn't make it bad by any means! Just a very specific style and preference that you don't have to follow.

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/12/2017
Everyone has their preferences. Mine is for spelling things incorrectly because I have 'stupid fingers'.

But there is a tendency for communities to focus in on certain aspects of Creation and Exalted in general. Here it can feel ALL REALM ALL THE TIME (which is yay for me), other places are heavy on the West, or Lintha. It is not a judgement on thise folks but Malfeas definitely does not have to appear in your game and you definitely don't need to go punch demons, or harness them, or change reality, unless you want to. Exalted has room for all of this!

[#][F] Lucy Darling - 2/12/2017
...I can't believe I did it again. Honestly. Where is the Robot Devil when you need him?

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I'm glad some of the writers acknowledge that not every group has to play the same way. I've gotten the impression that a lot of the changes in 3rd edition were about consciously preventing styles of game the devs didn't like- "some storytellers made the characters' past incarnations a big part of the story, so ex3 won't mention them in the corebook at all", "some storytellers made the game all about saving the world from apocalypses so ex3 won't suggest any apocalypse scenarios, even explicitly-only-possible-if-the-storyteller-wants-it-to-be ones like the Reclamation", etc.
...I play with the Devs mate, I work with 'em and I write with 'em. That was not at all part of their 'motif' for game design.