What would a French braid be, in Creation?

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 3/13/2017
It'd be a French braid, because people in Creation don't speak English and "French braid" is the English term for whatever the hell they call that in, I dunno, Riverspeak.

Yeah, there's tons of those. The only ones really worth fixing are the ones where fixing it says something about the setting, like how Creation has blue light districts instead of red light districts on account of how the Maiden of Serenity's associated color is cerulean.

(See also: Creation's years have more days than Earth years, and its days are the same length as Earth days, and yet a sixteen-year-old is a sixteen-year-old and a ninety-year-old is a ninety-year-old because Jesus Christ can you imagine having to do that sort of math conversion every time you describe a character's age?)