I got my book! It's super fancy and I can't read the cover!

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Correct. My copy has black leather, and has different glyphs on the plate.

Good News! I believe I have translated the first four glyphs!

"Kome oho newo era." = "Come oh new era."

It's a work in progress.
You go! Go! Go!!!!!!!!

[#][F] RichT - 3/31/2017
Sure, you can post a pic of the cover. The thing is, I redid almost all of the glyphs so they'd be more fantastic and less mesoamerican. So some are pretty similar to what we had before, but others are way different. The structure still works the same way as in the past, though.

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For image hosting, I generally use Imgur.com.

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Any chance of the updated glyphs turning up in a blog post or the like in the near future? It seems like the kind of content that makes people happy for a bit. Might even get some creative software types to try and create image working routines and/or phonetic systems to make an automatic translator to old realm.
In the near future? No, I want backers who got the O Edition to have a chance to decipher it if they want. Later? Absolutely.

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Be perfecty honest, I like the more Mesoamerican look in general, but htis cleaned up look for a cover is nice.

I also wish I had an extra couple hundred during the KS to get this verson :P

And stuff.
Seriously? You couldn't let us have fun with the new symbols without basically just telling me I wasted three weeks of work redesigning them?

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He's not saying it looks awful - he even said it looks good as a cover.
No, he is specifically referring to my post about changing the symbols from the mesoamerican to something more fantastic and that he prefers the original glyphs rather than the ones I worked up specifically to better fit Exalted. There is no reason at all to give that opinion in this thread. Nobody asked for a critique, folks were having fun deciphering them.

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No. They said they preferred the Mesoamerican symbols, they also said that the work (the 3 weeks of effort and such) you did was so superb that it transcended their preference regardless and they think your version is the best one for the deluxe cover. To the point they wish they could throw a couple hundred dollars at you to get the point home. Presumably they felt this before you decided to take a bite out of them and make the thread awkward.

What is a matter with you? It seems recently that every thread that has the slightest, faintest hint of not 100% praise you act in a way that is shocking. Could you just not?
That's a lovely interpretation, but simply not what was said. "Be perfecty honest, I like the more Mesoamerican look in general, but htis cleaned up look for a cover is nice." does not contain anything of the sentiment or meaning you're reading into it. In a thread that was about deciphering the glyphs and where I thought it might help folks to know that there have been deliberate changes and why, there was no reason to apply any kind of critical commentary. None.

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Rich, don't you think you're overreacting a little bit? It was an offhand comment. He just said he preferred the other look. That's barely criticism. I don't really understand why you seem pissed about it.
Because there was no need for ANY criticism here. I don't care if he or everyone prefers the old glyphs, that's not the issue. The issue is posting about it in a thread that isn't about opinions on the look of the glyphs. When other Exalted fans tell you they don't post in this forum because they are afraid of being ripped apart, that they feel like anything here just gets hyper-criticized, then that is a problem and this right here is an example of it. I'm trying not to post this in a way that directly attacks anyone, but just look at the defensive behavior going on because I didn't just laugh it off but protested as a creator.

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You do realise that the only thing that soured this thread full of excited fans essentially doing ARG levels of homework and note sharing was you deciding that anything beside praise was something anathema to the conversation?

The most common complaint I hear about this forum, and what kept me from joining after the switch over from WW, was hearing that idea or posts made that werent "Good Advertising" were unwelcome. That this place is a glorified posterchild for selling product rather then a community of fans with differing opinions and ideas.

On the eve of the whole community being incredibly positive and engaging with the new devs after Years of...what was before...It just is shocking to see every/any possible level of criticism to be attacked by a person of authority like this. It's distasteful.
You're ignoring my reasons and instead are repeatedly attacking me and our forum moderation policies. All because I objected to a comment that I felt was unnecessary and essentially thread crapping. Yes, the reaction here and elsewhere to our changes has been uniformly positive, which has been awesome, but even then we had to stop a few posters from falling back into old habits because we absolutely do not want a fourth set of developers driven from our very own forums. This should be home base for our creators where they can trade ideas with our most devoted Exalted fans.

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It's in response to them being changed, yes. I personally prefer the rougher Mayan aesthetic, although I also like this cleaner, more fantasy one. I personally liked the rougher Mayan look myself since it seeme dmore 1) A style fitting the langauge of the titans and 2) Exalted to me is pretty big on being a setting that draws from many places, including culutres not often seen in fantasy. The Mayan look to the original Old Realm script was done if I remember correcty by GCG because of the Old Realm itself having a bit of a Mesoamerican motif, much in the same way the Realm today has the Roman/Chinese paintjob going.

I'll note I also tried to contribute to the translation, would still of liked the book and still think the more refined/gylphy Old Realm is interesting. I just am of the opinion that it also didn't need replacing and will at least for my purposes probably end up using both, since the old one I think looks interesting for stuff like illustrations of monuments or as decorations on weapons when I do Exalted-themed art, while the latter is probably better ffor iconography like banners, books and rune circles. It's like having a new font of the old language, which I find interesting.

And stuff.
Thanks for extrapolating. I appreciate you taking the time to give your reasons behind your previous comment. I'm not sure why the previous glyph set seems rougher to you; maybe because your first exposure to this new set is with them laser etched out of metal? I assure you, the drawn new glyphs are just as rough as the ones I originally drew back in the day. I felt then, and obviously do now, that I'd copied too many of the glyphs too exactly from the Mayan (I think) sources. Exalted is its own world, not something that directly sprung from mesoamerica, so it makes no sense that their earliest writing system would be so, so close to Mayan...but time constraints prevented me from creating them from whole cloth like I did with the brush script Exalted lettering. I felt like that cheapened the reality of the Exalted world, if that makes any sense. So that's why I did think it needed replacing, and why I replaced it. And the Mayan influence is still very plainly there, from some of the base symbols that stayed the same, to the stacking of those symbols to make words. But there are a lot more monster-y looking symbols there, reflecting better, I think, the Exalted world.

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I think that they're laser-etched is what made them look pretty different. THough I do think they have this "tighter" look to them that's not necessarily a negative. One thing I have had happen in trying to do Old Realm characters before was that while they're elastic, the blcok-layout thing they have gets pretty damned unwieldy at times, especially with the silouette some blocks have. So on some level making that work better would be nice.

The laser-etching and I assume vector-based shapes also helps. THe original ones i remember in Dreams look pretty hand drawn and loose. These look tighter, but that's not necessarily a bad thing for things lin art and depctions. And in any case, I think it does look a ways nicer here htan the mock-up did.

And stuff.
And if this isn't boring/off-topic, this is a treat to talk about as the new glyphs are pretty much my only personal art contribution to EX3. I only _think_ the metal plate makers took my drawings and "vectorized" them. Pretty sure they did, at least. But what you're most likely going to see in a printed book are the same kinds of hand-drawn drawings as from back in the day when I did them because that's what I have here.

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Welcome to the internet, Rich. Might I suggest that if you're going to pop into threads about your own work, that you first take some time to do some of the following activities:

a.) Work on your guitar fretting
b.) Walking barefoot outside
c.) Washing dishes with a course scrubber
e.) Ritualistic self-flagellation

All of these activities are known to thicken your skin. It'll help when you decide to poke your head into places where people specifically congregate to give their opinions about stuff you created.
Oh, the old "it's the Internet, grow thicker skin". Well, one word for that: no. That's a well worn excuse for bad behavior and it doesn't fly here.

The fact that this thread was not about giving opinions but about translating them is actually my point.

I'm going to ask the mods to close this one down, because folks are right when they post about this being a tangent to the main idea of translating the glyphs, and we'll start a new one with that topic.