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[#][F] Eric Minton - 4/6/2017
Please find below an Arms of the Chosen sidebar on First Age Artifice. As with all previews, this material is subject to change.

Note that we are still looking to refine this sidebar. We want to make sure that everything that should be listed as First Age Artifice is covered, and that the explanations presented herein are clear. Feedback in this instance is welcome, though of course there is no guarantee that any specific reader’s feedback will be used.

(The final paragraph concerns a formatting trick to highlight relevant artifacts and save on wordcount, but it may prove unnecessary depending on how many such artifacts actually make it into the final draft.)

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First Age Artifice

By incorporating sorcery and other arcane sciences into their work, First Age artificers achieved feats beyond the grasp of latter-day smiths. This, specifically, is what is meant by First Age artifice (Exalted, pp.243-244). Then as now, most artifacts constructed in the First Age employed more straightforward techniques. First Age artifice was reserved for grand and sublime feats that could not otherwise be achieved.

Artifacts requiring Craft (First Age Artifice) include such things as warstriders, airships, powered armor, miraculous infrastructure, sophisticated siege weaponry, automata with human-level intelligence, and anything else the Storyteller feels is incompatible with the setting of the Time of Tumult.

Out of game, this subsystem supports the setting conceit that many First Age marvels could neither be maintained nor replaced after the Usurpation, and allows Solar characters to repair and rebuild a few miraculous wonders from that era without being able to casually restore the glories of the First Age singlehandedly. It also ensures that certain artifact types are sufficiently difficult to construct that characters can't build them casually, and that they are very rare in the Time of Tumult without being outright impossible to create in play. These restrictions are fuzzy and ultimately rely on Storyteller judgment.

The section mark (§) denotes an artifact requiring Craft (First Age Artifice) to manufacture and repair. As a reminder, all crafting and repairs on such artifacts must be done with white experience points.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 4/6/2017
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As a point of clarification, is the intent that this white XP requirement be used on top of the XP necessary for the Sorcerous Working included in each roll?
"All crafting and repairs must be done with white points, regardless of the artifact’s dot rating." (Exalted, p.244). This is just a reminder of what type of points to use for crafting and repairs, which always use craft experience points. It is unrelated to the sorcerous working, which uses non-crafting experience points.