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[#][F] RichT - 4/20/2017
Anathema- Yes.

Holden and John did provide those guys with text and commentary well before the launch of EX3, which is what we said we'd do. Anathema was always an independent project and it was up to them to take that info and run with it.

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As I understand it, the pay bump did not actually end up happening for at least one of the authors and is still outstanding.
If that is the case then that writer should contact Rose so we can find out why the bump was not included on that writer's pay schedule when the devs handed it in.

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Anyone know the status of the music suite? That was one of the things I thought would be cool.
Our composer is working on the final track for the Exalted types, and will then start on the "adventuring" tracks.

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I think it might be of value to not just put everything in a binary yes/no. There are "No" marks things that we have no reason to doubt will become "Yes" but have obvious reasons why they're not yet (the novels are being written, the art bump for future books can't be out until those books are actually finished), and "Yes" marks that don't actually mean a finished thing has gotten to the backers (the stuff has been sent to the Anathema team, which hasn't finished with it yet). Then there's things we don't have any solid news on, like the the essays, and some rumor mill issues regarding things like freelancers and getting the pay bump.

Reflecting on the good and bad of the list is hard when the good and bad of the list isn't as simple as a binary yes/no.
I agree in general, but specifically disagree about the Anathema goal, which is why I interjected here. We fulfilled our goal, which was to give the Anathema team everything they needed to go live with EX3. Our goal wasn't for us to make it go live, as that was always out of our hands and skillsets. The collaboration spoken about in the goal description happened, and then things changed for the Anathema team and their project.

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No, just working on it currently.

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The majority of professional illustrators I know work in colour and then have their work greyscaled for black and white books. Certainly I have seen colour originals of artworks that went into B&W Exalted books of earlier editions.

I expect the cost of a colour book is in the production phase, not commissioning.
Depending on the artist, a color commission can be double to four times more than black and white. For printing in b&w vs color, it's much the same, but then we're talking about multiplying thousands of dollars.

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The exact wording of the goal is...

I can see why people expected more. "our EX3 Dev Team will collaborate to create the Official EX3 Anathema Character Management Toolkit." to me is a promise to create something, not just collaborate with no obligation to actually get things done. I know you can split hairs on what was technically said, but I think a reasonable person's reading of this stretch goal is very different than what it is being sold as after the fact. Nowhere in this stretch goal is any wording of uncertainty, it is presented as something much more formal that it apparently was in reality. I don't see how this can simultaneously be the "Official" character creator...and also a fan project completely unrelated to any responsibility on the part of OPP, the informal nature of this relationship should have been disclosed from the get go.
It was discussed over and over in the various comments sections at the time and we and the Anathema team were as clear as anybody could have been during all the madness that was that Kickstarter about the independent nature of their project. So you _can_ read that blurb in the way some people have, but once we say that that was never the intent, it's not retconning, it's restating what was always the situation. We've learned a great deal about how to phrase Kickstarter blurbs since then.

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Are you only planning on looking at stretch goals here? Because there's more stuff that wasn't stretch goals but was still outside the scope of just the core book. Two examples are the classic PDFs, which I believe have all been delivered, and the book of extra charms, which has been released but falls short of the 50+ pages stated in the Kickstarter.
Fewer pages than estimated, but many more Charms than originally planned.

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Directly from the Kickstarter page:


And yes, an estimate is a promise. It's not an exact promise, no, but calling something an estimate is not carte blanche to put out whatever you feel like in complete disregard of the estimate.
We didn't just put out whatever we felt like, we put out the backer Charms plus a bunch of extra Charms that only were added because John Morke wanted to add them. When we estimated about a page per Charm, thus giving us 50+ as a page count estimate, we did not have any idea how the Charms would be written nor how much space they would take up. Remember, the book was not finished, it was the Charms specifically that the Devs needed to rewrite, and we were years before the text would hit layout.

But that all is immaterial to the point that this wasn't a book that we were offering based on filling page count, it was a collection of the backer Charms that came out of the rewards. So 20 pages or 100, it was going to contain as many Charms as there were backer rewards for them. And it was only offered, as an Add-on PDF, because there was so much demand for it by the other backers who didn't pledge for the Charms but wanted a chance to contribute. So it wasn't like we had the thing specced out ahead of time, it came together during the KS and after. So that estimate, was exactly that, an estimate on page count that ultimately was less pages but more Charms that originally planned.

But hey, since you feel badly about the thing, send me your PayPal info to and I'll refund your $5.

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@Whirlwind Monk Fair enough, and thanks for going over this with me. Most of all, now that we are able to get EX3 rolling again as a line, I don't want to let lingering concerns or disappointments lie without discussing them, and hopefully making backers feel a tiny bit better about how things went. Thanks!