Ghosts of Exalted

[#][F] Eric Minton - 5/6/2017
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Sounds sorta right. In the First Age I'm sure the Exalted did make sure they themselves at least didn't rise, but then again the First Age lasted a while so that would mean there would be plenty. In the current Age the Realm would prevent it's own DBs from rising, but only if they get proper funerals. But, Anathema put down may not get respectful burials, so they may rise probably more frequently than you'd expect
Burial rites can prevent the creation of hungry ghosts, and appease ghosts with grave goods and memoriam. Some ghosts may be more likely to pass on to Lethe if they feel that their bodies have been treated respectfully and in accordance with tradition, but the rite itself has no supernatural power to prevent them from remaining in the Underworld rather than passing onward.