Tomb of Dreams & Doppelganger and Mata-Yadh are live!

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 5/25/2017
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...Oh yes. Lea, if you're around, I had a question for you about Tomb of Dreams.

IIRc, way back during the Kickstarter, I think you made a comment to effect that you'd figured out what the main issue was that all the other Exalted adventures (or maybe it was just the Tombs ones, I dunno) suffered from, and that you'd solved it in yours. I've been wondering what that issue was.
No social angle. Tomb of 5 Corners was a dungeon crawl; Return to the Tomb of 5 Corners is just Tomb of 5 Corners again with a reskin and fancier environs.Tomb of Dreams is modeled after a stripped-down Mass Effect planet like Feros or Noveria -- self-contained environs, social challenges, martial challenges, moral quandry.

(And yeah, it was the problem with the other demo scenarios specifically, not the problem with all the scenarios.)

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/25/2017
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I wonder what 'standard behemoth' stats look like.
There's no such thing!

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/25/2017
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Well than how can it be Larval???
I guess I mean I wonder what the 'scaling' is 'typically' like. Are there Ess1 behemoths? Ess2? At what point do they stop being Larval?
Larval isn't a technical term or anything, just a word choice I thought was neat.

As Mata-Yadh suggests, Essence 3 is probably the low end for nascent behemoths - ain't no real reason you can't have them at Essence 1-2, but it doesn't feel right. As they mature and gain power, they rise in Essence, but it's not quite as predictable as the progression between First/Second/Third Circle Demons.

[#][F] The Demented One - 5/25/2017
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Why does the description of Mata-Yadh in the store say that it's a demon?
An error of some sort.