Exalted Music Suite Part 1

[#][F] RichT - 6/9/2017
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There is a good range to get different feeling of the various exalts.
The amount of fanfare, ups and downs, and in/out fades make them not great for looping during a scene. The looping is passable (they sound like they are a looping track not background music).
I thought they were meant as music to be a game-play aid but I am thinking now I was off in that assumption. I do think they would make great background for Kickstarter splats.
Still, good work done. I smiled at the alchemical theme since it sounded like no one other than them.
This Suite is the themes for all the Exalted types, the next will be "music to adventure by". Except cooler than that description.

[#][F] RichT - 6/29/2017
Just because I think this should be noted and celebrated: the comments in this thread were such that James wanted to come here and post and talk with you all. This is hugely encouraging, and congratulations to everyone who posted here!

[#][F] The Demented One - 6/29/2017
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Hi everyone, James Semple here. I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your wonderful comments on the music. It's great to hear it being so well received. Really glad you are enjoying it.

Really pleased to hear how popular the Alchemicals theme is. I started with the idea of only using metal instruments. Had to compromise a little with some drums and electronic noises. The huge brass theme was written for a ridiculous number of players with the idea of invoking some kind of huge machine instrument that regular people would never be able to play.

I'd say there is an element of each Exalt being the hero of their own story, certainly with the DragonBlooded where we consciously chose heroic over imperial. Even the Liminals is more creepy and eerie with the sense of them being born (you can hear a 'heartbeat' start up halfway through the track in the basses). Rather than full-on gloomy and dark I wanted it to still feel wondrous in its own way.

I don't typically come to the forums often but I'll try and check back in on the thread from time to time.
You really knocked it out of the park! I'm looking forward to the second suite.