Isn't that a girl thing ?

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 7/3/2017
NPC demographics usually turn out shitty due to unconscious writerly biases, even if everyone is well-intentioned, because of culturally instilled and deeply internalized patriarchal misogyny. It's one thing to say "Hey, let's write a world with less terrible gender norms" and another thing to pull it off.

Ex3 creative team is working on it, hence Regara Feria's rewrite to not be an incompetent who slept her way to the top. We'd like to bring 3e's actual NPC demographics in line with what Creation's societal descriptions say they ought to be.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 7/6/2017
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Okay, but there are many subject with problematic implications related to real world in the game line. Instead of changing this character now, make other characters in the following months so to make a better presentation of the Realm military.
I don't think you fully appreciate the scale of your suggestion here.

As per the Exalted game line's high-level discussion of the setting's organizational and cultural tendencies, the Realm is a matriarchy with a glass ceiling for men, staffed by legendary (albeit hereditary) heroes. As per Savage Seas' example of this in action, three of the Realm's five fleet admirals are men, and the two women did not acquire their positions by merit.

It is possible, in theory, to correct the discrepancy between the high-level description of the setting's demographics and its examples by adding new NPCs. For example, we could establish that this suite of admirals is an historical aberration. We could publish names and biographies of their predecessors, making it clear that most of the time, the Realm's admiralty is matriarchal, and we could publish biographies of the current admirals' subordinates and likely replacements to make it clear the current demographic anomaly is unlikely to remain as it is, and that soon things will revert to the mean. We could hang plot hooks off that.

Sometimes this is the correct approach. We're fixing the "Not enough satrapies" problem by adding new satrapies, for example.

But it's not just the admiralty demographic examples out of line with what they ought to be. It's pretty much everywhere throughout Realm NPC lists. High-ranking competent men who don't face prejudice based on their gender everywhere, and the women are wastrels who sleep their way to the top (with a few notable exceptions such as the Roseblack).

We would have to publish so many new NPCs. Not just a few. Far more than the setting warrants, given the amount of material we can reasonably publish per year.

It would also be super-restrictive to work around existing material like that. So we're not.