What is the Realm were more like Lookshy?

[#][F] The Demented One - 8/15/2017
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Religon is a tricky question. How much imperial power depends on the existence of a strict, militant state religion can be debated. I am unfamilar with the exact differences between the two faiths, could someone elighten me? I believe the Realm (that's the Immaculate Order, right?) is more centralized then the Philosphy? And what book should be examined for Lookshy's structure, as it is, to compare to the Realms?
The Realm's state religion is the Immaculate Order, which promulgates the ideology called the Immaculate Philosophy.

Lookshy follows a variant ideology called the Immaculate Faith; they lack a term equivalent to "Immaculate Order."

Don't worry, it confused me too.