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In Ex3, the Celestial Incarnae created the first Exalted/Exaltations, not Autochthon. He had a role to play in that story, but his depiction is much more in line with his original appearance in Games of Divinity than later works.

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This may be the intended path, but there are still a few concerns that will likely be pointed out at some point... namely that if a God has to directly Exalt a champion... why didn't the Creators (are they still referred to as Primordials?) simply order the Gods to stop Exalting mortals.
Nothing in any edition has ever depicted the Celestial Incarnae as being unable to refuse such orders. Their geas forbade them from attacking their makers directly, which is why they needed human champions, but it didn't require them to obey every order.

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Just to add to the mess and for accuracy, Page 27 Manual of Exalted Power Infernals


I stand corrected! (sorry you had to read through that half of Infernals to find it)

So, it seems that was something that actually cropped up in Second Edition's canon, rather than the fanon I was presuming it to be. That said, it's not true in Ex3.

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It is important to understand that although the Exaltation springs from a divinity and is clearly aligned with that god's influences, its maker has no natural control over it. Had this been otherwise, the gods would have merely been ordered by their Primordial overlords to gather the power of the Exalted back up and forced to crush their own uprising. Exaltation is a fire passed into the hands of man, a gift that cannot be taken back, and what the Exalt does after receiving it is governed by his will and vision alone.
"The Incarnae can't take the Exaltation back from those they've Chosen" continues to be a true statement. "The Incarnae have no natural control over Exaltation" strikes me as incompatible with the premise of the Incarnae actually personally choosing those who they Exalt.