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[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 9/20/2017
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That doesn't necessarily contradict Grabowski's premise. There are totally Solars who would excel at gunplay, or car chases, or hacking, if they were in a venue where gunplay, car chases, or hacking were a thing. Solar magic would not be stuck at Creation's tech level if you dropped a bunch of Solars into modern Earth. Just, not every Solar is guaranteed to have the capacity to excel at all of gunplay, car chases, hacking, and everything else it is possible for a person to do on modern Earth.

(Also the vast majority of Solars aren't stupid. Leonardo da Vinci would get Photoshop in a couple of days at most, and so would Solar Leonardo da Vinci.)

For the 700 lights shining eternally in oblivion, I think that's something Neph said and I was just repeating it? I'm not super-interested in that assertion one way or the other, though.

This is like the second time someone has tried to ask about that Culture discussion and I still genuinely don't remember it.