Does the Arms of the Chosen art capture the style of Exalted?

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I think average was 60 feet?
30 feet is the average for a 3e noble warstrider, with 60 feet being a rough upper bound for royal warstriders.

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*This leads me back to an issue that's distinctly a danger with the art for Arms. I really didn't like the art for artefacts in the Core. Why? Because it's dull. Here's a crossbow. Here's a daiklaive. Here's a suit of magic armour. Dull.
What you want is action shots of people using the artefacts. For example, the picture on p.606 isn't an art style I like, but the idea for the picture is exactly what I want to see: there's a leaping guy, and another guy who's just smashed his giant purple-glowing magic sword into the ground so hard it's caused a crater. Great! That's exactly the sort of thing you want to see in Arms. Not just "here's a suit of magic armour," but "here's a woman in magic armour punching a monster with her giant magic gauntlet."
By and large, we aimed for that with the illustrations in Arms of the Chosen.

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Picture 2 I'm not so excited by, because he's just kind of standing there cackling, but at least there's a guy wearing the soulsteel armour standing there cackling (as the sort of people who wear soulsteel like to do), which is better than the pictures in the core which just show the armour on a blank background.
The wearer of Five Edicts Dominion is in fact using Evocations in that illustration; hopefully this will come across better when the text is available.

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Eh; I like pictures of Artifacts on their own, in profile. On the face of it there's no particular reason, although I could contrive one along the lines of finding it to create a greater promise of being available to be your Artifact.
The action scenes in Arms of the Chosen are explicitly noncanonical.