why are the yozis prisons intentionally flawed?

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Vance confirmed my suspicion on some thematic reassignment between the Yozis in 3E. The whole "ultimate nemesis for the sake of it" role is going to belong to Szoreny (note, not necessarily "EVIL!!!" for its own sake, but perfect opposition, as befits a creature thematically tied to reflection). The "become a doppelganger but with reversed intimacies" Shintai will draw on Szoreny this time, not the Ebon Dragon.

"Shadows" in contrast with "Reflection" are associated with remnants of things lost, deeply hidden shames, and looming future dooms.
To clarify: The effect of Black Mirror Shintai is going over to Szoreny, but he is not the Ultimate Nemesis. For hints on his themes going forward, I'd recommend his description in the Ink Monkeys essay"Of the Yozis Less Spoken Of."

[#][F] The Demented One - 11/13/2017
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Is this true of all the Yozi?
With the exception of Cytherea (of whom nothing more is known), all the Yozis described in that essay will likely be using those descriptions as at least the starting point in their development.