Arms of the Chosen Errata Changelog

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/22/2018
It looks like the revised Arms of the Chosen pdfs have begun getting sent out! For y'all's convenience, I thought I'd compile the substantive changes (i.e. not typo/layout fixes or technical clarifications) between the preview pdf and the updated one.
  • Both Design Beyond Limit and Celestial Reforging Technique have been changed so that they can only be used on a given artifact once per story, even if multiple Exalted know the Charms
  • The Frost-Thorn Knuckles' Blizzard Claw Swipe has received a different resonant effect.
  • Razor Dancer and Wise Steel received an attunement bonus.
  • Summer Thunder also received an attunement bonus.
  • Asphodel's Shadow-World Snare doesn't work on Deathlords, and other undead that the ST deems comparably uniquely powerful.
  • Nightmare Shard's Nightmare-Rending Stroke has been replaced with a new Evocation, Nightmare-Drinking Thirst.
  • The Forgotten Blade's Amnestic Desolation now specifies that victims regain consciousness if damaged.
  • The Resources cost of Seven Bounties Paste has been increased.
  • The Golden Hounds no longer lose Celerity when you make a gambit.
  • Sorcery-Capturing Cords can't capture ritual spells.
  • The Golden Viper has ascended to Essence 3. Don't ask who it ate to get there.
  • Siege weapons can no longer be fired with Sail.
  • Lightning ballistas have a flat +3 Accuracy when used to make withering attacks.
  • Both Horizon Endeavor and the Chariot of Aerial Conquest have had their Hull levels reduced.
  • The Stone of the Ram's Horn can't enhance ranged weapons.
  • The Jewel of the Rabbit's Sword can't enhance rolls made as part of an extended action.
  • Warstrider attacks can be parried by Legendary Size enemies without needing magic or an artifact weapon.
  • Cathedral of Sublime Annihilation's Lightning Ballista Fusillade has a flat +3 Accuracy when used to make withering attacks.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/22/2018
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I noticed that the sidebar on Siege Engines and Demolition still lists Sail as one of the abilities. I'm assuming that was accidentally left in?
>.> goddamnit, past vance

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/23/2018
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Mistweaver is labelled a Reaver Daiklave but has the tags of a Reaper Daiklave. We're supposed to use this thread to come up with errata you might've missed, right?
That's a minor correction. I didn't list all of those, or else the list would have been much longer and much more boring.

[#][F] The Demented One - 1/23/2018
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Noted, thank you. Is this new version available to buy yet?
Yep! I think drivethrurpg sent out emails yesterday to those who already bought the preview version. If you didn't, and want to buy the final version, it is here.