Isator Levi reads Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought

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Yeah you might want to go one house at a time.

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This chapter probably has a lot to get into, so I can see why they’d want to abridge the history of the Empress and the Realm. Here’s hoping that it gets a somewhat longer form in the Realm’s own book.
You're in luck!

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The daughter Ragara was told "Protect her or I'll fucking kill you you brat" by the Empress was Sesus, not Mnemon. Though that makes the timeline a touch strange as Mnemon is a hundred years younger than Sesus was, unless Ragara was basically "Okay, this kid is alive, but I'll still kill all the rest of you."
We've done our best to clear up the inconsistencies in the Realm's timeline. In this case, it meant making Sesus younger than Mnemon. (There's a timeline of major events in The Realm.)

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Also, while I am not crazy about Solars getting worfed, Blood Zenith is incredibly awesome.
Before the Empress' disappearance, the Wyld Hunt was usually victorious over young Solars. The setting would look very different otherwise.

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I could elaborate, but Isator has asked not to discuss material that's deeper into the book than what he's read so far.

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Might I ask it in the Q&A thread?

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Once more, I really did love the book. One complaint is hardly damning and I have never been so confident in backing a Kickstarter!
No worries!

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Am I missing something? What's all this talk about Blood Zenith? Is there a preview I didn't see?
Check the first update of the Kickstarter.

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The one thing that really kind of bugs me about the Ragara write up- they *really* need a plan for "what happens when a bunch of Houses just default on their debts"

It's like- financial power is *great* in a stable system that helps enforce contracts and property rights. It's... less useful when your debtors could credibly just walk away. And it's not hard to imagine a bunch of defaults once the Civil War proper starts- hell, that's the sort of thing that could reasonably precipitate it.

Pelleps Bob says "Fuck you" to the Ragara Alice who comes to repossess his ship.
And then, Ragara Alice leaves and comes back with a brute squad to forcibly claim their lawful property.
And then, Pelleps Bob and his Hearth say 'You and what army'
And then...
... somewhere down the line — and probably not far down the line, since Peleps Bob is going to need money to pay his troops and maintain his ships now that there's a war on — Peleps Bob needs another loan and goes to a non-Ragara lender, only to find that the terms are harsher than even the most cutthroat Ragara loan. This is because defaults aren't unilateral. "If you won't pay Ragara back," lenders think, "how can I be sure you'll pay me back?"

(Ragara's fiscal vulnerabilities are discussed in the economics section of The Realm.)

EDIT: Certainly, a situation like you propose can happen anyway. But it's risky. Those who agree to default with you might back out, leaving you stranded and financially floundering. Or if Ragara ends the war in a stable position vis-a-vis the new regime, the defaults will cripple you (or, if you didn't survive, your next of kin) and your allies.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 3/30/2018
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It is sort of darkly hilarious that the Water-Aspect House cant keep themselves fiscally afloat.
I actually wrote a blog post about that a couple years back, intending to publish it when Dragon-Blooded was finally in print. I'll see about digging it up.

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/1/2018
Tepet Ejava makes a great deal of sense as a candidate for the throne in a situation where there's been open war for a couple of years, and the economy has been fucked, and a lot of the clever plans and lofty ambitions of the houses going into the war have just shattered against the reality of the situation, and a few matriarchs have fallen to assassination, and hey, look, here's this competent, charismatic general who's endured and prospered and proven herself valuable in a bunch of situations and whose apparent personal integrity has impressed a lot of folks who want, more than anything, for the war to end, and she's starting to look like the one who can do that.

She makes very little sense as a candidate before the war's started.

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I'll admit, the notion that they divided the legions evenly always struck me as rather odd
I see what you did there.

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AHuh, a sidebar on the subject of Dynast orphans; I don’t think I’d ever really considered those to be a thing before. So in their value system, it’s generally viewed that one needs a mother to oversee their early life, even if the father is still alive, so one without a mother will generally be taken in by somebody else in the House.
It's not about needing a mother, but about the mother's house retaining control of the children. (Where the mother was a patrician or a member of the father's house, the children could be expected to stay with the father; unfortunately, I didn't think to specify that during development.)

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This is very interesting to me. They don't really go into how it works for mortals, do they? Like, are unExalted Dynasts who are married to each other expected to control their child-making cycles in the same way?
No. As per the text, "progenitive potential remains constant in mortals, neither waxing nor waning."

[#][F] Stephen Lea Sheppard - 4/6/2018
The Gunzota Incident was a covert assassination attempt on a leadership cadre that was drifting towards nepotism and corruption when it was first mentioned in Outcastes.