... Help? (3e scenario - advice for a Cathak war effort).

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I believe it's been stated by a developer that the garrison commander and the Satrap are always supplied by different Great Houses.
While this is correct as far as it goes, it is worth clarifying that it's only the garrison commander who comes from another house. The garrison itself comes from the satrap's house.

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So, what's the fine when the Garrison Commander has a "fatal accident" because they "sleepwalk" and went "walking off the mountain?"
The Empress took that sort of thing very seriously. In her absence, problems in the vein of your examples have cropped up; we discuss this in The Realm.

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Hey, since you're around, I'm trying to gather how many Dragon-Blooded would be present in, let's say a full Legion. In 2e, iirc, a full-strength Legion was 5k infantry soldiers under 1 Exalted general, 10 Exalted Dragonlords, 20 Exalted Winglords, and about 1,240 lesser officers who were exponentially less likely to be Dragon Blooded the farther down the military hierarchy you went. Does this still hold true in 3e or are there big changes in what we'll be seeing regarding the Realm's military?
Yup, the basic structure remains the same. (Generals are always Dragon-Blooded, but all other ranks can be mortal, though a mortal dragonlord is exceptionally rare.) Note that legionary forces also include units of skirmishers, local auxiliaries, etc. These have been part of the legion structure in earlier editions but were often downplayed or forgotten; we're giving them a bit more focus.

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I also have a last question (I hope), for anyone who'd care to chime in, and if you're still around, Eric, I'd like to hear your opinion too if you're not too busy.

I'm sending a full Legion against this city, to achieve a roughly 3 to 1 ratio that has been recommended to me in case of siege. It's led by a Cathak General who should be Essence 2 or 3 (the Roseblack is 3). Her brother will be the main sorcerer involved in the tactical casting of spells (I'm thinking Essence 2 should be sufficient). They could have a Lightning Ballista (and engineers able to build various siege engines once they're there). They'll most probably have infantry from both the Realm and their Southern satrapies (most of all from Harborhead) and auxiliaries like Delzahn light cavalry with firewands and composite bows, possibly Djala scouts, probably smaller numbers of various specialized troops from other cities on the coast, and some Desai troops from near Jiara.

Sounds about right?
I'd normally be a little surprised at a general being only Essence 2, but it's not at all unreasonable post-Empress for a young Cathak military prodigy who's been promoted to the highest ranks. Lightning ballistae aren't generally accessible to the legions; the Empress kept such things under lock and key, so very few are currently available to Realm forces as yet. If the infantry from the Southern satrapies aren't explicitly part of the legion (whether as legionnaires or skirmishers), then they're also auxiliaries. Overall, though, this sounds right.