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When 3E gives us their proper charms, I will be thrilled.

But the 2E text gives explicit examples (and limitations) of them using Exalted charms. Deadly Beastmen Transformation was an explicit one they named.
The children of Exalted will explicitly not use their parents' Charms, as that has never not broken things to hell.

I'm on the fence with this, since yes - I can see the tension of Exalting vs not-Exalting...

....but since they're already limiting how often Dragon-Blooded create "pure" offspring, then Dragon-Touched might not be so overwhelming. And since they won't use legit Exalted charms, all the better. It could serve as a legit mechanical definition for "Patricians".
Dragon-Touched explicitly don't exist.

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Great to hear!

I know these walls of text are huge - but I think we all agree on this point.

My point with Deadly Beastman Transformation was that - even if in my mind I know that mechanically it's supposed to be something else - visually, will Creation's inhabitants be able to differentiate? If Moon-Born are supposed to have (in 2E) "some kind of non-Exalted charm that resembles DBT enough for us to get a free-pass to using it in its stead", then "will Creation's inhabitants see a difference?"
Having discussions based on the way things worked in Second Edition—especially when it comes from one of the books with particularly bad setting material and mechanics—is not a thing that's going to lead to productive discussion.

(Incidentally, people in Creation are unlikely to mistake a Golden Child or Moon-Touched for a Solar or a Lunar. Solars and Lunars have very blatant distinguishing marks, which their children don't inherit)