Sorcery vs. Demonology

[#][F] The Demented One - 7/20/2018
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This odd little argument point has come up a few different times in a few different threads and reminded me of this continued issue. Now, i could be misremembering, as i haven't read 1st edition material in awhile, but the inherent distrust of sorcery was always linked to the access to demons that the summon demons spell accessed for the sorceror, right?

There was emphasis (in 1sted) given to people who learned sorcery but only learned the countermagic spell not even being called sorcerors. The use of demons and the fear of their corrupting influence is what the actual fear of sorcerors is tied to. And it is a very powerful spell compared to the others for how long the effect lasts, making it mechanically favorable and a realistic thought that a sorceror is likely to dabble in demonology. But if people did not think you knew that spell, they treated you better than if you did
That's not the case, or at least, not for the Realm's distrust for sorcery in 1E. It's discussed on page 139 on Exalted: The Dragon-Blooded, and there's no mention of demon summoning as distinct from sorcery more generally.