The Atlas of True Names

[#][F] Chai Tea - 1/23/2013
Getting ready to start a new Exalted game, and need names for all the places your characters are going to visit? Writing a new character and need a hometown? Here you go.

An atlas of Earth, labeled with the literal names of all sorts of places. Enjoy!

[#][F] Chai Tea - 1/23/2013
Gonzo wrote:
"Navel of the Moon" yep, they got it right.

There's also some names that make sense in a different way. Cleveland was named after the dude who founded it (Moses Cleaveland), but "Cliffland" describes the local geography pretty well anyway.

[#][F] Eric Minton - 1/24/2013
Kukla wrote:
Is every line writer going to turn in to some sort of small, adorable dog before the game is out?
Er... no?