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Giving The Little Guy Some Room to Shine - First Circle Demons As Individuals 2 12/5/2016 The Demented One
Exalted criticisms 1 12/5/2016 RichT
What happens if a vampire diablorizes an abyssal? 1 12/2/2016 The Demented One
Champoor & The Court of Secrets 2 12/2/2016 Eric Minton
Can a san animal become an Exigents. 1 11/29/2016 Eric Minton
Exalted 3e Map divisions 3 11/27/2016 Eric Minton
Do people still find the 2nd ed Travel Distance chart useful in 3rd ed? 1 11/27/2016 The Demented One
Opinions on (the idea of) Half-Castes? 2 11/27/2016 Holden
John Mørke on RPGClinic 3 11/26/2016 Holden
Arms of the Chosen Questions - Any Open Development? 2 11/26/2016 Holden
Mortal Martial Arts and Exalting 1 11/26/2016 The Demented One
Monday Meeting 11/22 6 11/24/2016 Lucy Darling
Things I am grateful for 1 11/24/2016 Lucy Darling
Doom and Gloam 6 11/23/2016 The Demented One
Odd Cases in Attacking 1 11/22/2016 Eric Minton
You've been Rushed! Now What? Bonus Topic: Rushes, Initiative Changes, and You! 2 11/21/2016 Holden
New Keyword: Battle Groups 1 11/18/2016 Holden
How far from the Blessed Island to the mainland? 1 11/18/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
3e using a human body as a weapon. 1 11/18/2016 Holden
Beast and Lunars 1 11/18/2016 Holden
How does the Wyld Hunt capture and keep Celestial Exalted 1 11/17/2016 Eric Minton
Can sorcerous workings affect the odds of Terrestrial Exaltation? 1 11/14/2016 The Demented One
I want to build a magic ninja but I don't know what I'm doing. 1 11/11/2016 Eric Minton
Withering Damage and Custom Spells 1 10/28/2016 The Demented One
Manthreshers, Martial arts being as rare as Rich People and other Kung Fu Questions 1 10/27/2016 Eric Minton
How aware are Solars of their own Charms? 2 10/24/2016 Eric Minton
Pro-Usurpation Lunars & Loyalist DBs? 1 10/20/2016 Eric Minton
The New Sorcery System and the Heptanomicon 1 10/15/2016 The Demented One
Obscure Exalted locations - what are they? 2 10/5/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Seriously is every friggin Solar an Orphan? 1 10/3/2016 The Demented One
Dragon Bloods are Daemons? 4 9/30/2016 The Demented One
What in an Enchanted brocade? 2 9/28/2016 Eric Minton
Dead and Reincarnating in a cloned body? 1 9/28/2016 The Demented One
Primodial geas - how does it work? 1 9/21/2016 The Demented One
Gods and Martial Arts 1 9/21/2016 The Demented One
How much history do Creation's people know? 1 9/20/2016 Eric Minton
Sticky a character creation/improvement/advice thread, maybe? 1 9/18/2016 The Demented One
Conan the Solar 2 9/14/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Serpoletic City-States 2 9/12/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Mental Stability of newly Exalted Solars? 1 9/11/2016 The Demented One
Exalted and childbirth 7 9/10/2016 Lucy Darling
Elementals in 3e 7 9/9/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Satrapies 2 9/8/2016 Eric Minton
Discrimination in your Creation 1 9/6/2016 Eric Minton
Non-Spirits with Essence Pools 2 8/29/2016 The Demented One
do the solar exalted suffer (a bit) from lack of versatility? 3 8/27/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
A Not-Quite-Newb's Read-through of Ex3 74 8/26/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Deathlords in 3e 2 8/23/2016 The Demented One
Quick Characters and Accuracy Bonuses 4 8/21/2016 The Demented One
I need help with coming up with a tempting offer. 1 8/21/2016 The Demented One