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Dragon Blooded Kickstarter starts on the 27th. 51 4/26/2018 Eric Minton
Lunars 1 4/25/2018 The Demented One
How will The Realm 3rd edition book be different than previous editions? 1 4/23/2018 The Demented One
Exigents - What Kills Gods but not Mortals? 2 4/20/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Arms of the Chosen 14 4/19/2018 The Demented One
How to weaken a defining Intimacy? 3 4/15/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
BrilliantRain reads Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought 4 4/14/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Do We Know Order of Exalt-Types Release for E3? 1 4/7/2018 The Demented One
Isator Levi reads Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought 14 4/6/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
[Any Edition] How did the Yozi's and Neverborn Discover the Jade Prison? 2 4/5/2018 The Demented One
Oh look, a bandwagon, watch me jump on it, or: where I read Dragon-Blooded:WFHW 3 4/3/2018 The Demented One
Are Hyphens the new Capital Letter? 1 3/16/2018 Eric Minton
Can Neomah help a woman get pregnant? 2 3/11/2018 The Demented One
Tell me tales of Goldenseal and the Cinder Isles! 1 3/9/2018 Eric Minton
So what's new? 2 3/7/2018 The Demented One
How to handle trade/peace/armistice deals? 1 3/3/2018 Eric Minton
Exalted Shop Prices - Manacle and Coin 3rd edition 6 2/24/2018 Eric Minton
Who let Oramus get a movie? 1 2/24/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Exalted 1E/2E Question: Canon Mentions of the SouthEastern Savannah 1 2/19/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Is there a book, movie, etc where the plotters and schemers are the main characters? 1 2/8/2018 Eric Minton
do the other yozis stats work like the ebon dragon's? 1 2/4/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Blast from the past: Those strange exalts that never were 1 2/3/2018 The Demented One
The Deathlords 1 2/2/2018 The Demented One
Arms of the Chosen Errata Changelog 4 1/23/2018 The Demented One
Arms of the Chosen final PDF changes 2 1/23/2018 The Demented One