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Marriage, Allegiance, and Gender Roles in the Realm 6 10/10/2017 Eric Minton
Kickstarter Update #113 - House Tepet preview 14 10/9/2017 Eric Minton
Sins of the First Age 1 10/8/2017 The Demented One
When you're not afraid that someone might have fun with moonsilver 1 10/7/2017 Eric Minton
Inspirational reading! 1 10/6/2017 Eric Minton
So, a crippled Solar and an over-mutated Infernal get into a fight... naked... 1 9/30/2017 The Demented One
Monday Meeting Sept 25th 2 9/26/2017 Eric Minton
Does the Arms of the Chosen art capture the style of Exalted? 3 9/21/2017 Eric Minton
What would you want in a Dragon-Blooded Kickstarter? 1 9/20/2017 The Demented One
Searching for a bunch of quotes. 1 9/20/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Demons using sorcerous workings. 1 9/6/2017 Eric Minton
Who's footing the bill for the dragonblooded? 1 9/6/2017 The Demented One
What if Autochthon is Asleep because of the Alchemicals? 3 9/4/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Micro-preview of Infernals 6 8/29/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
An Infernal hypothetical 1 8/22/2017 The Demented One
Gen-Con Preview of Arms of the Chosen 1 8/22/2017 The Demented One
Gen Con 50 (2017) 4 8/20/2017 The Demented One
What is "Embattled", really? 3 8/17/2017 Holden
Can I cut off Auto-kun's balls pleeeease ~ 4 8/15/2017 The Demented One
What is the Realm were more like Lookshy? 1 8/15/2017 The Demented One
Great news for Lunar fans! 2 8/14/2017 The Demented One
HDNP: Mouse of the Sun, and Rantai! 1 7/27/2017 The Demented One
Slow Tyrant Lizards 1 7/20/2017 The Demented One
3rd edition? 6 7/16/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Inspirations for Dragon-Blooded games/characters 1 7/11/2017 The Demented One