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do the other yozis stats work like the ebon dragon's? 1 2/4/2018 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Blast from the past: Those strange exalts that never were 1 2/3/2018 The Demented One
The Deathlords 1 2/2/2018 The Demented One
Arms of the Chosen Errata Changelog 4 1/23/2018 The Demented One
Arms of the Chosen final PDF changes 2 1/23/2018 The Demented One
Possible stuff you could do with Cynis Dynasts? 1 1/22/2018 Eric Minton
Imperfect Circles 2 1/19/2018 The Demented One
Doom and Gloam 9 1/12/2018 The Demented One
Question about the "Five Suns Battle" 1 1/6/2018 Eric Minton
Lunar dragon-blooded breeding? 1 1/3/2018 Eric Minton
Religion in Exalted: Lifeless and Pale 5 1/2/2018 Eric Minton
Lunar martial artists just got a lot more interesting to me 1 1/2/2018 The Demented One
Rethinking Marriage in the Realm 1 12/28/2017 The Demented One
Welcome to Exalted? 2 12/15/2017 Eric Minton
Crafters in Ex3 2 12/15/2017 The Demented One
BrilliantRain reads Arms of the Chosen 11 12/13/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Compatibility of Arms and Homebrew Crafts 1 12/12/2017 The Demented One
A Timeline of the Eras in Arms of the Chosen 4 11/25/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Arms of the Chosen errata thread 3 11/21/2017 RichT
Epee102 sings the praises of Kavara...I mean. Reads Arms. 1 11/16/2017 Eric Minton
The Eyeless face? 1 11/16/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The roll of honoured dead, 3e casualties thus far... 1 11/15/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Constructing the West in 3e 3 11/14/2017 Eric Minton
Monday Meeting 11-13-17 1 11/14/2017 Stephen Lea Sheppard
why are the yozis prisons intentionally flawed? 2 11/13/2017 The Demented One