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Limit Break Cards 1 7/21/2016 Lucy Darling
Gencon apologies 3 7/21/2016 Lucy Darling
Is Single Point Style Overpowered? 2 7/19/2016 The Demented One
Capturing magical creatures 1 7/18/2016 The Demented One
Is LeTipex okay? 1 7/16/2016 Holden
[3E] - White Reaper Charm Questions 5 7/15/2016 The Demented One
Clash Based characters? 2 7/15/2016 The Demented One
More on Ilio Stara ? 1 7/13/2016 Holden
Guidelines for Converting 2E Attack Charms to Withering/Decisive 1 7/12/2016 The Demented One
Dawn Solar LF Evocations 4 GSS PST 1 7/12/2016 The Demented One
How much of an individual are Minor Spirits? 1 7/12/2016 The Demented One
[Lore Question] So, how do the Storm Mothers feel about Dereth? 1 7/12/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Disguising others charm 1 7/10/2016 The Demented One
Are Exaltations Interchangeable? 1 7/9/2016 The Demented One
Can an immaterial spirit use sorcery? 2 7/8/2016 The Demented One
Help Needed: Statting modern weapons in Ex3 1 7/6/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Poll: Are the rules in 3E clear enough to your satisfaction? 2 7/4/2016 Holden
Willpower on Damage Roll? 1 7/3/2016 Holden
Threshold Satrapries, What does the Realm add to these places? 2 6/30/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Controlling Weather 1 6/27/2016 The Demented One
What do you want from Warstriders in 3ed? 1 6/27/2016 The Demented One
Can immaterial beings see each other? 1 6/25/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
[Ex3ish] State of Incarnae Worship in the Realm? 1 6/24/2016 The Demented One
Introducing a total noob to Ex3 without risking information overload. 1 6/20/2016 Eric Minton
Are some god blooded potentially more powerful than their parents? 2 6/20/2016 The Demented One
What Level Working? 1 6/20/2016 The Demented One
How do I catch a Withdrawing Opponent? 1 6/18/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Moving Past Metaphysical Hang-Ups: How to re-enjoy Exalted in the new edition? [EX3] 1 6/18/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
How does Cult work and how does it interact with the Temple Manse power? 8 6/16/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Abilities Past 5 no longer a Thing? 3 6/16/2016 The Demented One
[Ex3] Is 'Heroic Mortal' a taboo phrase now? 6 6/16/2016 The Demented One
A thought re: Exalted Modern 1 6/16/2016 The Demented One
3rd Edition Lookshy and Solars. 10 6/14/2016 Eric Minton
Bronze Age: tools and such 6 6/14/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Some thoughts about magic in Exalted 1 6/12/2016 Holden
Exalted 1e on Bundle of Holding 2 6/9/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
[EX3]What changed, setting wise? 8 6/9/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
At what stage does an Elemental become a Dragon? 1 6/9/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Are Solars the good guys? 3 6/8/2016 Eric Minton
Compilation of Immaculate canon? 3 6/8/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Slow Train to Anima Town 6 6/8/2016 The Demented One
Tanith Lee's Night's Master is up on Kindle again 1 6/7/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Being transformed into an Elemental, a mortal's perspective? 1 6/5/2016 The Demented One
Ride and Martial Arts? 1 6/4/2016 The Demented One
Exalted backer Charms 3 6/4/2016 The Demented One
A couple questions about Artifact Weapons 2 6/3/2016 The Demented One
No "Keen Sense" Merit? 1 6/3/2016 Holden
Social Action Question 10 6/3/2016 The Demented One
[Theory] Creative Agendas: What are gamism, narrativism, and simulationism? 2 6/2/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Solving the Narraitivst gamers Exalted paradox 6 6/2/2016 Holden