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Dragon Bloods are Daemons? 4 9/30/2016 The Demented One
What in an Enchanted brocade? 2 9/28/2016 Eric Minton
Dead and Reincarnating in a cloned body? 1 9/28/2016 The Demented One
Primodial geas - how does it work? 1 9/21/2016 The Demented One
Gods and Martial Arts 1 9/21/2016 The Demented One
How much history do Creation's people know? 1 9/20/2016 Eric Minton
Sticky a character creation/improvement/advice thread, maybe? 1 9/18/2016 The Demented One
Conan the Solar 2 9/14/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Serpoletic City-States 2 9/12/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Mental Stability of newly Exalted Solars? 1 9/11/2016 The Demented One
Exalted and childbirth 7 9/10/2016 Lucy Darling
Elementals in 3e 7 9/9/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Satrapies 2 9/8/2016 Eric Minton
Discrimination in your Creation 1 9/6/2016 Eric Minton
Non-Spirits with Essence Pools 2 8/29/2016 The Demented One
do the solar exalted suffer (a bit) from lack of versatility? 3 8/27/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
A Not-Quite-Newb's Read-through of Ex3 74 8/26/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Deathlords in 3e 2 8/23/2016 The Demented One
Quick Characters and Accuracy Bonuses 4 8/21/2016 The Demented One
I need help with coming up with a tempting offer. 1 8/21/2016 The Demented One
What is this? What is that? A bunch of questions from a third Edition starter 4 8/21/2016 The Demented One
have any of the yozi been statted? 1 8/20/2016 The Demented One
Any word on the Exalted pruducts that are "On the Horizon"? 5 8/19/2016 The Demented One
Miracles of the Solar Exalted 8 8/19/2016 Lucy Darling
Why has exalted never had a "monster manual" and would you like to see one? 2 8/16/2016 The Demented One
Backstory for how I became a sorcerer 1 8/14/2016 The Demented One
difference between lethe and oblivion? 1 8/13/2016 The Demented One
Gaia-The Primordial Unfettered 1 8/11/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
God/Spirit/Exalted "Blessings"? 3 8/10/2016 The Demented One
Do other gods steal sun worship? 1 8/8/2016 The Demented One
The Medicine Charm Tree: How Effective Is It? 1 8/8/2016 The Demented One
does Element Resisting Prana let you breathe underwater? 1 8/6/2016 The Demented One
The Guild and the First Opium War 3 8/5/2016 Holden
What's a good way for a Solar dabbler to get into RAW crafting? 2 8/5/2016 The Demented One
OK, but Seriously Though...Where's My Exalted? 17 8/5/2016 The Demented One
Solars in disguise? (Excuses for being able to wield essence) 1 8/4/2016 The Demented One
He went into Malfeas... Why? 1 8/4/2016 The Demented One
Charms in seemingly inappropriate Abilities 2 8/3/2016 Lucy Darling
My Take on 3rd Edition Exalted 3 8/3/2016 Holden
Back to the EX3 comic 1 8/1/2016 The Demented One
Mutations? 2 7/30/2016 Holden
What breaks if...? 1 7/29/2016 The Demented One
Anyone use Champoor the NIghted City? 2 7/28/2016 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Mixing Martial Arts 2 7/28/2016 The Demented One
Who's making Exalted these days? 6 7/23/2016 The Demented One
Limit Break Cards 1 7/21/2016 Lucy Darling
Gencon apologies 3 7/21/2016 Lucy Darling
Is Single Point Style Overpowered? 2 7/19/2016 The Demented One
Capturing magical creatures 1 7/18/2016 The Demented One
Is LeTipex okay? 1 7/16/2016 Holden