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Ex3 and Primordials (not-Yozis) 6 2/28/2013 Holden
What is this Pulp Fantasy I keep hearing about? 13 2/27/2013 Holden
Comics vs short stories 1 2/27/2013 Holden
My Exalted Modern Campaign "Potential Engines" 1 2/27/2013 Eric Minton
Tell me why the Immaculate Order aren't good guys 7 2/27/2013 Holden
About perfect defenses/attacks... 2 2/27/2013 Holden
Shards of the exalted dream with 3E 2 2/26/2013 Holden
Faith in Exalted 1 2/26/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Daiklaves in 3e: A journey back? 2 2/25/2013 John Mørke
The "New" Exalted, how do they fit? 17 2/25/2013 Eric Minton
Warstriders 18 2/24/2013 Holden
A Sudden Thought About Gaia in 3rd Edition.. 3 2/24/2013 Holden
3e Core: We Want a Table of Contents 1 2/24/2013 Holden
Cosmology Wank: Sun did a big thing becoming human 2 2/23/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Design flaws in the 2e books 1 2/21/2013 John Mørke
[3rd Edition Corebook] Snake Style again, or try something else? 6 2/21/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
The Exalted kickstarter is next, right? 3 2/20/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Is Mummy the Curse a taste of what Exalted 3E will be? 1 2/19/2013 Holden
Barbarism, Lunars, and third edition 91 2/18/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
[EX3] Power Scale Changes 51 2/18/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Aquiring Gossamer 2 2/15/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Binary questions for the dev team, let's keep this productive. 88 2/14/2013 John Mørke
Question to the Devs: The Nature of Motes? 1 2/13/2013 John Mørke
Literary Inspiration: Exalted Reading List 3 2/13/2013 John Mørke
In 3e: smart people making things 11 2/12/2013 John Mørke
Does that whole try to blackmail a gameline work? 10 2/9/2013 Plague of Hats
Sidereal Thread over on 8 2/8/2013 John Mørke
Building the 1st new session. 2 2/6/2013 Eric Minton
Archery vs Melee 1 2/6/2013 Holden
Sacred Cow? What is that? 1 2/6/2013 John Mørke
Bean-Counting and Game Play 17 2/6/2013 Holden
Something I Feel Needs to be Said 15 2/6/2013 Stephen Lea Sheppard
I think I finally can put it into words 1 2/5/2013 Holden
3E Inquiry: On Mystery and Implication in Writing 2 2/5/2013 Plague of Hats
I am artiste! 3 2/5/2013 John Mørke
Places I'd like to explore in Exalted. 1 2/4/2013 Eric Minton
3rd ed yozi's 6 2/4/2013 John Mørke
Exalted 3rd Edition Release Date Information 1 2/4/2013 Plague of Hats
Rules changes in 3E edition 3 2/4/2013 Plague of Hats
Are the daily charm spoilers still happening? 1 2/4/2013 Holden
Playtesting EX3 13 2/4/2013 Chai Tea
Lunar Mounts and related Charms 2 2/3/2013 John Mørke
The highest praise I can offer 1 2/3/2013 Holden
Maybe Silly or Obvious: On Editions 24 2/3/2013 John Mørke
3rd Edition Encounter Design and Combat Discussion 3 2/3/2013 John Mørke
One question about Charm spoilers and one about the scenery breaking 1 2/2/2013 Holden
The Chill-Out Thread 1 2/2/2013 Chai Tea
Probably a dumb thing to gripe about... 2 2/2/2013 Holden
Onyx Path/White Wolf Reddit AMA info! 17 2/2/2013 Holden
Onepunch-Man: a comic 1 2/2/2013 John Mørke