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3E Lunars facts and speculation 6 1/30/2015 John Mørke
Problem with Manses 3 1/29/2015 The Demented One
We Are Allowed To Disagree With The Devs 1 1/27/2015 The Demented One
Rethinking Archery (AKA That guy shot how many arrows in how few seconds?!) 1 1/26/2015 The Demented One
So, if Lunars can't use MA in animal forms... [divine person forms VS divine beast forms] 2 1/26/2015 The Demented One
The secret meanings of... 4 1/25/2015 The Demented One
Are The Exalted Developers/Writers Involved In Any Creator Owned Projects? 1 1/25/2015 The Demented One
Lytek Martial Art question 5 1/24/2015 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Giant Geographic Features of Creation 2 1/24/2015 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Ideas for Sorcerous Workings; Share what you got! 3 1/24/2015 The Demented One
Archery 5 1 1/23/2015 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Mnemon and the Empress's feeling toward each other ? 5 1/23/2015 John Mørke
Adventure Time ! With your Evil Sapience Weapon/Boyfriend 1 1/22/2015 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Anyone has "I like him, but he's not into dude" plothook ? 3 1/22/2015 The Demented One
I just realized- due to Sorcerous Workings, Sorcery is likely to get a lot blastier 16 1/22/2015 The Demented One
How Religously are manses Viewed? 1 1/21/2015 The Demented One
Art Sneak Peek from Ex3! 3 1/18/2015 The Demented One
Dear Mr. Developer, There Aren't Enough Deathlords Nowadays. Please Add a Bunch. 6 1/18/2015 John Mørke
Lunar Hero Style: Hero Enhancement Deprivation 1 1/18/2015 The Demented One
Gunstar Autochania questions. 7 1/17/2015 The Demented One
Kilomote and the Loom of Fate? 27 1/17/2015 The Demented One
Apology to Gonzo! 3 1/17/2015 John Mørke
Monolithic Reasons on Usurpation? Not likely. 3 1/17/2015 John Mørke
Killing the Deathlords - Anyone thought of this yet? 1 1/16/2015 Stephen Lea Sheppard
Kickstarter Update #73 30 1/16/2015 John Mørke